Baby Friendly Places to Visit in Birmingham – Edgbaston

Baby Friendly Places to Visit in Birmingham – Edgbaston

Baby Friendly Places to Visit in Birmingham - Edgbaston cover

Recently, I was asked by* to explore Birmingham. Being a Brummie born and bred, they knew I loved the city, and wanted me to share what I got up to! Now that I have a baby, she tends to come everywhere with me. So I needed to make sure wherever we visited was baby friendly. My momma was also tagging along with us, so I needed to make sure she would enjoy it too.

Now Birmingham is pretty vast, and offers so much to do. The difficult part was deciding where to visit. There are plenty of great places in Birmingham to visit, such as The Sea Life CentreBirmingham LibraryCadbury WorldLego Discovery Centre…the list is endless! I work in and around Edgbaston, but don’t actually get the time to explore the area as I’m usually rushing to or from work. Therefore, it was decided that it would be our destination of choice. I’m lucky to live in Birmingham, but if I didn’t I would absolutely come and visit. There are plenty of lovely hotels in Birmingham to stop in that are located in perfect positions to access the different attractions.

Right then, let’s get started on our adventure!

Cannon Hill Park

Our first destination was Cannon Hill Park. Calling itself “Birmingham’s best day out”, we thought we would go and visit.

First of all we parked in the car park. There are two car parks, one by the MAC off Edgbaston Road, and a smaller car park off the Russell Road. We opted for the Edgbaston Road one. The car park was quite busy, so we had to drive for a while to find a space. However, there were plenty of spaces available a little further away from the entrance. It cost £2 to park for up to 4 hours which seemed quite reasonable.

This was what the building looked like as we approached. There were parking spaces here near the entrance for disabled badge holders.

As well as there being steps to access the building, there was also a slope – perfect for the pushchair!

What a lovely view as we entered into the venue!

As soon as we arrived, we decided to go to the cafe. We needed a little something to help us on our way. 

There was lots of lovely food and drink to choose from. Just look at those cakes!

My momma and I both had a hot chocolate and shared a biscuit. We didn’t want to have too much as we knew we would be having some lunch a little bit later. 

I also gave little one some food as she has recently started to wean. There were plenty of high chairs available. As you can see, there was also a microwave to heat food and milk.

Whilst we were in the cafe, little one was mesmerised by this sculpture. She loved the shapes and colours. 

Time to Explore

Once we had finished our snack, it was time to go and explore outside.

Little one was all snug in her pushchair. It was lovely for us all to get some fresh air and have a wander around the park.

There were various paths to take, leading to different areas of the park.

First of all, we spotted some ducks. 

And look – a squirrel! Little one had never seen one before.

Whilst it wasn’t the weather for it, I noticed some outside eating at the park. I can imagine this gets very busy in the summer.

After our walk we took little one to the play area. She is only 6 months old so wasn’t able to play all that much. However, she did go on the swings for the first time. She didn’t seem too impressed though!

Our Thoughts

There are plenty of fun things to do at the park; however these are available mostly in the warmer months. We were visiting just slightly too early in the season as they tend to kick off from February half term. These include a fun park, a land train, swan lake boating and a crazy golf area. 

I was impressed with how pushchair friendly the venue was as its facilities make it accessible for all. There was also baby changing facilities available. I have visited the MAC part of the venue before to go to a baby friendly cinema screening. There seems to be lots of things happening for children and families at Cannon Hill Park.

After our time at the park, we then decided to go to the nature centre. It is actually part of the park so we followed the signs for it and left our car in the car park. We hadn’t been there for very long so knew we had plenty of time before the ticket ran out. Before we knew it, we had arrived! 

Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park

This was the entrance into the conservation park. Once inside, we paid for our tickets.

As you can see, it must be the place to visit with a little one! There were several people inside with pushchairs.

At the start of the park there was a site map. We were also given our own copy of this map to know where the different wildlife would be located.

We had a good walk around. Little one was asleep for at least half of it! I think we had worn her out on our adventure so far. However, once she was awake she enjoyed looking round. There was so much for her to see!

Wildlife Spotting

These were some of the different wildlife we spotted…

We definitely enjoyed looking for and learning about the different wildlife. The park was very informative in a variety of different ways. It was on a level for both adults and children alike. This included different tasks children could undertake during their visit.

So much great information!

 I really loved this tree carving so had to take a picture.

Whilst we didn’t go inside, there was a cafe at the park. There was also a children’s soft play area located inside too.

There was also an outdoor play area for the kids.

Our Thoughts

I must admit, we picked quite a good day for our visit. It was a dry day, and whilst it was a little cold, that is what you expect in January! We had a great time at the conservation park, and I even treated little one to a toy from the souvenir shop to remember our visit. We could have stopped all day there, but our feet were starting to ache, and our tummies were rumbling!

The Highfield

Our final destination was The Highfield – we were definitely ready for food at this point as we had done so much walking! The car park was pay and display. It was £2 for 2 hours.

This was what we were greeted with once we had parked the car. There is also an entrance at the front, from the street. Obviously nobody was using the outdoor seating as it was too chilly, but I can imagine this being heaving in the summer months. 

And this was what it looked like from the inside. We really liked the decor!

The Food

We went off the lunch/fixed price menu. There was also various specials to choose from.

There was also a drinks menu, but we both opted for a diet coke. I definitely think I need to return for a cocktail in the future though – they sounded so good!

We shared a starter – Garlic & Rosemary-studded Camembert with Rustic Bread. It was rather yummy! It came with plenty of bread, despite only being for one person, so we were pleased about that. We had ordered additional bread as thought we might be a bit low, but we needn’t have. It came quickly which we appreciated. 

We both opted for the same main – Roast of the day, which was pork. It came with roasties, veg…and of course the absolute highlight – crackling! (you guys know how much I love the stuff!). The main was really nice and was a great little warmer after our time spent outside. There was also plenty of vegetables which made me feel better about the hot choc and cake I had earlier – the equal each other out right?!

Finally, we shared a pudding – Dark Chocolate Pot, Candied Fruit, Almonds and Honeycomb. Yum! I absolutely loved this. I’m so glad we shared as I was getting full at this point, and the chocolate was quite rich. But so nice!

Our Thoughts

At the Highfield, we were served by a lovely helpful lady – unfortunately we didn’t manage to get her name. We enjoyed great food, and agreed that it was very reasonably priced. It was also nice to visit somewhere new. It’s mad that I drive past the place every single day, yet have never been inside. 

There were plenty of other places in Edgbaston we had considered visiting for our adventure. These included Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Winterbourne House and Garden, The Edgbaston Boutique and Cocktail Lounge, Boston Tea Party, The Blue Piano, The Physician, and El Borracho de Oro. Hopefully we can go to them very soon!

So this was what we got up to during our day exploring Birmingham, Edgbaston in particular. Have you been to Birmingham before? Where did you go? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

*This post is a collaboration with The spending money for the trip was gifted by, but all views are my own.

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  1. Everything looks awesome! I have a 5yo and a 2yo and they would love to visit one day. The park and the wildlife conservation would have to be on our to-do list if we ever get to visit. Thank you for sharing, it always nice to know what places are kid-friendly.

  2. Everything looks awesome! I have a 5yo and a 2yo and they would love to visit one day. The park and the wildlife conservation would have to be on our to-do list if we ever get to visit. Thank you for sharing, it always nice to know what places are kid-friendly.

  3. This looks like a great place ! I love that they have so many animals and the food looks also really delicious !

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