Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out

Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out cover


So if you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I’m a little obsessed with Aspire Style. The store just couldn’t be any more ‘me’ if it tried, so it has been a bit of a love affair since I first entered the shop a few years ago. I have previously written a post about the store in general (this one) and also about my experience at a previous event there (Aspire Style Fashion Show). So when I was very kindly invited* to the Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out, I jumped at the chance!

The tickets arrived just a few days later, and I knew instantly who I was going to take with me…my lovely momma of course! We had already seen The Glamophones at previous Aspire events so knew how fab they would be. I was looking forward to getting my hands on a free goodie bag as well as a cheeky discount at my favourite shop. Whilst there are several stores within the Midlands, the tickets were for my local Solihull store.

Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out tickets

So now I’m going to share with you some of the gorgeous items available in store, before moving on to show you my purchases from the night.

Looking Round the Store

Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out prosecco


So me being me, I obviously couldn’t turn down a nice glass of prosecco, whilst browsing in store and with music playing in the background. Plus, check out those fab alcohol inspired candles, which of course smelt really yummy.


Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out books


So many fab books! Many of them perfect for special milestone birthdays. Plus, I’m loving all the Ladybird books that seem to be out at the moment. They’re so retro, yet funny, and totally up my street!


Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out travel


Ahh this section totally made me want to take a holiday! I am in love with those luggage tags and check out that lovely notebook, perfect for recording where you next trip might be. I was also eyeing up the sunglasses (haha, did you like what I did there?!) as I was after a new pair after sitting on my previous ones (true story).


Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out eyes


All of the eyes in this section! I felt like someone was watching me haha! I really liked the pouch I spotted here, I’m all about the quotes at the moment and this is one that applies to so many things.


Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out candles


More lovely candles, and how beautiful are these?! I think they would be a perfect gift for a friend, or even a nice treat for yourself. I also spotted these books which my husband would probably appreciate me reading!


Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out happy jackson


Ahhh, one of my absolute fave brands, Happy Jackson. I’ve talked about them in the past and just love what they do, so of course I needed a picture! I really like the brand above them too, in this pic because who doesn’t love a good pun?!


Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out pretty dress


Such a pretty holiday dress! I love the styling in Aspire, with one or two items of clothing, surrounded by pretty jewellery and accessories. This is their sterling silver personalised collection.

  Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out cakes


I just had to capture the yummy cupcakes! They were provided by a local cafe, Cafe Isabella. The idea of a vintage-feel afternoon tea totally fits with the Aspire “vibe” so it was a lovely part of the display. At the back you might be able to see a thank you teacher section, which of course I had to check out too.


Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out prosecco bag


How good is this shopping bag?! I definitely think I need it in my life. I really liked the notebooks too at the side of it as I am totally stationary obsessed at the moment.


Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out floppy hats


Ahh and here comes the fashion! I’m all about floppy hats for holidays at the moment. Plus, so many pretty dresses and gorgeous shoes! That floral print is just everything.


Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out shoes and bags


More shoes and bags, sorry not sorry! I really liked the retro feel of these. It’s nice to be matchy matchy so this display just works.


Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out nautical


It seems it is all about the reds and blues at the moment, along with a nautical feel. Is it me though or does nautical never really go out of fashion?! I’ve been a fan of this trend for years, so that totally works for me.


Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out cath kidston


Check out this Cath Kidston wall, I was totally in love! Again a fun and a slightly different way to display things. I’m a bit obsessed with the sea themed Cath Kidston range at the moment, so was totally eyeing up that canvas bag.


Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out jewellery


So much lovely jewellery! I thought these bracelets were a little bit different and really liked the more geometric vibe they had. Plus, what gorgeous boxes too!


Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out adult mug


I totally need this mug in my life! This is me most days…(at the grand old age of 29!)


Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out pretty things


Even more wallets, bags, travel goodies…I could literally have bought one of everything in this shop.

 Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out cactus


How seriously cute?! Cactuses (or is it cacti?) seem to be everywhere at the moment and this is a great selection of goodies for anyone who is loving this trend.


Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out glamophones


And of course I couldn’t leave without a snap of the lovely ladies from The Glamophones. Great tunes all night and the perfect accompaniment to a fun night of shopping!


My Purchases

Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out wrapped


So these were all of my lovely goodies, all tissue paper wrapped-up in the usual Aspire Style way. And here they are on closer inspection…


Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out pouch


So you know I was totally eyeing up this bag, so needed to buy it! I’m undecided what I am going to use it for at the moment, more than likely make up. I just really like the words as well as the calligraphy feel of it (something I am pursuing myself at the moment).


Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out mug


A lovely Cath Kidston mug! This was actually in my free goodie bag, and I was so happy when I opened it up. A totally gorgeous design and just perfect for a nice cuppa. It was really kind of Aspire to give something like this away.


Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out gift box


Can we just take a moment to appreciate the prettiness of this gift box? Totally perfect if you are buying something from Joma Jewellery as a gift as it looks like you have made a lot of effort. However, I was totally treating myself to this…


Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out necklace


I fell head over heals for this! Whilst it took me at least 10 minutes to decide which necklace I wanted from the range, I finally decided to go for karma as I’m totally a believer in it. Plus I really liked the words that came with it on my card. Whenever I wear this pretty necklace I try to remember to make sure I spread a bit of good karma where I can.




Another Cath Kidston gooodie bag gift! I can’t really say much more than it is a pen. A really cute pen mind! Perfect for writing in my notebooks and looking good at the same time.


Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out ring


How nice is this ring? I seem to have child sized fingers, so my thumb is the best finger to wear it on. It’s so cute! Again, it was included in the fab goodie bag.


Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out sunglasses


I needed new sunnies so these were the ones I chose. I don’t think I’ve had any in this shape before so I’m looking forward to wearing them in the sunshine. It’s really handy that they also came with a great case to protect them when I am not wearing them.


Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out nail files


Yet another gift from my goodie bag! Plus it is one of my fave brands, it’s like they knew! These are mini nail files so are incredibly handy and something that is great to throw into your handbag for any nail emergencies.


Aspire Style Fashion and Music Night Out stash


So this is my whole stash! Whilst I could have actually bought the whole shop, I felt I showed good restraint this time round. If you want to know more about any of the goodies I have, or want to get your hands on any of them, make sure you check out the Aspire Style website or pop into your local store if you have one nearby. You can also find Aspire on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

So do you like what Aspire has to offer at the moment? What do you think of my purchases and goodie bag? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

* I was very kindly sent 2 complementary tickets in return for a blog post talking about the event. However, all opinions are my own, and I would never talk about something I didn’t love myself!

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  • Pam

    This store was made totally for me, too!! I loved all the pics of the items they sell and am so glad that they have an online shop!! Thanks for the intro… You may have just started something!

  • Kim Croisant

    Well, that style fits you to a tee and goes well with your blog. I love the name of your blog btw. My fav in all that were those sun glasses, oh and the hairdos. Looks like a fun time you had.

  • Erica

    That looks like so much fun. I love all the funky glasses. I always want to wear things like that, but I can only wear small little frames or I look ridiculous. Seriously, finding glasses that fit my face is so difficult. I also love the purse with the big eye. I would buy that to just constantly crack myself up.


      There are a few in the UK. If you check out their website they have the addresses. You can also shop online.

  • steph c

    This is my kind of shop. I want something if not everything from every picture, the star ring is adorable and a polka dot pen! I need that in my life