Degustabox August Review

Degustabox August Review

Degustabox August Review cover

So back in August I was very kindly sent* the Degustabox to review. I must admit, it was totally like Christmas when the parcel arrived. It was a complete surprise of what would be inside, and I couldn’t wait to see what I had received. Here, you lovely lot, is my Degustabox August Review…

What is a Degustabox?

Degustabox is basically a monthly surprise food box. Inside there are 10 – 15 products and many are completely new to the market. The boxes are £12.99 incl. delivery. Whilst it is a subscription service, no commitment is necessary. They just ask that you let them know a few days before the payment for the next month is taken if you want to cancel. You can check out previous boxes here for an idea of what is inside. There are various different subscription options depending on how you want to pay, and you’re also able to give Degustabox as a gift. There is an alcohol and non-alcohol version of the box. I can give you a cheeky discount code if you would like to get your own box, so keep reading for that!

Right then, let’s get on to seeing what was inside August’s box, and what I thought of the products!

The Review

Degustabox August Review box

So this was how my Degustabox arrived. Thankfully I was in when the postie came as it clearly wouldn’t fit through the letterbox! It was quite heavy when he handed it over, so I was really intrigued to see what was inside!

Degustabox August Review packaging

 I was quite a fan of the packaging really. I loved the design on the box, and it was wrapped up nicely inside.

Degustabox August Review contents

And here is the big reveal! You can see it really is jam-packed with lovely goodies! It was packaged well internally, using bubble wrap on any products that may get broken, and there was plenty of protection inside the box.

Degustabox August Review all laid out

Here you can see a better view of all the products. I was impressed with the variety inside the box, and there were many products that I had never tried or even seen before. My hubster was also excited to help me to try the products. It’s a hard life being a blogger’s husband!

This handy card was inside the box too. As you can see it explains all of the products inside, and also gives their pricing. I thought I would add them all up to see how much they would have cost to buy independently. They came to around £20, so it’s clearly a good saving if you buy this box monthly for £12.99.

This was on the other side of the card. I thought it was a really great idea to include recipes featuring the products, both of the food and drink kind!

Right then, let’s get on to reviewing the products one by one…

Cadbury Curlywurly Swirlies

So you may or may not know, I’m the biggest chocoholic going. So when I saw them in the box, I got seriously excited! I love a good curlywurly and always have, but always find I get into such a mess with them. I try to bite the caramel but then the chocolate flakes off, leaving me with chocolate everywhere. These were perfect though, because they’re bite size! And whilst it’s a shareable bag, I’m afraid there wasn’t much sharing happening from me…Anyways, I would definitely buy this product again.

Look how actually cute they are!

Orangina Limited Edition Summer Bottles

Orangina is something I can recall from my childhood. I always remember going away on family holidays and drinking this drink. However, I remember it being in a jar bottle and filled with lots of orange bits. I remember not being the biggest fan, but drinking it anyway. So when I spotted this pair in the box, I wondered what I would think to the taste. The dark blue labelled bottle is regular Orangina, and the light blue one is a light version. I drank these on different occasions and didn’t really notice much difference in the taste between them. However, they tasted much better than I remembered! Plus I really loved the packaging of these bottles and really wanted to keep them, you know, just because! If I spotted these drinks in a store I would definitely buy them again.

Maggi Fusian Noodles

So you can see I received 2 packets of these Fusian Noodles from Maggi. Maggi is a brand I have heard of before and spotted in the supermarket, for having ‘cooking in the bag’ type seasoning packets. However, I had never seen these noodles previously. I must admit I am a fan of microwavable noodles as a snack, I don’t think I’ve ever got over my student days. One of the flavours was Sticky Hoisin Duck and the other was Fiery Sweet Chilli. I tried the duck first as that was the one I thought I would prefer. However, I actually liked the sweet chilli one more. I think the duck once was just a bit too sticky and sweet for me. Plus, the chilli ones weren’t crazy spicy. The noodles were really simple to cook, only taking 4 minutes in the microwave.

I thought I would enjoy this pair together, and share with you the simple process I took to cook the noodles.

So these were the ingredients inside the packet – the noodles, oil, veggies and a seasoning sachet. First of all I needed to combine boiling water with the oil, veggies and seasoning sachet. I then had to cook this in the microwave for a minute. Next it was time to add the noodles, before cooking all together for a further 3 minutes.

So this was how they turned out! The only thing I would add to the instructions would be to stir again part way through the 3 minutes to make sure the noodles were fully submerged into the wet ingredients. You can also cook the noodles on the hob if microwaving isn’t your thing.

So here I am enjoying the snack! And yes, I ate them from the bowl I cooked them in. What can I say, I just wanted to save on the washing up! I did really like these noodles. They were quick, simple and easy to make and tasted good. I’ve tasted other brand noodles before, and these Maggi ones seem to have more varied and nicer ingredients as part of the snack. Therefore, I would probably buy these again if I saw them in a shop.

Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce

So I got this tabasco in my box too. When I saw it, I must admit I wasn’t over the moon as I’m not much of a tabasco fan. However, I noticed that it was actually a milder, green pepper flavour, so I was more willing to give it a go. And I ended up quite liking it! The flavour was quite tangy, and whilst it still had a bit of a kick, it wasn’t as strong as the hot original sauce.

As well as the taste, I really liked the packaging too. I especially appreciated the serving suggestions on one side of the box, that I am definitely going to give a try. So long as I find plenty of ways to enjoy this sauce, I will probably end up buying it again.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Big Taste Toffee Whole Nut

Yaaay more chocolate in the box! Dairy Milk is one of my faves and I knew I would enjoy this product. This bar was a combination of milk chocolate with a toffee flavour filling, hazelnuts and caramel. It was really tasty and it didn’t take me long to scoff it down. My only complaint would be that I wish that there was more (isn’t that always the problem?!). I would definitely buy this again.

Refreshers Softies

I like refreshers as a retro sweet, but was intrigued to try them in this form. They tasted soft, fruity and chewy, but still had the fizz that you associate with the original. I was a big fan of these sweets but my hubs said he preferred them in their original form. I definitely want to have these again.

Twisted Halo – Coconut Water, Ginger and Vodka

I was really looking forward to trying this drink, being a bit of a vodka fan. The description made it sound so nice and refreshing, and only 90 calories too! Plus, how nice is the packaging?! But I must say, I didn’t really dig this drink. I think it was the coconut water that I didn’t enjoy the taste of. This made me a bit gutted by this as I had really high expectations. I would be intrigued to see if the brand has any other flavours available. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t purchase this particular flavour again.

Back to School Selection

Part of the box made up the ‘back to school’ selection, as the box came towards the end of the summer holidays. Made up with items children (and adults!) would enjoy in their lunch boxes, this was what they were…

Seabrook Crisps

I’ve known of Seabrook crisps for a long time, however it isn’t normally a brand I go for. I’m not really sure the reasoning for this, as they are perfectly good crisps! The husband had already tucked into these crisps before I could get them into the cupboard, and took several packs with him to work. I enjoyed the ones I managed to get my hands on! I appreciated that these crisps were gluten-free as gluten is something I try to avoid where I can. Out of the 3 flavours I must say the sea salted were my fave. I would definitely purchase these crisps again.

Bahlsen PiCK UP! Black ‘N White

Even more chocolate, I was so made up! I had never seen these bars before so was eager to give them a go. Basically, it is a white chocolate bar sandwiched between 2 chocolate biscuits. It was a 5 pack of biscuits. They were so nice and I really enjoyed the flavour. They were also a hit with the hubster. I would definitely repurchase these bad boys.

Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise

Hellmann’s mayo has been a staple in my life for as long as I can remember. I’m a big fan of mayonnaise with just about everything and Hellmann’s is a brand I always go for. It’s such a versatile product and I would never be without it. Definitely something I will continue to buy for just about forever!


I’ve always liked jelly, since being a child. However, I don’t think I’ve ever had it in the pouch form before! It felt a bit strange squeezing it out, and had a bit of a random consistency. However I did quite enjoy it! Both flavours were really fruity, but I think I preferred the apple and blackcurrant over the orange. These pouches are handy because they’re resealable, so great for on the go. They’re also gluten and lactose free as well as being suitable for vegans and vegetarians, so just about anyone can enjoy them! Whilst I’m not sure I would repurchase these again as an adult, I probably would buy them if I had children.

Light Bites Popped Chips

The final item I received were these chips from Superdrug. They’re free from all of the nasties like preservatives and artificial colours and they’re also under 100 calories. Out of the 2 flavours I thought I would prefer the sweet and smoky chipotle, but I ended up liking the pesto and sun-dried tomato flavour more. These are a fab snack food and are perfect for on the go. I will definitely be picking some more up when I’m next in Superdrug.

Overall Opinion

So you can see I was a big fan of this box, and would be happy to repurchase most of the box again if I spotted any of the products whilst out and about. It was lots of fun trying out these products, and am continuing to use them. I will be posting my September Degustabox review over the next few weeks so make sure you look out for that and see how it compares! Make sure you check out Degustabox if you fancy trying new food and drink before everyone else as well as some classics too. You can also make a bit of a saving too!

Discount Code

So how would you like £7 off your first box? Simply type in ‘UNW4A’ at the checkout to make an amazing saving! Don’t say I never give you anything!

So what do you think to the items? Have you ever tried the Degustabox? Would you like to? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

*I was very kindly sent this box free of charge in exchange of a review. However, all opinions are my own and I would never share something I didn’t love with you. Please note that if you go on to get a Degustabox, its contents might vary slightly from mine.

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  1. Ok, now that is a really cool subscription box. I am so impressed by all the great stuff that was included in there.

  2. Now this looks like my kind of box! I see all the beauty ones but they aren’t really my thing – so to see this food related one is awesome! I want to try those curly wurly pieces

    1. It’s so fun trying new food and drinks. They were so yummy! Totally look into it if you fancy one, they’re available in many countries x

  3. I’ve tried the green Tabasco while eating at restaurants. I’m always amazed at how good it is. The red stuff is usually too spicy for me, but the green version is surprisingly good. This looks like a fun box. It has a little of everything.

  4. Everything sounds amazing! I love that you got a bit of everything, especially the sweets. The chips make me curious, I’ve never tried Light Bites before but I am liking the flavors!

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