June Faves

June Faves

June Faves cover

So it’s been a while since I did a monthly favourites – the last one was my April Faves. I somehow managed to miss May out but I guess I was a little bit busy being pregnant! July is getting well underway now and I didn’t want to miss another month so here I am sharing my June faves with you.

1. Bump Selfies

June Faves bump selfies

So if you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed a fair few bump selfies last month. That’s because my little girl was due in June so I was at my biggest. I thought it was quite important to document the size of my bump so I could look back on it once the bubba was here. This was the last one I took before little one arrived, taken a week to the day before she was born. I love the dress in this picture, it’s a maternity one from Mothercare. It’s one I can continue to wear all summer long post-pregnancy so is a total winner.

2. Cooling Down

June Faves cooling down

So June has been an absolute scorcher for us in the UK! It’s something we are totally not used to so was a bit of a shock to the system. I had to make sure I kept as cool and hydrated as possible so lots of cold drinks and ice lollies were consumed in June! I really enjoyed this mocktail whilst out and about with my lovely momma, an elderflower fizz.

3. Degustabox Yummyness

June Faves degustabox yummyness

Regular readers will know I do a Degustabox review each month. Previous reviews can be found here: August, September, October, November, December and January, February and March. I’ll be posting my most recent review very soon, it’ll be another joint one with April and May. Degustabox have very kindly given me a code* to get my lovely readers £5 off your first box, free delivery AND a bonus item! Simply write ‘ASSEENONJEAN5‘ when you checkout. Click here to take advantage of this fab offer.

Anyhoo, in the May box, I got these white chocolate KitKat bites. I like white chocolate and I like KitKats so I knew I would like these. And they certainly didn’t disappoint! The only downside would be that there wasn’t enough in the bag! I also enjoyed lots of other yummy items from the box which of course I will be sharing with you in the review.

4. Walks with the Hubster

June Faves walks with the hubster

So in June, my due date came and went and there was absolutely no sign of bubba. So I, like many women who go past their due dates, Googled ways to bring on labour. And one of them was going for walks. So the hubs and I went for several walks locally. Whilst none of them actually bought on labour, it was so nice to go on them. It was all about the quality time spent together, in the sun, with beautiful scenery. It made me realise that we really should do it more often, not just to bring on labour! I hope we can get out more than we have in the past with the little one in tow.

5. Father’s Day Celebrations

June Faves fathers day celebrations

So June saw Father’s Day here in the UK. We weren’t sure we would do much as I was so heavily pregnant, but we ended up booking a meal at a local restaurant – Blake’s at the Westmead Hotel. It included my family and the husband’s family and it was really nice being together. It’s much easier when we can all get together rather than having to do separate events. We enjoyed a 3-course meal each and of course I had to go for the chocolate brownie for pudding!

So these would have to be my June faves. What were you loving throughout the month?

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

* This is an affiliate code. That means if you go on to buy the item, I will receive a small payment. This comes at no extra cost to you, and means I can carry on running this blog.

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  1. Nice post! Those kit kat bites look DELICIOUS! I don’t think I have ever seen those here in the states before. For the month of June, one of my faves was the growing of my garden. I live in the Northeast Region of the US, and we don’t plant our vegetables and herbs until Memorial Weekend (end of May). June is when things start to really grow and start to bloom 🙂

  2. The chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream would be my year round favorite! Yummy! I am glad you had a great month. Ours was just plain work. We did get to do our movie nights, all 5 Saturdays of June, so that was lovely too.

  3. Congratulations on your pregnancy, your picture and dress color really look beautiful. I wish you and baby all the best throughout your pregnancy. The dessert looks so delicious!

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