April Faves 

April Faves 

So I totally say this every month, but where on earth did April disappear to?! I guess with it being Easter and having some time off work, it just flew by extra quick. It’s been a good month on the whole, especially because it has been my birthday month and I’ve done plenty of fun things. So let’s see what I’ve been loving in April…
1. Skincare

So month on month I always try to take care of my skin, but in April I was sent this duo of products from the lovely people at K2A Skincare and have been trying it for the past week or so. Totally early days, but my skin is loving it so far! I think it’s because it’s very natural and doesn’t contain any nasties, so my skin is grateful for that. I’ve also been trying to guzzle as much water as poss in my pretty water bottle that I mentioned in last months faves. It’s a pretty good combo for my skin! I’ll be posting an in-depth review of these skincare products in the next few weeks.

2. Family days out

April has been a month that I’ve been able to spend time with family because of Easter, bank holidays etc and it has been so lovely! I visited Warwick Castle with the Hubster’s side of the family on Easter Sunday and we had a great time. I’ve also been able to spend quality time going out just me and the hubs, as well as afternoon tea with my momma, so I’ve had a fab few weeks really. Lots of lovely memories made which is what life is all about isn’t it?!

3. Yellow

I’ve been totally loving the colour yellow this month! That’s absolutely nothing new for me with it being my fave colour and also one of my wedding colours, but in the past I’ve never really worn that much of it. However, I have been rocking it a lot this month! This is a snap of me on my birthday, wearing a top I picked up quite recently in a charity shop haul. I love the spring vibes, as well as the positivity the colour brings. Plus people have said it suits me too which is really lovely and gives me another excuse to wear it!

4. Easter food

I love Easter, probably because it is always around my birthday and now my wedding anniversary. Plus, I think spring time is a really lovely time of year. Easter means lots of lovely food including yummy hot cross buns! I’m a tad hot cross bun obsessed any time of year really, but I love it at Easter when they bring out limited edition flavours such as these chocolate orange mini ones I picked up from M&S. Easter also means an excessive collection of chocolate eggs in the house which is always gonna be a winner in my eyes (but not so much for my waistline oops!).

5. Sunnies and chokers

 So the weather hasn’t been the best this April here in the UK but I’ve tried my best to get my sunnies on at any given opportunity. These are some I grabbed this month from Poppy Apparel , who also have an amazing selection of chokers. If you type ‘asseenonjean’* at the checkout you can bag yourself 10% off anything on their site at the mo! I picked up this cute choker from Boots of all places as I’m totally loving cute delicate chokers at the moment. Totally late to the party with the choker trend, but it shows no signs of disappearing any time soon!

So these are my top 5 for April! What were you loving this month? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

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48 thoughts on “April Faves 

  1. We are all about family days here, too! I am so excited for my kids to get out on summer vacation next month!

  2. Love this! Warwick Castle is gorgeous! I loved visiting there! My April Faves would be my slip on TOMS, sunglasses during the nice spring weather and snacking on cookies the boys and I have been baking!

    1. Thank you! It’s a great place to visit ? They’re some really great favourites!

  3. Cute sunglasses and choker necklace. The castle looks beautiful and a great place to visit. I can’t believe April flew by and now we are in May!

    1. Thank you! It was a lovely place to visit. Hope you’re having a good May!

  4. Sounds like you’ve had a very productive month. It’s always great to spend time with your loved ones and do things together as a family.

  5. This is such a fun, reflective post! It looks like you have some wonderful memories from April <3 That lotion sounds great. I try to use natural beauty products whenever I can. And it's been proven that wearing more yellow can make you happier : )

    1. Thanks Laura, glad you enjoyed it. They’re working well so far ? Ahh that’s great, it doesn’t surprise me!

  6. Love this! Enjoyed all the family days and adventures last April and I’m so excited to experience more great things this May.

  7. It looks like you had a lovely month. Easter Sunday was definitely well spent. The color yellow suits you well! It’s nice to wear bright colors this season.

  8. Thanks for sharing these experiences and products, April’s been a good month and I’m hoping for a smooth year this year! I’d love to see that Castle in person!

  9. What a lovely group of favorites! Time with family is always a favorite for me as well! That skin care looks AMAZING, I will have to look them up for sure, and I am loving sunglasses as well.

    1. Thank you! It’s important to do isn’t it. Make sure you check them out!

  10. Yes to Easter food. I think Easter has that best treats. The candy and chocolate cream eggs and all the brightly decorated cookies. Miss it already.

  11. My favorites this month are my new bag from my Box of Style and my updated skincare routine. I started doing the 7 toning steps and it has changed my dry skin for the better.

  12. April went by like lightning, didn’t it? I love your castle picture! I wish we had more places like that here for fun family days out.

  13. Yes, how time really flies so fast when you’re having fun. I absolutely love these list! One of my favorite color is also yellow. That looks so lovely!

  14. I have become a full on beauty junkie lately so I love hearing about K2A Skincare, which I hadn’t heard of before. Thank you for sharing this brand!

  15. What a cool trip to visit Warwick castle!! I have never had hot crossed buns but I really want to try them. Sounds like you had a great April.

  16. I practically say that every month as well, but April seemingly went by at lightening speed! Last month, I tried the Tatcha Beauty brand for the first time, and fell in love with it.

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