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So what a month July has been! If you’re a regular reader or follower you’ll know why, and if not then read on! I’ll share with you my July faves…

1. The birth of my baby girl

July faves Baby

So July saw this little lady arrive! Due towards the end of June she was in no rush to arrive so came in July instead. I must say it’s been a bit of a whirlwind adapting to life with a baby after it being just me and the Hubster for so long. But she’s a little cutie and I’m so pleased she’s finally here. Expect to hear about her a lot on this blog and acrosss my social media.

2. Gorgeous gifts

July faves Gifts

So since the birth of little one, we’ve received some really gorgeous gifts. Those included these beautiful flowers from my parents. We have also had lots of lovely things for the baby including the cutest of outfits! People have been incredibly generous and we are so grateful. After so many lovely things received at my baby shower I really didn’t expect anything else. Little lady is certainly very lucky!

3. Newborn essentials

July faves Newborn essentials

During my pregnancy and since having my little one, I have been sent some fab products to use on the baby. That includes ‘The Thumble’ from Baby Nails . Essentially it’s a nail file to use on babies to avoid having to try and cut their tiny nails. There are so many great products out there to use with newborns so I thought I would do a newborn essentials post in the coming months.

4. Spending time at home

July faves At homeSo throughout July we spent quite a bit of time at home. I guess that’s quite normal when you’ve just had a baby! We’ve had friends and family visiting as well as just time to chill, the 3 of us. Just being at home was especially welcome if we’d had a restless night with little one! We did go out a few times to things such as a newborn photo shoot and baby massage, but I definitely appreciated our time at home together. This pic is taken from our nursery, a room I love to spend time in.

5. House of Merino throw

July faves Throw

So in June I was sent this gorgeous throw from House of Merino.  It’s a bespoke blend in marshmallow and coats £120. I’m totally in love with it! As well as it being as soft as anything it also looks fab in photos. Little one has already been posing with it, and it looks so good! If you’re not after a throw at the mo, there are lots of other fab products are available too in their online store. I can’t get enough of their instagram – so much homeware inspiration! I will be writing a blog post review of the throw  very soon so make sure you look out for that.

So these are my July faves. What were you lovingly last month? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

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