I’ve got some explaining to do…

I’ve got some explaining to do…

I've got some explaining to do... cover

I’ve got some explaining to do…

Hi there, remember little old me? You may have thought I had disappeared off the face of the planet! Well, at least the blogging planet. I noticed today I hadn’t done a blog post for a whole TWO MONTHS! (it was this one just in case you were wondering – its a chocolate one!). I mean, can you Adam and Eve it?! And previous to that I’d hardly posted, just a post here and there over the course of a couple of months. Therefore, I thought I better fill you in on why….

Basically life got in the way.

Like it does for all of us.

But I really wasn’t expecting for my life to be as crazy as it has been these past few months.

Why is that I hear you ask?

That is because I returned to work in February full time after having my baby girl last year. If you don’t know already, my full time job is as an early years teacher. A job I really enjoy, and I’m lucky to be at a really lovely school and to work with some fab colleagues. But, boy, it is so unbelievably tiring. That along with having a baby who still tends to wake several times in the night (and only want me) as well as a husband who has started a new job working seriously long hours, has resulted in a very tired Jean. Plus I’ve had a whole heap of school work to do alongside this during the evenings and weekends. So blogging I’m afraid has been on the back burner, as there are literally not enough hours in the day.

My promise to you

However, it is now my Summer holidays (yay! Gotta love extra long private school holidays!), and I’m so desperate to get back into blogging, I really have missed it. I’m determined to give you as many posts as I can possibly write between now and September. Whilst I obviously want to have lots of days out with my daughter, she will be going to nursery a couple of days a week still, so I definitely have a bit of free time from now until the end of the Summer. And hopefully from then on I can keep up with writing posts as and when I can (and hopefully my little lady will be sleeping through by then – please cross your fingers for me!). My aim is to stay as organised as possible from now on and avoid a burnout which I pretty much had in June/early July.

So I know I don’t really need to explain myself, this is my blog and I choose when to write. But I thought I owed it to you, my very lovely readers to at least know what is going on and to stop you wondering if I had given up on being a blogger. And also a note to the amazing brands, companies and PR people I work with, and who are probably waiting on blog posts from me, thank you for being so patient! I promise to honour my side of the bargain and have your posts live as soon as I possibly can.

So I think that’s probably enough rambling on from me! Thank you taking the time to read this post and for being so understanding. Make sure you look out for another post very soon!

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

(And thank you to those who have continued to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – I try and keep these up to date with the goings on in my life as much as possible, trying my best to post daily!)

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