Beefeater Longbridge Birmingham Review

Beefeater Longbridge Birmingham Review

A few weeks ago, I was very kindly invited* to the recently refurbished Beefeater restaurant in Longbridge, Birmingham. I saw this as a great opportunity for a date night with the Hubster as well as a chance to try somewhere I hadn’t been before. Whilst I have been to a few other Beefeater restaurants, I wasn’t even aware that there was one in Longbridge, so I wanted to go and check it out for myself.

On Arrival

We decided to go for a meal on a Friday night. The Hubster drove so we parked in the car park within Longbridge town centre. There were plenty of spaces and it was a free car park so long as you were less than 3 hours, so that worked for us. We walked up to the restaurant and this was how it looked from the outside:

We worked our way round to the front door and spotted that attached was a Premier Inn.  Longbridge isn’t too far from Birmingham town centre, therefore it’s quite handy for people to stop in.

Once we arrived inside, we were impressed with the modern and fun decor:

We were greeted by friendly front of house staff and shown to our table. My husband and I were then told who our server would be for the evening. We were placed by the window, this was our view of outside. On a wet and miserable day, we were glad to be out of the rain!

The Drinks

Then it was time to have a quick look at the drinks menu before deciding what we fancied. We were quite impressed with the range of wines, beers and ciders.

I opted for a large Pinot Grigio Rosé and my husband went for a Thatchers Haze Cloudy Cider. Unfortunately the waitress can’t have heard me say rosé, and bought me over white wine instead. However, I enjoyed the taste of the wine so it ended up working for me. We also had water on the table.

The Mains

Next it was time to choose our food. I always fill up too much on starters so decided to skip straight to mains (and hopefully have space for pudding!). I decided to go for the Minted Rump of Lamb (priced at £14.19). It was a piece of minted rump lamb, seasoned and chargrilled. It was served with dauphinoise potatoes, buttered kale, slow-roasted cherry tomatoes and a red wine & thyme sauce.

My husband opted for the Duo of Beef (priced at £19.99). Claiming to be “a beef lover’s dream”, it contained both beef short rib and slices of smoky beef brisket. It was served with a helping of skinny fries, spiced BBQ beans with smoked bacon, seasoned mini corn on the cob and chunky slaw.

We were quite impressed with the speed at which the food came out, especially because we were both peckish. I really enjoyed my meal and thought it was full of flavour. The sauce was rich and I loved the dauphinoise potatoes. The lamb was a little bit fatty, but mostly fine and very tasty. The hubster thought his was okay, telling me it was just standard ‘pub grub’ (he’s quite difficult to impress!). Whist I thought mine was priced quite well, my other half was expecting just a little more ‘something’ for nearly £20 for his main.

The Puddings

Next it was time to choose puddings. Of course I had left a bit of space, especially with my sweet tooth! I was undecided between the Mississippi Mud Pie and the Cookie Dough Sundae, but after a little chat with the waitress I decided on the sundae (priced at £4.99). This was made up of vanilla and cookie dough ice creams, layered with chocolate brownie chunks, topped with chocolate sauce, a whip of cream and a wafer. My husband went for the Trio of Sponges (priced at £5.49). It consisted of lemon drizzle, raspberry jam & coconut and chocolate sponges, served with a jug of custard on the side.

Look how epic it was! It was rather yummy, but I’m afraid to say it beat me. I’m obsessed with cookie dough so of course I made sure I picked out all of those pieces, as well as the bits of brownie. It was mainly ice cream that was left over, so I didn’t do too badly! Like the mains, the puddings came out in good time.

My husband really enjoyed his puddings. He is coconut obsessed so was pleased it featured on the menu. It was nice for him to be able to try different flavours of sponge within his one pudding choice.

The Verdict 

Overall, we had a lovely date night! The restaurant was easy to find, the parking worked for us, the service was great, the food tasted good and so did the drinks! I think the pricing was mostly on point, and was relative to what we would normally spend. I’m sure we will definitely return to the Beefeater in Longbridge in the not too distant future. Overall, I think I would give it 8/10. You can find your local Beefeater here.

So do you have a local Beefeater that you like going to? Or perhaps there is another chain you prefer? What do you think to our food choices? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

* I was very kindly invited to the restaurant to sample the menu and had a specified amount of money to spend. However all opinions are my own and I would never recommend somewhere I didn’t love myself!

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41 thoughts on “Beefeater Longbridge Birmingham Review

  1. This is my kind of restaurant! All of the food you got looks amazing! The menu is pretty awesome there 🙂

  2. I have never heard of a pinot grigio rose. That was an interesting thing to have on the menu. The restaurant sounds nice and it would be a place my husband and I would try. I loved the plaid chairs.

  3. My tummy is grumbling now! This all looks absolutely beautiful and I’d love to visit!!! I love a good steak meal with all the sides!

  4. aw what a great way to spend your date night, the food looks absolutely delicious. the restaurant sounds like a very nice place to go. i love the comfy feeling it had.

  5. Sounds like a meat lover’s dream restaurant. So good to know that the food is great and that you had a good time dining there. I like the look of the restaurant! It would be nice to try their food out should I find myself there.

  6. I am drooling right now so to speak 🙂 my husband is from Birmingham and we are looking at visiting the area next year. I will definitely check this one.

  7. Those desserts look amazing. I’m such a sucker for brownie in ice cream. Unfortunately, I can’t eat gluten so I usually just say no to dessert. But if I could, I would totally get what you had. Yum!

  8. I have never heard of this restaurant! It looks like you had an amazing meal! And the ice cream…yum! I wish I had some right now!

  9. Wish I had a Beefeater near me because the food and drinks look really tasty. I love trying out ciders and different wines so it’s always nice when a restaurant has a variety.

  10. This looks like a delicious meal and a super fun date night. We don’t get out as nearly as often as we should but would love to find a babysitter and have a date night!

  11. The beef lover’s dream is well fitted to how it is called. It is really a dream to have, the two variety of the beef dish made it really different from the others. And now I am dreaming….

  12. Yum, this all looks so incredible. I would love to visit and get my hands on half of this food. Looks so good.

  13. Everything sounds amazing and I’m glad you had a great time there. It’s a lovely restaurant, I really like the ambiance. I guess that mistake with the wine is just a little minus.

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