August Degustabox Review

August Degustabox Review

August Degustabox cover

So it feels like I haven’t done a Degustabox review for ages. In fact the last one I wrote was in May! (You can read it here if you fancy a nosey). With the tiredness that came at the end of pregnancy and the craziness of having a newborn, time has just slipped away! However, I love receiving the Degustabox and sharing it’s contents with you lot. Therefore I’m determined to keep reviewing them as often (and ‘on time’) as I can. So without further ado, let’s get onto the August Degustabox review!

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So this was what was included inside the August Degustabox.

Here are the items all laid out to see.

This is the information card that came with the box. As ever, it explains the various items included with a little description and gives the recommended retail price. You can see at the top that there is a little ‘breakfast club’ theme to the box this month.

Right then, let’s get onto the review!

John West Infusions Salad Tuna Fillets with a Chilli and Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dressing

RRP £2.29

So if you’ve read any of my previous Degustabox reviews, you’ll know I don’t like tuna. Thankfully though my Husband does so whenever it is in my box he gets to have it! He’s a man of very few words but he seemed to enjoy this! He likes things with a bit of a kick so this tuna went down well. I would happily buy it for him again in the future.

Maggi 3 Minute Noodles – Chicken Flavour

RRP 5 packs for £1.50

Right. So I have a thing for noodles. Of any variety. Plus I’m a fan of super quick cooking so micro noodles are right up my street! By literally covering in boiling water and leaving for 3 minutes, this was such a quick snack. And a really great price too! Of course, they weren’t massively full of flavour, but that didn’t bother me. I would definitely repurchase, especially because they’re so handy to keep in the cupboard.

LioBites Smoothie Bites – Mango, Banana and Passionfruit; Mango and Coconut.

RRP £1.99 each

I was excited to see these fruit crisps in the box and intrigued to see how they tasted. A healthy snack and one of my five a day sounds good to me! Because they are made from natural fruit that is picked before being blended and then freeze dried, they are quite crunchy. And they were rather yummy too! I found it clever how much eating them tasted like having a smoothie. I think they’re quite pricey for what they are though so am not sure I would repurchase them. I find it sad that healthy food is often more expensive than unhealthy food.

Rowntree’s Randoms – 30% Less Sugar Pouch

RRP £1.29

I love sweets so was happy to see these in the box! And with less sugar but still a great fruity flavour, I didn’t feel so bad munching on these. Plus they don’t contain any artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweetners which is good to know. Of course I shared with my other half, but could have definitely have finished the bag myself. I would happily repurchase these bad boys. I would probably choose them over the original randoms too as they are slightly better for me but still taste great.

Boka Bar – Choco Mallow Cereal Bar; Apple Cinamon Cereal Bar

RRP £0.75 each

As you can see from the packaging, these bars are low in fat, saturates, sugars and salt. They’re also under 100 calories a bar. They are a great snack for chucking in your bag and eating on the go. Out of the two, the choco mallow would probably have to be my gave. The price is quite reasonable and they tasted good so I would happily buy again.

Maggi Fusian Sticky Hoisin Duck Noodles

RRP £1.39

So earlier in this post I shared with you my love of noodles. Well here is some more! These were a bit more ‘upmarket’ than the other pack though. The noodles were more flavoursome and had a bit more substance to them – in the form of oil and vegetables which were added to the noodles. The hoisin duck flavour was nice enough and these make a great snack. I would happily repurchase these.

illy Instant Smooth Taste

RRP £5.85

So I’m really not a coffee fan, so the other half was given this product. And to say he was chuffed would be an understatement! He’d mentioned before he enjoyed this brand of coffee when out and about so it was great he could now enjoy it at home too. He commented on how smooth it was and how great it tasted. I would happily buy it again for him, but do find it a little pricey for the size of the container.

Gunna Craft Soft Drinks – Natural Ginger and Aromatic Flavours; Natural Lemon and Mint

RRP £1.09 each

When I saw the flavours of these drinks, I was a little put off and thought I wouldn’t like them. Well, I couldn’t be more wrong and was definitely pleasantly surprised! The first one tasted like ginger beer, and the other like a non-alcoholic mojito – two drinks I really enjoy. Plus knowing they contain less sugar is a bit of a bonus. I would happily buy either of these flavours again.

Crooked Beverage Co. Alcoholic Soda – Midnight Stage – Blood Orange and Passionfruit

RRP £2.00

This drink was included as ‘product of the month’ in the August box. Made with natural ingredients and no nasties, as well as not containing too many calories, it was a bit of a winner! It is definitely a nice alternative to other flavoured alcohol I’ve had in the past and is a pretty good price too. I would happily repurchase it if given the chance.

Good Hemp Unsweetened Dairy Free Drink

RRP £1.60

This drink from Good Hemp is a dairy free alternative to milk. It is made from organic hemp seeds, so is very natural and is even good for the planet! Used like normal milk, it can be put on cereals, in hot drinks and within smoothies. Of course it tastes a bit different to the usual semi-skimmed milk I’m used to, but it is good to know that it can be enjoyed by those who are dairy free. However, I’m happy enough drinking cow’s milk for now so don’t feel the need to repurchase.

Dorset Cereals Spectacular Grains -  Raspberries and Apple with Toasted Spelt and Popped Buckwheat

RRP £3.49

Taken from the new Spectacular Grains collection, I received the flavour ‘raspberries and apple with toasted spelt and popped buckwheat’. Instead of containing classic muesli, the spelt flakes and popped grains make this cereal a bit crunchier. I enjoyed the fruity taste of this cereal from the raspberries and apple. Plus I loved the packaging. I would probably repurchase this cereal if it was on offer.

So this is what I thought of the August Degustabox. What would you like to try first? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

P.S. Remember, if you head here and enter the code ‘ASSEENONJEAN5’, you’ll get £5 off your first Degustabox, a FREE bonus items & FREE delivery*.

*This is an affiliate code. That means that if you go on to purchase this product, I will receive some commission. This will in no way impact the price of the item you pay but will mean I can carry on running this blog and will therefore love you forever!

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  1. Never heard of this box. But whats in it looks so yummy, the chips and noodles, yum! I have to look if its available here in the US. Thank for the review, i will consider this box in the future!

    1. Glad I could introduce you to it! I’m sure it’s available in the US – hope you get to try it too!

  2. How did you like the hemp milk? I’m lactose intolerant and love almond and soy milk but I’ve always thought about trying hemp milk.

    1. Yeah it was good! A bit different to what I’m used to but great to know it’s out there. You should give it a go!

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