Degustabox September Review

Degustabox September Review

Degustabox September Review cover

Just like every month for the past year or so, I was very excited when the delivery man knocked at my door and handed me this parcel of goodness*! It is always the anticipation of what will be inside for the month. You can check out the other reviews from previous months in the food section of my blog. So let’s get on with the Degustabox September review!

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The Review

So here is what was inside September’s Degustabox!

And here are all the items laid out to see.

As ever, the information sheet. It contains a brief description of the items and their RRP. I always enjoy reading it to get an idea of the products before trying them.

There are often leaflets included inside the boxes, and this was one of those contained within the September box. A recipe for triple chocolate cookies using the cocoa nibbles included inside the box. I enjoy it when Degustabox includes these recipe cards (as in the March box as another example) as it is a different way to try the items. Plus it gives you inspiration too!

Right then let’s get onto the review…

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Cider

RRP £2

This drink contains crisp apple cider blended with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. I’m not going to lie, I really hate Jack Daniels so couldn’t bring myself to drink this! My other half isn’t a fan either, so it will be going to someone who will enjoy it I’m sure. I just can’t help but think that it seems like a random combination, but maybe that’s just me?! Therefore I definitely will not be buying this unless it is as a gift for someone else!

Dr Karg’s Organic Wholegrain Snack Tomato and Mozzarella

RRP £1.60

This snack pack is filled with organic squares of goodness that are rich in fibre. The snacks are baked not fried, made from grains and seeds and other wholesome ingredients. I found this to be a really great snack considering I don’t really like tomatoes or mozzarella! That was probably because the taste wasn’t too ‘in your face’ and overpowering. Plus, it is good to know they are good for you. Therefore, I would happily repurchase.

Mallow and Marsh Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Marshmallows

RRP £2.50

These chocolate covered marshmallows are 100% natural. They’re said to be perfect for sharing – yeah right! Haha, not when I am around! Considering that I would class them as a treat, it is good to know that there are under 150 calories per serving. They’re also handmade in the UK which is a bit of a bonus. These mallows were probably my fave item in the box and were the first to go. I Would repurchase them as a treat in the future.

Cadbury Oreo Instant Hot Chocolate

RRP £2.99

This Oreo flavour is the newest addition to Cadbury’s hot chocolate range. Super simple to make, all you need to do is mix 4 heaped teaspoons with hot water. I must say that I didn’t really get an overpowering Oreo taste when drinking this, but it was nice enough. It’s something good to have in the cupboard and you’d get plenty of hot chocs out of a pot this size. This is definitely a cheaper alternative to buying pods for a machine or even a hot chocolate in a coffee shop. It is a nice treat this time of year and would be yummy with whipped cream and marshmallows. I would happily repurchase this if I needed to stock up on hot chocolate.

Good Hemp – Hemp Seed Hearts

RRP £3.99

These are natural hemp seed kernels with a light and nutty flavour. They are high in protein and omegas 3 and 6. The product can be used as a healthy snack on its own, or can be sprinkled on all sorts of things such as cereal, porridge, yoghurt, soup, salads… the list is endless! Plus, they can be used in baking too. I found the taste of these to be fine, but not something I could really see myself snacking on, mainly because they were so small! Perhaps in the future I might use it in recipes. I don’t feel the need to repurchase this item again at the moment.

Jules Destrooper Butter Crisps

RRP £1.80

This product combines Summer butter, sugar, eggs and flour. The biscuits are crunchy and rich, offering a taste of caramalised sugar and a hint of spice. For some reason I expected that they would taste like wafers – so much better than wafers! So much so I couldn’t stop eating them because they were very moreish. Therefore I would happily buy them again.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

RRP £0.89

This product came with three cups in the pack. They are quite rich, combining the flavours of peanut butter and chocolate. I find them to be a bit sickly sweet but yummy at the same time! Therefore, I would happily buy them again as a treat.

YES! Fruit and Nut Bars

RRP £1.20 each

These bars are wholesome and great for snacking on the go – simply chuck them in your bag which you know I like to do! The fruit bars contain no added sugar and contain 1 of your 5 a day. The nut bars contain 5g of sugar and are a source of protein. The flavours included in my box were: Sumptuous Cranberry and Dark Choc Nut Bar; Tempting Dark Choc, Sea Salt and Almond Nut Bar; Delicious Beetroot and Apple Fruit Bar. My favourite would probably be the cranberry and dark chocolate one. I find them to be quite expensive to buy, but often the healthier option is! I’m therefore not sure I would repurchase them again.

Juicy Fuel Cola – Original

RRP £1.50

This is a craft cola from The Juice Shed Company. It is a fruit cola made from 100% natural ingredients. There is no added sugar, no added chemicals, no nasty e-numbers. I have actually tried this drink before in a previous box and actually really like it! It’s a break from regular cola and it is great knowing it is better for you. I would happily repurchase this item.

a2 Milk – Long Life Whole Cows’ Milk

RRP £1.50

This milk is naturally free from the A1 protein found in regular cows’ milk so is gentle on sensitive tummies, easy to digest and is less likely to trigger symptoms associated with milk intolerance. I also think it’s a good idea to have long life milk in the cupboard just in case you’re caught short. It is a big bonus too that this is better for you than regular cows’ milk. It would definitely be helpful for those say with IBS. (And if that is you, I wrote a post about dealing with IBS a little while back so make sure you check that out too!). The milk didn’t taste significantly different to cows’ milk. I would happily repurchase this item, even if just to have as a back up.

CHOC CHICK Cocao Nibbles

RRP £1.85

These nibbles offer a way to enjoy the goodness of the whole cocao bean with a touch of Yacon. They are a superfood that are full of anti-oxidants, magnesium and iron. Plus, they’re even a powerful prebiotic! You can have them as a snack or add to desserts, cereals, yoghurt etc. I found them to be a bit of a chocolate fix but much better for you than a chocolate bar. I particularly noticed their nutty taste. I’n not sure I would feel the need to repurchase this item, perhaps just for a recipe such as the one included in the box.

Indie Bay Snacks Pretzel Bites – Smokin’ BBQ

RRP £0.99 each

These pretzel bites are made using alternative flours like spelt and quinoa. They are a source of fibre and protein. This vegan item is a great snack for on the go. Along with this new BBQ flavour I was sent, there is also another new flavour – easy cheesy. I enjoyed these pretzels. Therefore I would happily repurchase these bites.

So this was what I thought of the September Degustabox. Which item would you try first? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

P.S. Remember, if you head here and enter the code ‘ASSEENONJEAN5’, you’ll get £5 off your first Degustabox, a FREE bonus item & FREE delivery**.

*I get sent this box each month to review. However, all opinions are my own and I would never share something I didn’t love myself!

**This is an affiliate code. That means that if you go on to purchase this product, I will receive some commission. This will in no way impact the price of the item you pay but will mean I can carry on running this blog and will therefore love you forever!

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