July Faves

July Faves

July faves cover

So July is coming to an end so I thought I ought to share my faves with you all! It has been quite a varied month with lots going on so I had plenty to choose from. Therefore lovely readers, these are my July faves in no particular order…

1. Lovely end of year gifts

July faves gifts

If you’ve read one of my recent posts (this one), you’ll know I was very lucky to receive some really lovely gifts from my class this month. I’ve been enjoying them in their various forms, especially the chocolates…lets just say they are disappearing rather quickly! I think I may have managed to kill off one of the plants already (yes, I know how bad that is!) and I’m rather excited to use my gift cards. Make sure you give the post a read if you fancy some ideas and inspiration for gifts for any teachers you may know.

2. Pamper time

July faves pamper

This month I was treated to a lovely 90 minutes of ‘me’ time – I had a facial and massage at The Treatment Rooms and it was absolutely what I needed. Self care is important to me, but often gets neglected in my busy schedule. I find it hard to switch off but I’m hoping regular pamper time will help me relax just a little bit more. Even this pic makes me want to go and chill on that bed! I’ll be sharing my experience on the blog very soon.

3. Sales shopping

July faves sales

It seems as though all the shops have summer sales going on at the moment and that makes me seriously happy! This selection of goodies is from Next and I’m very pleased with my purchases. I love the savings I can make in the sales and it’s probably when I do most of my shopping. I also had a mini spree at Primark recently and might share my haul with you guys. It has been a while since my last one, Christmas in fact! Let me know if you would like to see what I picked up.

4. Meals out

July faves meals out

Since breaking up from school I have officially become a lady who lunches…and goes for dinners too! I’ve literally never eaten out so much as I have recently. It’s usually with my lovely momma/husband/friends. Any excuse not to cook works for me! This is a starter I recently had at The White Swan and I was totally in love with the presentation. I share some of my food over on my Instagram (yes, I am that annoying person snapping pics of my food before eating), so make sure you follow me if you want a bit of food envy every now and again!

5. Learning calligraphy

July faves calligraphy

So if you read 30 before 30, you’ll know I wanted to try to learn calligraphy before my 30th birthday next year. Well this was one of my first attempts, which I was pretty pleased with actually! I’ve treated myself to some essentials and some books to help so hopefully I’ll have mastered it in no time….haha we will see! I might do a post or two about my progress and you can also follow me across my social media for regular updates.

So these are my July faves! What do you think? What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time…

Jean xoxo


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6 thoughts on “July Faves

  1. You got so many lovely end of the year gifts! I am pretty hopeless with plants myself, so I’m not judging! Having a facial and massage is such a wonderful way to spend me-time! It seems as though your July has been pretty wonderful.

  2. I am all about the online sales too! Nordstrom Sale is one of my favorites! I’m glad you had such a fun month!

  3. I would so love to learn more about calligraphy! I like arts and crafts and find it relaxing and learning calligraphy will allow me to do so much more! Love that you’re learning about it!

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