5 Top Tips to Rock Your Christmas Party

5 Top Tips to Rock Your Christmas Party

5 Top Tips to Rock Your Christmas Party cover

With Christmas fast approaching, and events happening all over the place, it can be a crazy busy time of year! I get so excited this time of year, don’t you? After starting the month with a festive advent calendar post, here’s another Christmassy-themed post coming your way!

It’s more than likely that you have been invited to some kind of Christmas party, whether that be with work, family or friends. You’ll undoubtedly have a fun time once you’re there, but it can sometimes be hard in the run up to the event to make sure you are fully prepared. However, don’t worry, your festive guardian angel in the form of me is here to help to make sure your Christmas party is a complete success! So, without further ado, here are my 5 top tips to rock your Christmas party!

1. Sparkle With Your Outfit

5 Top Tips to Rock Your Christmas Party flatlay

So even way before your event, you need to make sure that your outfit is on point for your special night. You may just want to dig out an old outfit from your wardrobe, but that isn’t too exciting. It’s a much better idea to treat yourself to something new, it is nearly Christmas after all! Quiz have some really gorgeous party wear at the moment, so be sure to check them out if you want something that’ll make you look amazing. They know how much I love a bit of sparkle so they very kindly sent* me some gorgeous goodies to make sure I looked the part this Christmas!

Of course the key part of this outfit is this gorgeous navy lace sequin midi dress which is totally me. Such a stunning colour, shape and fit, and just the right amount of sparkle. They teamed it up with this lush silver clutch bag which is the perfect size for party essentials. It’s also got a chain hidden away inside which can be whipped out when you fancy throwing the bag over your shoulder towards the end of the night. The third item they sent were these jewelled ankle strap heels. How seriously gorge are they?! Totally ready for rocking the dance floor and strutting your stuff! As you can see, I also teamed up the outfit with some cute silver jewellery to make sure it all came together. Here are the items featured a little closer up so you can check them out in more detail.

5 Top Tips to Rock Your Christmas Party navy dress

5 Top Tips to Rock Your Christmas Party dress close up

5 Top Tips to Rock Your Christmas Party dress bag shoes

5 Top Tips to Rock Your Christmas Party close up dress bag shoes

5 Top Tips to Rock Your Christmas Party bag close up

5 Top Tips to Rock Your Christmas Party bag with chain

5 Top Tips to Rock Your Christmas Party shoes flat

5 Top Tips to Rock Your Christmas Party shoes up

If you love sequin dresses, but this one isn’t for you, Quiz have plenty of other great sequin dresses. They also have  whole host of party dresses in general so you are bound to find one you love this festive season.

Leave Yourself Enough Time

I’m absolutely terrible at this myself,  but make sure you leave yourself enough time to get ready. After all, if you’ve put time and effort into getting the perfect outfit, you want to make sure everything all comes together and you look a million dollars! It’s better to have too much time, being able to chill and take things easy, than rushing round last-minute and getting yourself in a flap. Decide in advance what make-up you’re going to wear and how you are going to style your hair. And then enjoy the build up, and get excited! Why not crack open a bit of fizz, invite the girls round, and get ready together.

Presents and Cards

I don’t know about you, but for me the Christmas party is a great time to swap cards and prezzies. If this is something you also do, make sure you’ve written the cards well in advance, as well as purchasing and wrapping any gifts you may be giving. There would be nothing worse than having a last-minute panic, trying to wrap an awkward shaped present whilst in your party dress and everything just going wrong. Putting the effort in a bit beforehand will make all the difference.

Be Weather Prepared

It’s a funny old time of year, and the weather seems to do whatever it fancies from day-to-day! For example, whilst writing this post, it is currently snowing outside. It never ever snows in the UK so this is a real turn up for the books. You can never predict what the weather might do when you decide a date for your Christmas get together way in advance.

Make sure on the day of your event you are weather prepared. For example, will you be wearing a coat? Have you chosen one that is practical but also goes well with your outfit? Is the weather safe enough for you to travel to your event? I know that if I was going to my party today, there wouldn’t be much chance of me getting there very easily, and if I could I’m not sure wellies would go so well with my outfit!

Try Not To Go Too Mad!

Something easier said than done, and yes I probably sound like your mother, but try not to drink the bar dry at your Christmas event. Works Christmas parties in particular often offer a free bar or a selection of booze on the table. Of course, enjoy this, but at the same time don’t get yourself into too much of a state! After all, you’ll have to face your work colleagues within a few days, and you don’t really want embarrassing stories about you going round. Plus, you want to be able to remember what an amazing night you had, rather than wanting to forget all about it. This goes for events with family and friends too.

So these would be my 5 top tips. What do you think? Would you add any yourself? Let me know in the comments!

If you’re off celebrating any time soon, I hope you have the best time!

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

*These items were sent to me for free for the purpose of this blog post. However, all opinions are my own and I would never share anything I didn’t love myself.

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  1. I love all the sparkles! We recently went to a holiday event, when we checked weather 3 days prior it was suppose to be 80°F outside. We traveled in for the event and on the day, it was 60°F for the evening temperatures. Glad I packed a sweater just in case!

  2. I won’t be attending any Christmas parties this year and will be spending the time with the kids, but it would be SO nice to dress up for Christmas! I think these tips are great!

    1. You could always rock it on Christmas Day with some mote casual shoes 🙂 glad you liked the tips!

  3. So many great tips! I wish I was attending some Christmas parties this year. I’d love to feel good in what I’m wearing, hopefully I remember these tips for a moms NYE get together I am going to later on!

  4. Cheers for the excellent matching accessories. I often face difficulty to find matching, but you did it well. I hope you had a great Christmas!!
    Wish you a very Happy New Year in advance!

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