Freddie’s Flowers Review

Freddie’s Flowers Review

So a little while ago, I was very lucky to receive* some flowers from the lovely people at Freddie’s Flowers. Freddie’s Flowers are  a flower subscription service who deliver flowers weekly to your door for £20 a go. I love a good subscription service, and I love flowers, so this was win win for me! I couldn’t wait for my flowers to arrive!

So this was what was delivered…

The Packaging

Yes, it was an epically large box, and I loved the simpleness of the packaging. I of course, eagerly opened the box to be greeted by this inside…

A continuation of the external packaging, some info about getting a free box, as well as some tips for making sure my flowers would look their best. The flowers themselves were wrapped in brown paper and tied with a piece of twine. Also enclosed was a leaflet that you can see here:

Clearly full of information about the flowers I had received, I was really grateful. Whilst I love flowers, I am not very green fingered and am totally clueless of many of the names of flowers apart from the obvious ones. The leaflet was really helpful and in-depth, talking about what to do to the flowers to help them to last, and how best to display them. Here are a couple of close-up snaps of my beautiful flowers…

The Flowers

My Opinion

So I was obviously excited to receive the flowers and they were really pretty once they arrived. However, I felt I had to bring them back to life a little bit because of the time it took from leaving the distribution centre to getting into my hands. Obviously Freddie’s Flowers does as much they can to make this a short a time as possible but they can’t determine how long the flowers will be at your house before you manage to get them into a vase and water.

Also, the leaflet recommends which vase to use to best display your flowers. The vase recommended for this particular bunch was one I didn’t have. Whilst I wish I could have used the correct vase, I was happy enough to use one I had already rather than go out and buy a new one. I feel the flowers I had received generally lasted a good amount of time, especially considering I didn’t give them the best start!

Something a bit different…

They were pretty, colourful, and a bit more ‘exotic’ than the usual supermarket flowers I usually pick up when doing my food shop. Whilst £20 is quite a bit more than I would usually spend on flowers, I definitely feel that the service, quality of flowers, allowance for postage and with the expertise from FF’s thrown in, it is definitely worth it if you want a floral treat each week.

They also have a really gorgeous and helpful website which has even more tips, advice and videos for having the most beautiful flowers in your home. You can check it out here. Be sure to also follow them across their social media too, as they often have great offers! They’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

So would you opt for this service? Are you a fan of flowers? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

* I received these flowers for free to review for you guys. However, all opinions are my own and I would never share a service I didn’t love myself!

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46 thoughts on “Freddie’s Flowers Review

  1. Isnt receiving flowers at your door magical? Yes, it costs more – but its such a treat! And these really do look fantastic and exotic and gorgeous! Enjoy…

  2. I love flowers. I’ve ordered some online before and sometimes they were great and other times bad but that hasn’t stopped me from finding a better place. Fresh flowers in the home is beautiful!

  3. This is an awesome subscription service! I always think the ones that come int he mail are so much more fresh than the ones at the store.

  4. The only reason I ever hesitate about a service like Freddys is because you don’t know how long the flowers will take to get to you. I would hate to spend the money and then have my flowers not look as beautiful as possible or last as long as possible.

  5. These look gorgeous, I love letterbox bouquets! I do think that maybe the flowers took a bit of a beating because they’re lilies? Lilies are so incredibly sensitive and you can see every single touch on them let alone if the postman bashed them a bit in the car. They still look gorgeous!! x

  6. The flowers are beautiful! I think it is an awesome idea to have a flower subscription, unfortunately it isn’t in my budget right now. I think though it would be wonderful if catered to businesses. My old law firm I worked for had flowers delivered every week for the lobby, so something like that would be awesome.

  7. I’ll have to check and see if they have this by me. I’m always buying flowers for different events and gifts! This would be perfect!

  8. It’s definitely a nice subscription to have if you really like flowers. I think it’s a nice gift for loved ones as well. It would be like giving them flowers every week.

  9. I love this subscription. I think it’s lovely to get a flower every week. I like that they give tips on how to store or display the flower that you got.

  10. Gorgeous flowers! i think this is a great idea, but I would always be worried about the lifespan of the flowers.. Also because i kill them so often I feel like i would need new ones weekly because of that fact so this would be awesome!

  11. The flowers you received were really gorgeous. I like the way they looked. I am sorry that you had to doctor them up a bit. If they had come to me, I would have killed them for sure. I don’t have a green thumb at all.

  12. I like the idea of receiving flowers weekly because I love flowers around my house. The flowers look so beautiful and fresh.

  13. Those flowers are lovely! There is just something so wonderful about having fresh flowers delivered to you. It brightens up your day as well as your home. This would be an amazing gift

  14. These are so beautiful! I would love to give or receive these. The packaging is amazing.

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