June Faves

June Faves

So another month is over and as usual I can’t quite believe it! June has been very full on and busy but I’ve still managed to have some fun times so let me share with you my June Faves.

1. Sunny weather

Sunny weather is a June fave

So it might have been short-lived, but there has definitely been some lovely weather this June. It totally makes me feel happy and puts a smile on everyone’s faces. I’m excited to get into July and hopefully the weather will continue to get better.

2. Aspire Style Music and Fashion Night Out

Aspire style music and night out is a June fave

I had such a good time with my lovely momma at this event! We started off our evening with a bite to eat, before getting to Aspire. We then spent some time drinking a cheeky prosecco, browsing the store and enjoying some lovely music from the Glamophones. We bagged ourselves a goody bag each and purchased a few bits with 15% off that I’ll be sharing in a post very soon.

3. Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea has been a June fave

I’ve had afternoon tea a couple of times this month and that totally works for me! The pic here is from my most recent afternoon tea at Mad as a Hatter in Bearwood. It’s Alice and Wonderland themed, and is so cool and quirky! I’ll be sharing more in a post if you fancy seeing a bit more.

4. The watch that knows me

My new watch is a June fave

I’ve been loving this watch this month because it’s totally me! Anyone who knows me can vouch for that. It’s also a really lovely colour. I got it from Poppy Apparel. They’re still giving my readers 10% off if you use the code ‘asseenonjean’.

5. Cuddles with this cutie

Cuddles with my cat Jasper is a June fave

So this would totally be my favourite every month, but in June this little monkey has loved his snuggles (and so have i!). He turned 4 this month and is still my little boy. I’m definitely a crazy cat momma!

So these are my top 5 for June. What would yours be? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

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73 thoughts on “June Faves

  1. Afternoon tea is such a lovely thing. You are reminding me that I haven’t had my summer fix yet of such delights. ..?

  2. Love this post, Jean. Obviously, it is fun being a crazy cat woman 🙂 There are few generations in my family. Though I am not one! Do enjoy the cat’s ability to rule the house!

  3. Yes to all of these, but especially the cat. Did you smell those G&T candles? They look divine! And I love the sound of the Mad as a Hatter tearoom.

  4. Ooo I love the look of afternoon tea at Mad as a Hatter! Have you tried it at The Edgbaston? I went there for afternoon tea for my baby shower last year – it was the best I’ve tried x

    1. I still need to go, but I know it gets very booked up. Hopefully this summer!

  5. That watch is awesome and so is that mad as a hatter cafe! I love themed cafes and alice in wonderland absolutely fits afternoon tea! Looks like such a fun place to visit

  6. Bring on the sunny weather. I know we have to have rain SOMETIMES, but it’s such a bummer when it happens in the few short months of summer we actually have.

  7. Aww, my favorite would be the cuddles! You have such a cute cat and reminds me of how sweet and cuddle my Moxie is! I really like that watch!!! It’s hilarious but true!

  8. I love that watch – My mom totally needs it! 🙂 June was busy but fun here too. It was my birthday month, so I gotta love it!

  9. Aww a lovely post. I can’t believe June is over already. We celebrated my little Witch turning 4 and she started gymnastics too.

  10. Your cat is absolutely adorable. The afternoon tea sounds really good, I’ve had the Alice themed one at the Sanderson in London and it was so nice x

  11. As much as I don’t like the high temps during the summer, I must say, I do enjoy the sun more during this season! Glad to have sunny days and spend them with the right people.

  12. I love that watch! And your little cat is adorable. My cats turn 2 this month and I can’t believe it. We rescued them out of our yard as little kittens and it feels like just yesterday.

  13. I love the sunny weather as well! We have been having a lot of rain, but that is normal for Florida this time of the year. At least the rain doesn’t last too long.

  14. Oh my goodness I am loving that watch! I’ll have to check out Poppy Apparel and add it to my ‘must buy’ wish list for Christmas! Thanks!

    1. Thank you! You should definitely check them out and don’t forget the discount!

  15. I am really loving that watch. How cool and very unique. These are some great faves. we are really enjoying the warm weather here too!

  16. Awh your kitty is SO cute!!! I love that watch, it’s hysterical! It would make a great gift idea!

  17. This is some great June Faves for sure! My favorite is The watch because I’m running late everywhere I go, plus it is totally stylish.

  18. Mad as a Hatter looks like such a fun place for tea. You have a great list of June faves and I especially like the beautiful weather Sundays.

  19. Afternoon tea is always fun! It’s big in Indian families so we’ve been doing it a lot lately. Chai tea all day long if it was up to me@!

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