Lightening Up Your Home for Spring

Lightening Up Your Home for Spring

Lightening Up Your Home for Spring cover

Spring is a great time of year for making fresh starts with home decor, storage, and personal space. With all the promise of new life outside, from lambs to daffodils and everything in between, lightening up the home with less clutter and more space captures the mood of the new season. So let me share some ideas with you for lightening up your home for Spring*.

New Ways with Old Spaces

Finding new ways of using existing spaces is a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. If you have a spare bedroom and have always wanted a hobby room, why not go ahead and make the conversion? You can put spare beds and wardrobes into self storage instead of getting rid of them permanently, and that way you can still have the spare room back when you have overnight visitors.

Other ways to get the hobby space you crave include converting rooms to multi-purpose spaces. A dining room, for instance is easily converted. If you have a big central dining table, consider swapping it for a smaller drop leaf version that takes up less space. In living rooms, turn bookcases so they stand perpendicular to the wall to create a practical room divider. Arrange books so their covers alternate in both directions and it’ll look attractive from both sides.

Banish Shadows

Spring is often the time when updating the decor seems in order. Fresh wallpaper or painting the walls a lighter colour to create the illusion of more space is a great starting place. You can make it a quicker, less messy, process by removing furnishings to a self storage unit while you decorate.

But why not go a step further:

  • Swap conventional occasional tables for ones with drawers or shelves to help control clutter from TV remotes, games controllers or mobile chargers and cables.
  • Swap blocky furniture for items with legs. Even short legs on a sofa makes a room feel larger as being able to see some way beneath expands the carpet/floor area. Furniture raised off the floor also casts less shadow, making the room feel brighter.
  • Add some mood lighting, such as extra table lamps, lights in alcoves, inside display cabinets or over pictures.

Organise Your Wardrobe

If you don’t do anything else, get your clothes organised. Even such as small job can create a sense of mental freedom, and having sorted out your wardrobe you may find you have lots of spare storage for other things.

One popular way of tackling wardrobe overflow is to keep it seasonal. Have only the type of clothing you need for the coming season in the wardrobe at any one time. For the rest, instead of getting rid of it as soon as the season changes, put it into self storage for the time being. The same goes for winter sports equipment or garden things that are seasonal.

Once you have your seasonal wardrobe sorted out, tackle bedroom storage for smaller individual items.

  • Invest in a shoe rack for the bottom of the wardrobe, or
  • Install a plastic drawer tower to hold smalls or accessories.
  • Put in an extra rail for more hanging space. If you organise hanging clothes by length, you can easily make double the space beneath skirts, tops, or shirts.
  • Install a rail or hooks inside the closet door. Use it for belts, ties, beads, or hair accessories.
  • Double up on hanger space with hanger connectors. You can buy purpose made ones, or get creative with the ring pulls off drinks cans. They work just as well.

Don’t be scared to get creative, be experimental, or just try something different at home. Spring is all about fresh starts and new possibilities, so lightening up the home for brighter weather is a great way to prepare for summer fun ahead.

So are you ready to lighten up your home for Spring? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

*This post is sponsored by Big Yellow

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