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End of Year Gifts for your Child’s Class Teacher

So, it’s that time of year again. Your child has finished another year at school (where on earth has it gone??!!) and you want to say a special thank you to the  staff. But what end of year gifts do you get your child’s class teacher?

Now, as an early years class teacher myself, you absolutely don’t expect to receive presents. However, it is obviously a lovely perk and a really nice way for parents to thank you for your hard work with their children during the year.

I was incredibly lucky this year and got some fab gifts. Therefore, I thought I would share them with you to give you some inspiration just incase you have no idea what to get for that special teacher! Obviously I am a female teacher, and this list may need some adaptation if your child’s teacher is a man!

My Collection of Gifts

End of Year Gifts for your Child's Class Teacher selection

As you can see, I got so many lovely things. I’ve divided them up into sections now, to look more closely at what goodies you can treat the teacher to.


End of Year Gifts for your Child's Class Teacher chocolates

You can never go wrong with chocolates in my books! Obviously not everyone is a chocoholic, or may even be allergic to chocolate (I know, how awful would that be?!), but most of the time your child’s class teacher will appreciate a nice box of chocs. You can come across them quite cheaply if you’re on a budget, or splurge a bit more if you really want to treat them. Or perhaps, you could even make your own as an extra personal touch.

Other Food/Drink

End of Year Gifts for your Child's Class Teacher food

These are some of the other food type gifts I received. I absolutely can’t wait to make my own churros! Plus, I love a good cuppa and to dunk in a biscuit so am excited to try these new flavours. Another idea might be a nice bottle of wine, obviously so long as the teacher in question enjoys a nice tipple. I’ll be coming back to that idea later in the post, so carry on reading if you want to know more.

Nice Smellies

End of Year Gifts for your Child's Class Teacher smellies

Again, you can’t really go wrong with smellies. Whether that is candles or a reed diffuser, I’m sure most teachers like their homes to smell nice! Again, there are lots on the market so make sure you shop around. I particularly like the choice in one of my fave store Homesense. And yes, this lemon sherbet candle smells INCREDIBLE!

Toiletries and Perfume

End of Year Gifts for your Child's Class Teacher toiletries and perfume

Following on from the smelling nice theme, toiletries and perfume are always a winner. I’m always after hand cream, and you can’t beat a new perfume. I love Next perfumes so can’t wait to start using this one. There are also lots of gift sets available in many of the shops that include shower gel, scrubs and moisturisers, so perhaps treat the teacher to one of these if you think they deserve a nice pamper.

Something Out of the Ordinary

End of Year Gifts for your Child's Class Teacher something different

It’s fun to receive gifts you would absolutely never expect, and these were two of those! A gift card for Everyman cinema and a voucher for a four slice gift box from Druckers were lovely surprises, and ones I can’t wait to use. Perhaps you want to treat your child’s teacher to something a little out of the ordinary, so think about something they wouldn’t normally receive. This might involve shopping round a bit first so leave yourself plenty of time.


End of Year Gifts for your Child's Class Teacher homeware

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I’m a bit of a fan of homeware. This gorgeous bowl was one item I received this year and I’m looking forward to using it. There are lots of different homeware gifts you can treat the teacher to, available in many different stores.

Plants and Flowers

End of Year Gifts for your Child's Class Teacher plants and flowers

I love plants and flowers around the house, so it is always nice to receive them. That being said, I tend to kill plants off pretty quickly (I’m totally not green fingered!), so it’s touch and go how long they last for in my house. A bouquet of flowers is also a lovely touch that I’m sure your child’s class teacher wouldn’t say no to!

Other Thoughtful Gifts

End of Year Gifts for your Child's Class Teacher other thoughtful gifts

Another gift that you could give may be a gift card for a shop your teacher enjoys shopping in. I’ve known some parents club together to buy a larger gift card quantity so this is also an option if you really fancy treating the teacher. Card shops and supermarkets also have lots of nice end of year gifts for teachers, including plaques like this one above, or perhaps a special mug or notebook. If you’re obsessed with shopping online like me (see this for evidence), you might want to visit stores like Etsy and NOTHS for some lovely teacher gifts too that may include personalisation.

That Little Extra

End of Year Gifts for your Child's Class Teacher teacher survival kit

End of Year Gifts for your Child's Class Teacher ta survival kit

So these lovely bottles of prosecco and wine are actually gifts I gave out myself this year – to another teacher who has been a big help to me this year, and also to my two teaching assistants. Whilst I knew they’d appreciate a nice drink in the summer, I also wanted to add that little extra by including a ‘survival kit’. I got mine from eBay but you could also make them yourself. They basically include small objects like a paper clip because they often ‘hold things together’.

A Homemade Gift

End of Year Gifts for your Child's Class Teacher homemade

Being the Pinterest addict that I am, I love gifts that are a bit different, and often homemade. I received this lovely gift last year from a child and loved it! Relatively simple and straightforward to make, but bound to put a big smile on your teacher’s face. If this isn’t your thing though, there are lots of other ideas that you can go with if you have time to do homemade. This is my Pinterest board for some fab teacher gift ideas if you want some inspiration.

A Card

End of Year Gifts for your Child's Class Teacher thank you card

End of Year Gifts for your Child's Class Teacher thanks a bunch

End of Year Gifts for your Child's Class Teacher thank you teacher

There are lots of lovely cards out there that you can give your child’s teacher. That might be a simple thank you card or one specifically for your child’s teacher. Again, you can shop around for cards in different price brackets. I received lots of lovely cards this year, and it was what was written inside that was the most important thing to me. Some even made me cry! It’s the gratitude you receive as a class teacher from a parent that really appreciates all you have done for their child that year that makes all your hard work seem worthwhile.

Plus, don’t forget the teaching assistants too! Whilst the class teacher is ultimately responsible for the class, teaching assistants and other members of staff at schools do an incredible job too.

So these are some of the amazing gifts I got this year, and I hope some ideas for you if you’re stuck for inspiration. As previously noted, teachers DO NOT expect to receive presents so don’t feel pressured to if you don’t want to or can’t afford to. A home-made card on a scrap of paper is one of my favourite things to get so perhaps encourage your child to do this if you think this is appropriate.

So what do you think of these gifts? Do you give anything to your child’s class teacher? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time..

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  • The Culinary Jumble

    They don’t give teachers presents here in Sweden and I think that’s sad. Kids (and parents) love to show their appreciation and I can tell by the presents you received that your kids love you very much! The bowl is my favourite (with the chocs closely following behind! haha)

  • Terri Steffes

    So I am a retired teacher and I absolutely loved this post! I received some of the same as you (my gift cards were a bit different since I live in the USA) but still appreciated! How fun, the end of the year is such a special time.

  • Cassie

    My mother’s a teacher and my very favourite time of year was end of year when she’d come home with boxes and boxes full of presents for me to go through haha. I’m now 28 and get a little sad that I don’t get to still go through them!! Her favourites are always wine and champagne! But we’ve had some cute bath sets and christmas ornaments over the years

  • Melissa Chapman

    I think it is so nice to give out presents to those teachers that work so hard all year for our kids. I think perfume would be a nice sendoff but chocolate is also good.

  • Karen Morse

    These are all beautiful gifts! I’m a teacher as well and I definitely enjoy some good ol’ chocolate! I think it’s really sweet when a child gives you something they made on their own.

  • Cassie Tucker

    My husband’s cousin is a teacher and she loves getting gifts like this too! Honestly, she says her fave is getting gift cards to use with her own girls during the summer break.

  • Teresa

    You were cherished and blessed for sure this school year. My girls always choose to make something very special and then I always add a nice gift card as well. It’s getting hard now that they are older and have so many teachers though

  • Robin Rue

    I love all of these gift ideas. Teachers play such a huge role in our kids lives that they deserve something for all the work they put in.

  • Andrea

    These are such great ideas for kids teachers. My friend is a teacher and would totally love all of these. Thanks for sharing these.

  • Brittany

    I love all of these! They’re all so cute and I love helping my kids make fun gifts for their teachers at the end of the year!

  • Heather Garcia

    These are great ideas! My mom was a teacher’s aide for 30 years and always received the sweetest gifts a the end of the year. Working with children isn’t always easy and it is great to get a nice thank you for appreciation.