Degustabox September Review

Degustabox September Review

Degustabox September Review cover

So you may remember around this time last month, I did a Degustabox August Review. Well, I was very excited to be treated* to a box in September too! It was just as fun opening the box and checking out its contents and I wanted to share them with you too. Because the August box was my first delivery, I went into detail about the nature of the box over on that previous post. To avoid being too repetitive, I won’t be doing that on the other boxes I review. Therefore, if you didn’t read that post, or fancy reminding yourself, feel free to pop over to it here. Now let’s get on to seeing what products I received and what exactly I thought of them!

The Review

Degustabox September Review inside

So this was what I discovered inside the box! Impossible to take a good angled photo, so here are the contents outside of the box in all their glory…

Degustabox September Review laid out

As you can see, just like with the previous box, there is a real assortment of products to try.

Degustabox September Review leaflet front

Again like with the previous box, included was a helpful leaflet that explained the box’s contents including their RRP.

Degustabox September Review leaflet back

Also included on the other side of the leaflet are two recipes that feature products included inside the box. I love this idea, giving you inspiration of ways to use the products that you may not have previously thought of.

Degustabox September Review leaflets

Whilst the previous box only included the one main leaflet, this box included a whole host! Linked to products inside the box, they varied from recipes, to vouchers, to challenges! Again, I appreciated this extra element to the box.

Degustabox September Review cheese voucher

One of the leaflets was actually a full value voucher for ‘Seriously Spreadable Squares’. I assume that because this is a dairy product, it couldn’t have been included inside the box as it would have to be out a fridge for too long.


Seriously Spreadable Squares

So unfortunately I was unable to source these squares before this post went live. However, I’ve tried Seriously Spreadable in its tub format. The spread was rich and tangy and a nice alternative to eating cheese in its regular form. I had the cheese on crackers as a bit of a snack, and also on nice freshy crusty bread. As the use by date for this voucher is in December, I still have plenty of time to get my hands on the squares. I realise that they will just taste the same as the cheese in the tub, but that they are in handier form. Therefore, I felt confident that I could share my opinions with you, the reader.


Latin American Kitchen by Santa Maria

Degustabox September Review rice and sauce

These were given the “Product of the Month” title by Degustabox. Inside each box, there was one of five flavours of the rice and one of five flavours of the sauce. The rice is designed to be enjoyed alongside the sauce.

Degustabox September Review rice

Degustabox September Review back of rice

The hubster and I love rice in a pouch. It is just so easy and convenient to stick in the microwave and enjoy with so many different meal ideas. We both enjoyed this rice, with its garlic, lemon and turmeric flavouring. I must say, before I tried the rice, I wasn’t sure if I would like the flavour combination. However, I’m pleased to say that it wasn’t too overpowering, and tasted great.

Degustabox September Review sauce

Degustabox September Review back of sauce

The sauce I received was Peruvian garlic and tomato sauce. I decided to try the recipe featured on the packaging, and it was really nice! I really liked the flavours included in the sauce, and it was the perfect combination with the rice I had been sent. They are also both reasonably priced at £1.85 each. If I spotted this pair in a shop, I would definitely repurchase.


Knorr Concentrated Stock – Beef

Degustabox September Review stock

I’m not sure I have ever used liquid stock before, it has previously been in the cube format. This product is new and is so handy for putting a few drops into various dishes. It makes dishes richer and tastier, and is very versatile. I was also impressed that it was gluten-free, as well as being free from artificial preservatives and colours. I believe that this is a staple product and now one I won’t be able to live without so would definitely pick it up if I spotted it in my local supermarket.


Green’s Egg Custard Mix

Degustabox September Review egg custard

Degustabox September Review egg custard instructions

So I have never spotted this product before. I’ve heard of egg custards, but never a mix to create my very own. Now, I must say, I’m not the biggest egg custard fan. I think it is something to do with the texture. My husband on the other hand, loves egg custard, despite being the biggest hater of egg! Not entirely sure how that works but hey?! He told me that nothing would ever beat his Nan’s egg custard that she used to make him as a child. I wanted to try to make some myself, just to try to recreate one of his childhood favourites.

I followed the instructions on the packet and it was actually very simple to make. And whilst he said it wasn’t quite as good as his Nan’s, he did quite enjoy it! Plus, I thought I would be brave and try some for myself and it was actually quite nice. For just 69p you really can’t go wrong with this!


Dream Ancient Grains – Oat, Spelt and Buckwheat

Degustabox September Review dream 1

Degustabox September Review dream 2

Degustabox September Review dream 3

Degustabox September Review dream 4

So I was very intrigued with this product. I’ve seen this ‘Dream’ milk before, but I’m not sure I have ever really fancied trying it. I guess it is the whole consistency thing again for me. Dream Ancient Grains is flavoured with oat, spelt, buckwheat and linseed. I’m not sure I even know what all of those things are?! However, I’m always on the lookout for an alternative to dairy so I was happy to give it a go!

I am pleased to say I was pleasantly surprised by the taste! It was smooth and creamy and sweeter than I was expecting. I had it as a drink on its own as well as in a cuppa and on my cereal. This plant-based milk alternative has no added sugar as well as having added calcium and vitamins. I’m so glad I tried it and look forward to having it and other flavours in the future.


Wild Planet Albacore Wild Tuna Steaks

Degustabox September Review tuna

Degustabox September Review tuna info

So I’ve gotta reveal that I didn’t actually try this product. I do my best to try all the products in these boxes, as how can I review them otherwise? But I absolutely hate tuna, so there was no way it was getting in my mouth! Thankfully though, the hubster was a willing participant and said he would try this product for me. He really enjoyed the taste of this tuna. This is likely to be because it is such a natural product in its most purest form. That is because the steaks are 100% pole and line caught before being packed and cooked just once. This makes sure that the natural juices are kept inside the can. Therefore Wild Planet don’t recommend that you drain the juices as you normally would with other tuna.

I was really impressed with the company for wanting the tuna to be good for the planet as well as being good for those enjoying the product. I’ll definitely buy this product for the hubster in the future if I spot it, and will look out for other products from the same company.


Green and Black’s Velvet Edition

Degustabox September Review chocolate

Degustabox September Review chocolate back

I’ve gotta say, this was my favourite item in the box and the one I was most excited to try! In the Degustabox August Review I mentioned how much of a chocoholic I am and always have been, so chocolate is a key feature in my life! However, I had never tried this particular bar. And boy, was it nice! Dark chocolate that I’ve had in the past has sometimes been too bitter for my sweet tooth. This one totally wasn’t though. It was rich, yet smooth and had quite a moreish taste. Just like many of the other products in the box, this chocolate is made from ethically sourced cocoa. I will definitely be on the look out for this chocolate in the future.


Nestlé Cheerios Oat Crisp

Degustabox September Review cereal

Degustabox September Review cereal back

So cheerios are a cereal I’ve had for as long as I can remember. But I’ve never had them in this oat crisp variety. I guess it is just a combination of two different cereals, but the two together just seems to work! It’s just the right amount of sweet to avoid tasting cardboard-y (does anyone else ever think that with some other cereals?), but good for you at the same time. This is because this particular cereal claims to help lower cholesterol because of the oats it contains. Both the hubster and I enjoyed this cereal and it really didn’t last long in our house! Therefore I will need to repurchase it very soon!


San Miguel Gluten Free

Degustabox September Review beer

Degustabox September Review beer back

Again a product I actually asked the hubster to try because I really don’t like beer! It’s a real hard life for him isn’t it, having to try beer, but I guess someone has gotta do it! He said that the beer tasted pretty much the same as regular San Miguel, it was just a bit flatter. It is a handy product for those still wanting to drink beer but not being able to/wanting to consume gluten. Therefore, I would happily buy this product again if I was buying it for someone who didn’t have gluten in their diet. However, for the hubster I think we will just stick to the regular kind. Just to let you know, that this product is only included in the alcohol version of the Degustabox if you choose to get a Degustabox yourself.


Miso Ramen Noodle Kit

Degustabox September Review noodles

Degustabox September Review noodles back

For some reason, this particular product wasn’t featured on the information leaflet, perhaps it was a late addition?! Anyways, I’m such a noodle fan so couldn’t wait to try this product. The kit contains noodle nests, white miso pastes and seaweed garnishes. It was really simple to make in that you cook the noodles by boiling them for 6 minutes, add the paste and garnishes alongside boiling water and then top with any other ingredients you fancy. I’ve never chosen to have ramen noodle soup in a restaurant before, but totally enjoyed this dish. There was enough in the kit for 2 of us (1 of everything each). I’ll definitely look out for this product in the future.


Mentos Mint Sharing Pouch

Degustabox September Review mentos

Degustabox September Review mentos back

I really like the taste of Mentos, having them in a little tube usually. They’re great for throwing in your handbag and for having on the go when you fancy having a mint. If you’ve never tried them before, Mentos are soft chewy mints. This sharing bag includes both peppermint and spearmint flavours. Out of the two, I think I like spearmint the best.

The idea of this pouch is that it is resealable and that it is handy for sharing between friends and family. I don’t know about you, but whenever I have mints it is usually one or two at a time, not a whole handful. Therefore, I’m not crazy about the idea of this sharing bag, as mints aren’t something I tend to just sit and snack on. That might just be me though, so let me know your opinion in the comments! Therefore, I will probably continue to buy Mentos in their small tube pack option as opposed to this sharing bag.


Virtue Energy Water

Degustabox September Review energy water

Degustabox September Review enerrgy water back

As you can see, I was sent this product in two different flavours – lemon & lime, and berries. This water contains no sugar, calories, or sweeteners. They contain about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, thus being known as a ‘energy drink’. The taste of these drinks reminded me slightly of sparkling water with a slight hint of flavour. They aren’t really the drinks I’m used to, but they’re probably a lot better for me than the fizzy pop I sometimes consume! I expected to like the lemon & lime flavour more, but ended up preferring the berry flavoured drink. These are a nice alternative to fizzy pop when you want something with a bit more flavour than water but that is still very natural. I will definitely look out for these drinks!

Degustabox September Review water donation

Apologies for the slightly fuzzy picture, but I spotted this info on the can as I was drinking it – for every can sold, the company donates clean water to those who need it. What a lovely idea and something so important! I have a new-found love for this company.

So this was what I thought of this months box. As you can see, I was quite impressed and would repurchase many of the products. If you would like to get your hands on the next Degustabox, make sure you use my discount code ‘UNW4A’ to save £7 off your first box.

So are there any products that I mentioned that you already love or would like to try? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

*I was very kindly sent this box free of charge in exchange of a review. However, all opinions are my own and I would never share something I didn’t love with you. Please note that if you go on to get a Degustabox, its contents might vary slightly from mine.

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