10 Top Tips for Packing Light for a Weekend Away

I’m well-known by many people for over-packing when I go away. Many a time the words ‘are you moving out or something?!’ are muttered when I’ve got my bags packed for a just week away on holiday. Plus, the scale fear at the airport is completely real. If you read my blog, you’ll know I’ve recently I’ve had a few weekend away here and there in the UK (as featured in my May Faves). Whilst packing, I knew I would get a lot of stick if I over-packed.  Therefore, I was determined to find ways to pack lightly and cleverly to make sure I avoided the fall out.

My tips for packing light for a weekend away:

Choose a decent sized over-night style bag

My bag of choice is the one shown below from Paperchase. I’ve had it a while now and I love it. Good quality, looks fab and fits a decent amount in without getting too bulky.

Roll up your clothes

Roll up everything! Pairs of jeans, tops, cardigans. Slot them in together and they won’t take up much room. It is much better than folding up items.

Shampoo and conditioner in sachets/miniatures

Rather than lugging big bottles around, take away miniatures or even sachets if you’re only planning on washing your hair once.

Accessories for multiple outfits

Now I’m the worst for this, being totally accessory-obsessed, but try to just take away a few accessories that will go with multiple outfits. It will take up less room as well as you having to spend less time faffing and thinking about accessorising outfits on the day.

Fill up bags/shoes with socks and underwear

You need shoes and you need underwear (and possibly socks), so try to pack them together! There is empty space within the shoes so use it up by stuffing in your underwear and socks. Plus it means your shoes will keep their shape too.

Share with others

If you’re going away with friends or family, talk about what you can share. That might be hair straighteners, toiletries, and so on. There’s no point having the same items multiple times.

What will be available?

Depending on where you’re going, find out what will be available. This might be towels, bed sheets, a hair dryer or toiletries. It’s always good to know in advance to avoid packing unnecessary things.

Take things that don’t need to be ironed

You’re not going to be want to be getting the iron out whilst you’re away, so try to pack things that won’t need ironing so you can throw them on without giving it a thought. Plus you won’t need to try to fit an iron in too!

Minimal make up

Minimal make-up is totally my thing most of the time, but I know that might not be the same for everyone. Try and think about what make-up you’ll need, and keep it to a minimum. Maybe you’ve got a compact with multiple products within it, or a lip colour that also doubles up as a blusher.

What can you travel in?

Think about what you are travelling there and back in. That might be one less pair of jeans to pack or a bulky coat that you won’t need to squeeze into a bag.

an overnight bag for your weekend away

roll up your clothes for your weekend away

pack fewer accessories for your weekend away

pack fewer accessories for your weekend away

pack fewer accessories for your weekend away

take miniatures of shampoo and conditioner on your weekend away

take minimal make up on your weekend away

stuff your shoes with socks for your weekend away

So these are my tips for packing light. Would you agree with any of these? Have you got any great tips yourself? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

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  • Terri Steffes

    I learned of a way to pack that has you wrapping your pants in your shirt. That way it is only one layer thick. I tried it when I went to NYC and it worked pretty well.

  • Karen Morse

    I don’t like packing a lot but I want to make sure that I have everything I need so I always get a good sized bag that will fit all of the things I’m planning to bring! Great tips for packing for a weekend!

  • robin rue

    I am such an over packer….seriously. I always figure that it’s better to have it and not need something than need it and not have it 🙂

  • Misty Nelson

    Oh how I need these tips! I’m terrible at packing, I always way over pack. My last trip I was that woman standing in line pulling things out of one bag and stuffing another because mine was 7 pounds over the weight limit, lol! I love your ideas and will definitely be using them for my next trip


      Haha, its a pain when that happens isnt it?! Glad you liked my ideas and that they will be helpful when you go away next 🙂

  • Cecilia

    I really need advice on how not to pack so much! These tips are really useful, and it was a nice read too! And the bag with the flower is beautiful!

  • Jenny

    These are great tips. I always roll up my clothes and it really does save so much space. And I am learning to pack minimal make up while traveling. I always think I’ll need everything and then end up not even wearing make up or doing my hair.


      Thanks! Rolling definitely works. Its hard not to overpack through fear of not having what you want or need!

  • Angela Ricardo

    I definitely need to give this a go … I tend to pack our whole house when I do. I cant seem to pack light and I definitely can use all the tips and pointers I can get. Thank you for this!

  • Heather

    I always intend on packing light but it usually never turns out that I do. Somehow we end up with too many family bags. I love your ideas to share! My daughters pack their own items and certainly don’t like the idea of sharing hair products, toothpaste, etc. Guess who will be sharing during summer vacation next week!


      Always the way! Sharing definitely makes sense if people are willing to. Enjoy your trip!

  • Jessica (Swanky Recipes)

    I’m totally guilty of overpacking when our family does a short weekend getaway. I have toned down on the bags I carry, but every once in awhile it happens all over again. I love the idea of packing stocks in shoes and using up that extra space. Can’t wait to try this idea!

  • Tara Holland

    I always end up over packing, whether I’m going for a day or a week. Hopefully I can take your tips and learn to pack more efficiently.

  • Little B & Me

    This is something I really struggle with.
    When I went to Paulton’s Park with B I took 5 bags!
    I just can’t choose a few bits, I find it SO hard haha.

    Thanks for the tips, I shall try & keep to them <3