February faves

February faves

Now we are well into March, I thought I better share my February faves!

1. Drinks at That Funky Golf Place

In February, I was lucky enough to be invited* to visit That Funky Golf Place. Located in Wythall it is really close to me and I couldn’t wait to check it out. I grabbed my Hubster and we went for a “day date” with some friends who also have a bubba a few months older than little lady. I won’t share too much as I will be doing a blog post all about our visit, but we had so much fun! We also enjoyed some great drinks including these porn star martinis – yum!

2. Headphones from Sudio

In February, I was sent these gorge headphones from Sudio. I was gifted* the Regent 2 White wireless headphones¬†with some additional marble caps. Aren’t they just so lovely?! They are really comfy and so handy being wireless. Plus the fold down too so are perfect for throwing in a bag when out and about. I love listening to music and I’m sure these will be really well used.

3. Music With My Girl

I know she makes an appearance in most of my monthly faves, but she makes me happy like all of the time! She absolutely loves musical instruments, and I’m sure it is down to the music classes she attends such as Mini Monsters (as mentioned in my January faves). We actually picked up these instruments from Mini Monsters and they are great for little hands. I’ve got a feeling little lady will continue to enjoy music as she grows.

4. Healthy Treats

Whilst I somehow managed not to gain too much weight whilst pregnant, I do want to lose a few pounds. So ever since the new year kicked in, I’ve tried to eat healthily. Now, for me, that isn’t easy. I have the sweetest tooth ever! So treats like this one – a bit of meringue, accompanied by some fruit – is perfect for me. I know it would be better to just have the fruit by itself, but the meringue definitely helps to satisfy my cravings. Hopefully I can continue to try to be good(ish!) as the year goes on.

5. Having a Bit of Time Out

Now as much as I love spending time with my gorgeous girl, it is nice to be able to go out without her from time to time. This picture was when I went for some food with a couple of friends. It is nice being able to just concentrate on eating my own food and not go home covered in baby food/sick/poo for a change! That being said, it was nice to see her when I got back home. I loved my outfit for the eve, featuring this cute grey leopard print cardi from Primark and silver necklace from Lucy and Jane.

So these would have to be my February faves. What were you loving last month? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

*These items/experiences were gifted, but it was my choice to include them in my February faves. As ever, all opinions are my own, and I would never share things that I didn’t love myself!

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