Degustabox December and January Review

Degustabox December and January Review

So if you’ve read my last few Degustabox posts (check them out here: August, September, October, and November) you’ll know I’ve fallen a bit behind with them. It all stemmed from me falling pregnant towards the end of last year, and being a bit funny about eating different types of food. Because of this, I didn’t get round to trying some of the items in my Degustabox* straight away, thus delaying my reviews. However, as I’m much further along along in my pregnancy now, and totally fine with eating, I’m trying really hard to catch up! In an attempt to do this successfully, I’ve decided to combine my review of the December and January boxes. I’m fully aware we are now in April, so probably should be writing the February and March review as we speak, but I do promise that they will be coming soon enough!

Fancy getting yourself a box?

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The Review

Right then, enough explaining and rambling on, let me share with you my Degustabox December and January review.


Degustabox December and January Review December inside the box

So here is what I got in the box. I’m sure you’ll agree, a great selection of goodies!

Degustabox December and January Review December flatlay

Here they are on closer inspection. I was really excited to try the contents of the December box, especially the sweet treats that were included!

As with every box, there is an information sheet provided. This includes a little description of the products as well as their RRP. I always make sure I check this out before trying the items inside the box.

As well as the information sheet, there are usually a few other leaflets included in the box from the brands related to the products. This was on the other side of the information sheet and is related to the box of chocolates included.

Also included was this leaflet which outlines some tips to help you sleep better. Again this was related to an item inside the box – the Sleep well milk drink. I thought it was a useful resource to have in relation to the product.

A Degustabox fabric bag was also thrown in this month! I appreciated this as I find these types of bag really helpful when it comes to shopping or transporting things to and from school.

Right then, enough about the extras, let’s get on to the box review!

The Review

Mary Berry’s Foods – Lemon and Mustard Seed Vinaigrette

RRP £2.99

Who doesn’t love a bit of Mary Berry??!! Although, I had never tried any of her products before so was intrigued to try this one out. I must say, I’m not the biggest vinaigrette fan, and can often find them to be too overpowering. However, I did quite like this one. It was full of flavour and worked well on salads. I would happily buy it again.

San Miguel 0.0%

RRP £3

When I first spotted this product I thought ‘nooooo! I can’t drink alcohol!’. Then, on closer inspection I noticed it was alcohol free. So I put it in the fridge, and before I knew it the other half had already drank it anyway! When I asked how it was, he said it was fine. I find non-alcoholic drinks in this respect to be an interesting concept, and am intrigued to how they get them to taste like the originals without the alcohol. However, I think my other half would have appreciated the alcoholic version more, so am not sure I would repurchase this product.

Coldpress Valencia Orange Juice

RRP £1.50

Another drink included inside the box was this orange juice. This company’s name is inspired by how they make their juices – through coldpressure, high pressure processing. They do this so that the vitamins and nutrients aren’t damaged like they can be with heat. This orange juice had a nice flavour and was a good size to throw in a bag for on the go drinking. I would happily repurchase.

Sleepwell Vanilla Milk Drink

RRP £1.75

This was the product linked to the leaflet about sleeping well. The combination of flavours (Jersey milk, honey and valerian) is designed to help you relax and drift off to sleep more easily. It can be drank hot or cold, around half an hour before you want to go to sleep. I’m not the biggest milk fan, and the only time I really have it is in a cup of tea or with cereal. However, I was really intrigued to see if this product worked. I quite liked the vanilla-y taste of this milk and think it did help me to begin to relax before bed. With pregnancy tiredness, I tend to fall asleep quite easily, so it is difficult to know how much this product helped. However, if I was struggling with sleep, I would definitely like to try this product again to see its true effect.

Robinsons Fruit Creations – Apple and Elderflower

RRP £1.99

So I’ve enjoyed Robinson’s squash for as long as I remember. Growing up, we always used to have it in the house, usually in a range of flavours to please the whole family. So when I discovered this in the box, I knew it would be great as it was from a brand I loved and trusted. I don’t like my squash too strong so put a little into a glass and added water. I mostly liked the taste, but don’t think I’m the biggest elderflower fan in the world. However, it is nice to try something else, and have a drink that is a little more ‘sophisticated’. I wouldn’t rush out to buy it again, unless it was on special offer. I would also like to try the other flavours in the range too.

Ryvita Lightly Salted Rice Cakes

RRP £1.39

These rice cakes are made from wholegrain rye and are naturally high in fibre, as well as being low in fat. Whilst you can go mad with creating toppings for these, I tended to just snack on them with a bit of butter on top. They are great to reach for when you are feeling a bit peckish and want something quick and easy. It definitely helps that they are quite good for you too! I would happily repurchase them.

Popchips Galactic Puffs – Sour Cream and Onion

RRP £1.99

This was such a fun, novelty item to receive in the box! I didn’t really get much of a look in with these as my hubs is a bit obsessed with crisps. But when I did get the chance to have a few crisps, I enjoyed them. They’re quite a light snack and I liked the flavour. I would happily buy them again.

Lift Matcha Instant Green Tea

RRP unknown

This was an extra item included in my Degustabox. This green tea is full of antioxidants and nutrients so can be a great alternative to a regular cup of tea. It’s a powder so can also be added to a shake which is handy for on the go. Inside this tube there are 15 sachets. Just add boiling water and enjoy. I’ve had matcha green tea before, and although it’s not the same as a regular cup of tea, it is definitely drinkable in my opinion. It is basically just a healthy alternative. I wouldn’t rush out to buy it again as I do love a traditional cuppa.

Candy Kittens Gourmet Sweets – Sour Watermelon

RRP £3.00

So I must say, this was probably one of my favourite items in this box. I’ve always been sweet obsessed, but this love has been taken to a new level during my pregnancy. I’ve also got a bit of a thing for sour sweets too, so getting this product in my box was such a good thing for me. These gourmet sweets are gluten-free as well as only containing natural colourings and flavourings. I absolutely loved the taste of these and couldn’t get enough of them. However, my Hubster wasn’t a fan (but at least that meant more for me!). I also loved the packaging of these. I would happily repurchase these and would be interested to try other flavours too. The only thing that puts me off slightly is the price.

Taking the Pea – Smoked Ham Flavour

RRP £1.50

I thought the concept of savoury peas was really interesting, although I wasn’t quite sure how I would get on with the product. That is because I’m the biggest ever pea-hater! But they were surprisingly nice as I couldn’t taste the pea-ness of them. These peas contain more protein than crisps and less fat than nuts. They are a relatively healthy snacking product, with only 140 calories a pack. This product comes in a couple of other flavours too. I would happily repurchase this product if I spotted it in a shop, although I wouldn’t go out of my way to look for them.

Planters Energy Mix and Protein Mix

RRP £1.29 each

This month’s box contained 2 different varieties of these nuts – the energy mix and the protein mix. The energy mix consisted of: chocolate covered honeycomb, brazil nuts, walnuts and peanuts. The protein mix contained: peanuts, redskin peanuts, cashew nuts and almonds. I quite enjoy nuts, although I usually go for one variety in a bag. However, I enjoyed eating both varieties of these nuts. I would say the energy mix was probably my fave, mostly because of the sweet tooth I have. Plus, you don’t feel too guilty eating these either because they’re a natural source of protein and fibre. I think they are well priced too so would happily buy again.

Willies Cacao Black Pearls – Sea Salt Caramel

RRP £6.59

These chocolates were the ‘product of the month’ inside the box, so quite a big deal was made out of them as you can see from the leaflets above. They are basically pearls of single estate chocolate, that contain caramel. This product comes in 2 flavours – sea salt caramel and passion fruit caramel. I received the sea salt variety and I must say that they were pretty yummy. I would be quite intrigued to try the passionfruit flavour too. They’re 100% natural and batch made, using the best raw materials and I definitely you can tell from their taste. It’s quite a small box of chocolates for the price, but because they are good quality, I wouldn’t mind paying it. Therefore I would happily repurchase.

So that’s the December box, now let’s get onto the January box!


Degustabox December and January Review January inside the box

So this was January’s box!

Degustabox December and January Review January Flatlay

And here are the products on closer inspection. As you can see, there was quite a lot in this box.

Just like usual, an outline of the different items contained in the box. As you can see, the box is themed with ‘new year, new me’.

And this month a recipe is included using one of the items in the box. I always think that this is quite a handy thing to have, especially if you need a bit of inspiration with some of the products.

Another recipe was also included in the box on one of the additional leaflets.

Right then, let’s get on to the product reviews!

The Review

LighterLife Fast Ready to Drink Shakes – Strawberry Passion and Vanilla Velvet

RRP £2.49 each

LighterLife is a diet that is designed to work around its users. They recommend that you replace all of your meals with 4 LighterLife Fast products for 2 days a week. The shakes are handy because they are ready to drink, so no faffing with mixing powders and liquids. They can be enjoyed as part of the Fast plan, as a protein hit or as a meal replacement and are available exclusively at Superdrug.

Obviously I’m not currently at a point where I’m trying to lose weight – the opposite in fact as I want to make sure my baby is well fed. However, in the coming months it may be something I want to do depending on how much baby weight I have put on. I’m not really a shake person but these were nice enough. I would probably buy them again if I decided to use them as part of a weight loss plan in the future.

Robinsons Fruit Cordial – Raspberry, Rhubarb and Orange Blossom

RRP £2.49

This product from Robinsons is designed to be a more ‘sophisticated squash’. It combines real fruit and botanical flavours, and the one I was sent was raspberry, rhubarb and orange blossom. Not only are the flavours a bit more sophisticated than usual, but so is the packaging. This is because it is inside a glass bottle as opposed to a plastic one. This squash is nice enough, but I’m not the biggest fan or rhubarb so the taste wasn’t quite right for me. I would be interested in trying some of the other flavours they offer. I can see what Robinsons are doing with these classier drinks, but I’m happy enough with the original flavours so don’t feel the need to repurchase this particular one.

Explore Cuisine Organic Edamame and Mung Bean Fettuccine

RRP £3.00

I was quite intrigued when I spotted this product in the box.  It contains a high amount of plant-based protein and fibre, as well as the lowest level of carbohydrates. In fact, this item contains 3x more protein than regular pizza! It’s gluten-free and a generally very healthy option. This product is not what I would normally go for, but ended up being nice enough! I appreciated that there was a recipe on the back, and whilst I didn’t use it this time, I probably would in the future. I would repurchase this product if I was feeling like being healthy!

Miso Tasty Spicy Ramen Noodle Kit

RRP £1.99

These noodles came with a signature Miso soup base plus a seaweed garnish. They’re designed to be a quick noodle meal, which is right up my street. Obviously the noodles are the base of the meal, so you are able to add whichever toppings you fancy. Designed to be spicy, the heat was a bit too much for me. However, my husband enjoyed them so it is just a personal thing. I would like to try these noodles in a milder taste, so would definitely look out for them in the supermarket.

Mallow and Marsh Coconut Marshmallow Bar

RRP £1.35

I was excited when I saw this product as I knew I would probably be a fan. I had heard of the brand and seen it in a few stores but hadn’t really tried the products. However, with a coconut obsessed husband I didn’t even get a look in! I think it lasted about 5 minutes in the cupboard before he had got his hands on it! He enjoyed it though. I would definitely repurchase, if only to try for myself. And of course I would buy for him too, although it is a bit more than I would normally pay for just one bar.

Latin American Kitchen By Santa Maria – Chipotle Mayo Topping

RRP £1.80

This sauce is designed to be creamy, hot and smoky. It is said to work well with their Latin American Kitchen Range, in terms of flavourings. Overall, I thought this sauce had a nice flavour, but was just a bit too spicy for me. Again, my hubster enjoyed it. I’m not sure I would repurchase, just because I don’t think we would use the product enough for it to be worthwhile as it only lasts for 2 weeks once opened.

Latin American Kitchen By Santa Maria – Colombian Chicken Bites Seasoned Corn Coating

RRP £0.90p

This packet is filled with a blend to make Colombian-inspired crunchy chicken bites in the oven. The seasoning is made out of corn instead of wheat – for extra crispiness.  This product is really straightforward to make and creates a great dish. It was also mild which totally worked for me! It’s nice to feel that you’re making the dish, but that you are given a bit of help along the way. I would happily repurchase this item.

Mahtay Yerba Mate Sparkling Tea

RRP £1.49

This was a lightly sparkling drink. It blends ancient energy-giving properties of South American yerba mate with coconut water and acai berries. It is claimed to have a refreshing taste, to provide natural energy and have supportive health benefits. I must say, it wasn’t really to my taste, but was a refreshing drink. Plus, knowing it is healthy makes it a nice alternative to fizzy pop. I’m not sure I would rush out to repurchase it though.

Jordan’s Juicy Red Berry Frusli Bars

RRP £0.45 each

These bars contain cranberries, raisins and British wholegrain oats. In the past, I’ve had the cereal from Jordans, but never the bars. I’m a big fan of bars like these as they are great for a quick snack on the go. I must say they tasted nice enough and are quite a reasonable price. Therefore, I would happily repurchase them in the future.

Pulsin Vanilla Whey Protein Powder

RRP £1.99

This powder is rich in essential amino acids and high in calcium – meaning it is great for muscles and bones. There is 22g of protein per 25g serving. It is a natural powder that is vegetarian, low-fat, made using hormone-free milk from grass-fed cows. It also contains no added sugar. I used in the recipe card provided in the box to make banana and peanut butter smoothie – otherwise I’m not sure what I would have done with it! The smoothie tasted pretty nice I must say. I’m not sure I would really feel the need to repurchase this product though.

Pulsin Vanilla Choc Chip Protein Booster

RRP £1.59

This bar is designed to be a little boost of protein. It has a cookie dough taste and texture and contains dairy-free chocolate chips. It is made up of 13g of plant-based protein. This bar is meant to be healthy and filling, and an alternative to other bars on the market. It was a nice enough bar, and great for a quick snack on the go. However, I’m not sure I would repurchase as the price is a bit steep for me.

Clipper Everyday Organic Tea – Gift Sample

RRP £3.69 for a box of 100 tea bags

This was a rich, full-bodied black tea blend made from organic tea gardens all over the world. It is grown in a way that preserves the natural balance of the environment. Therefore, it is made with pure, natural ingredients. Here’s a little fact for all you fact fans out there: Clipper was the first company ever to use unbleached tea bags. I must say, I love a good cuppa and this one didn’t disappoint. It’s also nice to know it is organic and natural. Therefore, I would happily repurchase this product.

Wild Planet Albacore Wild Tuna Steaks

RRP £3.49

I was actually sent this product a few months back in a previous box. Therefore, rather than repeat myself, if you want to know what I thought of it, you can find out in my September review.

Hershey’s Cookies N Creme 5 Pack Snack Pack

RRP £1.00

This bar is made of crunchy chocolate cookies and smooth white creme. And yes, I somehow forgot to take a photo of the front of the packaging, probably because I was so eager to try it! Apologies for that, you’ll have to deal with a badly lit photo instead. As you can see, they are very mini bars as my fingers show. They tasted very yummy though and worked nicely as a little treat! I would happily repurchase.


So that was what I thought of the products. Apologies for the pretty long post, I hope you didn’t mind me combining 2 in 1! I may do the same for February and March just to make sure I’m all caught up, let me know what you think of this idea.

So which item would you like to try? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

*I was very kindly sent these boxes free of charge in exchange of a review. However, all opinions are my own and I would never share something I didn’t love with you. Please note that if you go on to get a Degustabox, its contents might vary slightly from mine.

** This is an affiliate code. That means if you go on to buy the item, I will receive a small payment. This comes at no extra cost to you, and means I can carry on running this blog.

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