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February Faves

So the shortest month of the year is nearly over so thought I better share my 5 favourite things from this month! Without further ado…

1. Positive self talk 

So I know this probably sounds like a random favourite to have, but I definitely feel like in February I’ve been a bit kinder to myself. This has been through the ways I think and what I say to myself. For a variety of reasons, February has been a pretty stressful and upsetting month, but I’ve got through it and a lot of that has been down to me not being too hard of myself. I hope I can keep up with this mindset into March and beyond.

2. Taking baths 

For some reason in February I’ve taken more baths than I ever normally do! In this pic I’m enjoying a cheeky snack in the bath, as you do! I forgot how relaxing baths actually are and how they really help me to have a good nights sleep, so I’m definitely planning on having more in March.

3. New hair 

So I’ve not actually had new hair for much of February, but I am totally loving it so far! I’ve wanted to go ombré for ages so went for it and think it looks fab. It’s quite natural and not too over the top which is totally me. I’ve also had quite a lot taken off  the length, and whilst I’m still a bit like ‘oh my gosh, where has it all gone?’, I know it’ll do my hair the world of good. Annoyingly, you can’t really tell too much from this pic, but it’s definitely a bit different to how it was before.

4. Custard cream bag 

Oh my golly gosh, don’t you just think that this is the coolest bag ever? I was very kindly sent this bag from Yoshi this month, and it will be featured in a post coming soon to the blog. I love the shade and how it goes with so many things, as well as being cute and  quirky! The only problem is, it keeps making me want to snack on biscuits!

5. The Skinny Bakery

The Skinny Bakery very kindly sent me this awesome selection of goodies after I recently won a competition with them. Again, I’ll be reviewing them on the blog soon so won’t say too much, but I definitely enjoyed my delivery! It’s definitely been a treat this February having them in my life.
And those are my February faves! What have been your faves this month? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

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