5 Apps I Love

5 Apps I Love

In today’s world, attached to our phones, we are always using an app. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, the list is endless. And I’m no different! Here are the apps I’m loving at the moment…

1. WordSwag 

Since getting this app, I’m constantly on it. It’s basically an app that lets you put text on pictures. Which sounds pretty basic. But it’s more than that. There’s loads of different fonts, with different variations within them. You can use the app with the pictures provided by the app (and the opportunity to search further) or use the pictures from your camera roll. I love using this app for my blog as well as my Instagram. Here’s a snapshot of the app in action…

It’s really simple to use and gives lots of different options. It even gives you quotes to use on your pictures if you’re lacking inspiration. They have a great Instagram feed and if you tag them in the pics you make on the app they may use them and share them with your followers. The app isn’t free and costs £3.49, however it’s worth it in my opinion. It’s available here to download.  

2. Parcelgenie

This is a gift messaging app. It basically works by choosing a gift you’d like to send someone, adding in their phone number and typing a message. You then pay for the gift. The recipient then receives a text asking them for their address to send the item to. 

Most of the products are food related, so chocolates of sweets. But there’s also random things on there too like socks, candles and charms! I love using this app, whether I’ve missed a friends birthday or want to cheer someone up with a little treat. Plus I’ve been known to send myself some treats from time to time! There’s often discount codes with this app which you can see from the above picture I have currently. This was gained by using the reward option at the bottom of the screen. Within this, there’s a ‘daily shake’ you can do which sometimes results in you winning a prize like a discount code or a free item. There’s also a loyalty card scheme with this app. It’s a free app and available here.

3. Boots

I love the shop Boots and their app is great! As you can see it offers a range of different things, from a store locator, to booking an appointment, to checking out offers and of course to shop! My fave thing about the app is the offers section. 

It shows how many points you have to spend in store and also gives you a range of offers that you can load onto your Boots reward card, ready for the next time you shop. This is great for this time of year, when Boots is such a great place to go to pick up gifts for everyone on your Christmas list! Another free app and it’s available here

4. Pinterest 

Such a classic, but I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of Pinterest. I love how it can be used in every aspect of my life – when I was planning a wedding, for ideas I can use at school, for hair style inspiration, for ways to decorate my house, for tips for writing this blog…there is just no end to things to search for! It’s great how the boards can be kept secret if it’s something private or I want to keep to myself, or public if I want to share my pins with my friends. Get it here for free. 

5. Kindle 

I love to read books. But sometimes I don’t want to be carrying them around with me. For example, when I go on holiday there’s nothing I love more than reading a good book, but as someone who packs clothes for all occasions, there’s definitely no room in my bag for the latest best seller! This is why I love the kindle app. All my kindle downloads easily accessible on my phone, just a click away. The app is great as it keeps all your books in your library, allowing you to come and go as you please. You can see how much of your book you’ve read and can even make notes if you feel the need. A great free app available here.

So these are just 5 of the apps I’m loving at the moment. What is your favourite app? I would love to hear any recommendations you have! 

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

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