5 Things to Do Before Returning an Item

5 Things to Do Before Returning an Item

5 Things to Do Before Returning an Item cover

So Spring is finally here woohoo! And with a new season, brings new clothes, new homeware, new electricals and new bargains. Plus for us, it has also meant lots of new things for our bubba who will be arriving in the not too distant future – yay! 

Whilst internet shopping is amazing, and you can literally do it from wherever you may be, it can also have its issues. Like what happens when your product arrives and it isn’t quite right? How do you go about returning it and making sure you get exactly what you want or your money back? I must say I’ve had a fair bit of experience returning items over the last few years. That has nothing to do with my internet shopping addiction I must say though, *ahem*, it must just be some kind of coincidence! No, on a serious note, some of this experience has been positive, and some of it not so much.

So when Contact Numbers UK got in touch to see if I would like to work with them* on their #ReturnsPolicy Campaign I jumped at the chance. After all, I think we are all entitled to return items that don’t fit their purpose without having any issues. Plus, it is important that this is made as easy as possible, with no stress. Therefore, I wanted to share with you my recommendations for 5 things to do before returning an item, to make sure the process is a successful one.

1. Take care when you first get an item and follow any instructions provided

So it might be easy to rip open your package as soon as you receive it to reveal its contents inside. However, it is best to open the bag or box carefully to avoid causing damage. It is also a good idea to follow any instructions the items may have on them. For example, if you buy swimwear, it is usually recommended that you wear your underwear when trying on the item. You want to give yourself the best chance of a return/exchange/your money back if the item isn’t right. So try to do what it says if instructions happen to be included.

2. Package up item as much as you can so it looks like the original

So if you decide to return the item, try your best to package it back up so it looks as much as possible like it did before you opened it. This might just mean putting it back in a labelled bag for an item of clothing. Or it may involve plenty of bubble wrap and parcel tape if it is a large item of furniture. Again, it will just help your changes of getting your exchange or refund completed as quickly and as successfully as possible.

3. Fill in relevant forms properly

The item you have is likely to come with a form to complete if you want to return/exchange it. Make sure you fill in the form in its entirety to ensure you get your money back or a replacement item sent out. It usually just asks you your reasoning for returning the item, but make sure you read it carefully. After all, you don’t want to miss anything that may slow things down.

4. Check terms and conditions

It is always a good idea to check the t’s and c’s of any returns you want to make. Again, these should be included with the item. In particular, you need to make sure you plan to return it in the specified time frame. This is usually within 30 days. However, this can vary, for example if you purchase sale items. So, it is definitely worth checking out as soon as you decide the item is going back.

After all, you don’t want to leave it and then realise the returns time has passed. This would mean you are stuck with an item you don’t want or need – never good! And even if you return it after this time frame, the company may decide not to give you a refund. It is also a good idea to check if the brand allows free returns or if it is something you additionally have to pay for yourself. It should be obvious with the information that comes with the item to what the returns postage situation is.

5. Contact the customer service team

You may have followed the above 4 steps and be ready to return your item. But this may not always be the case. Therefore, it is really helpful to be able to contact the customer service team of the brand you have purchased through. Sometimes you just need someone at the other end of the phone to talk through your options with – for example to discuss exchanges, check your consumer rights or arrange collection/delivery. I know I’ve had to do this a lot recently with some of the furniture and items we have ordered for the baby. However, finding the number to call to do so isn’t always very easy.

Contact Numbers UK have a whole range of customer service contact numbers for lots of different industries. From Very to Amazon, you’re bound to find the one you are after on their website. Contact Numbers UK gives you the ability to search their extensive list of UK contact numbers. All you have to do is type the name of the company you require in the “Who do you want to call?” field and let them do the rest. They also have a list of popular numbers on their homepage that you may need that you can just click straight onto.

It is such a simple and straightforward way to find the number you are after instantly without any faffing. They even forward your call directly to the company if you want them to, so there is even less for you to do! Plus, if there are a few different brands you need to get in touch with, you can grab all the numbers you need in no time straight from their website. They also have lots of helpful articles on their website, such as what to do if an item comes late or if you miss a delivery.

5 Things to Do Before Returning an Item contact numbers uk

So these would be my list of 5 things to do before returning an item. Have you had to return many items in the past? What were your experiences? Did you have to deal with many customer service teams? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

* This post was written in collaboration with Contact Numbers UK.


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  1. One time, years ago, I was selling my college books on Amazon and someone CLEARLY took a brand new book (that was shrink wrapped) and then tried to return it saying it was written in. Since I had a picture when it was shrink wrapped they didn’t have a leg to stand on but it was outstanding that someone tried to order a college book on amazon and then return it after they used it. I was floored. I wish this person had read these tips!

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