M&S Selly Oak Opening and Food Review

M&S Selly Oak Opening and Food Review

A few months ago, I was invited* to go to the new M&S Foodhall that had opened in Selly Oak. The store is located in Selly Oak Shopping Park, which has only recently opened. It houses a range of stores, including Argos, Next, Nando’s, Card Factory and of course the M&S Foodhall. It is also home to Superdrug, and you may remember me posting recently about its opening. I love the food from M&S so of course jumped at the chance to go and visit. I couldn’t wait to see what the new store looked like, the new ranges they had and of course try some food! So here is my M&S Selly Oak opening and food review…

Outside the Store

So this was what the store looked like from the outside. Parking was free and there were plenty of spaces. The Hubster and I grabbed a trolley and eagerly went in store.

We were greeted by the store manager, Hannah. She showed us round the new store and explained many of the ranges to us. Then it was our turn to shop! I knew that there was lots of lovely things I wanted to get my hands on.

Halloween and Bonfire Night

At the time of visiting, it was just before Halloween. This was a display at the store opening. Definitely very tempting as you entered the store.

Here it is on closer inspection. Look at all of that yumminess!

There were some more Halloween goodies near the till point to tempt customers. As you can see, some of the items were 3 for 2. Colin the caterpillar also made an appearance, but with a Halloween twist.

There was also this Bonfire Night section, including some suggestions of food to be eaten whilst watching the fireworks. As you can see, most of it was in the 3 for £10 offer.


So there were a few bits for Halloween and Bonfire Night, but Christmas was the biggest seasonal range in store. Let me share with you some of the lovely goodies we spotted.

Just look at all the chocolates and biscuits! I must say, I wanted them all in my life. They were situated throughout the store, obviously tempting and encouraging customers to buy them for Christmas. As you may have noticed they were on at various price points, and some on special offer.

Mince pie heaven! I love a good old mince pie so was pleased to see plenty of different variations available in store. 

I love sweet goodies with a festive twist! These Christmassy rocky road and yule log bites were definitely going in our trolley!

Who can resit Christmas themed Percy Pigs?! Merry Percymas!

There were a few different advent calendars available in store, from a traditional nativity one, to a stormtrooper one!

There were plenty of different biscuits, chocolates and sweets that could be given as gifts for Christmas. They were at various different price points, suitable for many budgets and recipients.

There was a promotion in store, encouraging customers to order their food through M&S for Christmas and New Year. This seemed like a handy service.

There was plenty of food in store to make sure that Christmas would be successful, from frozen turkeys, to stuffing mixes, to Christmas puddings!

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There were lots of lovely Christmas cards available in different designs.

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Have M&S just thought of everything?! I even spotted festive loo roll!

Also available in the store was disposable tableware for the big day. I loved the gold vibe of these, and very handy that they were mix and match 3 for 2.

Fruit and Veg

There was lots of lovely fresh fruit and veg available to choose from in store. There was even different stir fry options, some of which were included in the stir fry meal deal.


There was quite a lot in the vegetarian range, and although I’m not a veggie myself, I was rather tempted.

There were lots of lovely meats to choose from that were ready to cook in a selected amount of time.

Lots of classics here including one of my absolute faves – toad in the hole!

The Italian meals were 3 for £7, a saving of £2 if purchased individually.

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Even more offers! Take away style meal deals for just £10. That included 2 mains and 2 sides. 

Lots of lovely meals in the “gastropub” range, priced at £4 each.  


Cards and Wrap

There was a range of lovely cards and wrap available for many different occasions.

Flowers and Plants

As you may be able to tell, I was a big fan of the flowers available at M&S – they were all so pretty! There were some seasonal bouquets and different collections. They were available at different price points. I would have taken them all home with me if I could!

Party Food

There was a range of different chilled party food available, on offer for 3 for the price of 2. You may also have noticed the yellow stickers on some of the items – these products were reduced because of their upcoming use by date. Plenty of other products featured these stickers throughout the store, so lots of good deals could be had so long as people were happy to eat the food sooner rather than later!

Sweet Treats

There were lots of yummy sweets to choose from, including these featuring the popular Percy Pig and Colin the Caterpillar. Talking of Colin, I was impressed that this range is vegetarian so can be enjoyed by more people.

Ahhh look at all of the yummy cream cakes!

Here is the “dessert menu” range, and I literally wanted it all! Again some of the items were reduced because of their imminent use by date. It would be rude not to buy them, surely?!

There were also different yoghurt options and individual puddings.

Here is good old Colin in all his glory! I was also impressed to see that M&S offer a wedding cake service.

There were lots of cakes and biscuits in store, including these which were all under £2.

Chocolate in various flavours and sizes.

I thought these cuppa bakes looked like a fun idea – you literally can cook a cake in a mug in the microwave in a matter of minutes!


There were various small drinks to choose from in the chilled section.

There were also larger soft drinks to choose from.

Lots of flavoured beer and cider, on offer for 4 for the price of 3.

So many different spirits! I loved the wide range of bottle designs.

How yummy does mulberry gin sound?!

Even more to choose from!

I love the look of this, cocktails are totally my fave.

I love the sound of some of these festive flavours!

EEEK! I need jaffa cake cocktail in my life. Who doesn’t?!

There were many different varieties of wine, and some were on special offer.

I love the sound of that extra fruity bucks fizz! Plus, the bottle looked so pretty.


I love a good snack so I was a fan of this section. I was intrigued by some of the flavourings, such as pigs in blankets crisps!

Handy Essentials

Just check out all those sauces and kits!

There were different varieties of cereals available, some M&S’s range, and some other brands such as Kellog’s.

There were plenty of different magazine titles to choose from.


“Made Without” Range

I was impressed with their “made without” range. These particular items were made without wheat, perfect for those on a gluten-free diet.


In Store Offerings

Inside this store was a bakery. I was very temped by all of the lovely goodies! It is nice to know it’s all fresh.

They also offer an “order and collect” service . If an order is placed before 10pm, it can be collected after 12pm the next day using this free service.

So these were some of the things I spotted whilst shopping in store. Plenty of items made it into our trolley, and I want to share just what exactly we thought! Read on to find out…

Trying the food

So here is a shot of all of our goodies! I must admit we went a bit made whilst in store, and wanted to try just about everything!

The Collection Hand Cooked Crisps – Glazed Gammon and Whisky; Winter Berries and Sparkling Prosecco

£2 each

So one of these was for me, the other for the Hubster. Can you guess which way round? Of course the prosecco ones were for me! I was super intrigued by their flavouring as I had never tried sweet flavoured crisps in this respect before. And I must say I really liked them! A bit unusual, but really moreish. Plus the Hubster enjoyed his crisps too.


Pigs in Blankets Hand Cooked Crisps


Yes more crisps! Told you we liked snacks. I wanted to try these festive crisps. They were a mixture of sausage and bacon flavoured crisps, as well as pieces of pork rind crunch. Again, I was a big fan of these crisps, and enjoyed the fact that they were a bit different.


Prawn Crackers


I love Chinese food, especially enjoying prawn crackers so these had to go in our trolley! They were really nice and a great price too.


Peach and Raspberry Still Water


Whilst in store, I was thirsty so picked up this still water. It was nice enough, and the flavours went well together.


Rigatoni Authentic Italian Pasta


We needed some pasta so we picked some up! It was a great Italian pasta.


Toad in the Hole Mini Meal


I told you I loved toad in the hole so couldn’t resist picking this up. It was a great mini meal, that obviously needed accompanying with a bit of mash and veg on the side for good measure!

Slow Cooked Vietnamese Style Pork Belly


I must say I really enjoyed this pork belly! It was really easy to cook in the oven for just over half and hour, and tasted divine.

Crackling Straws

£2 each

I mentioned in a previous post that I love crackling, so when the Hubster spotted these we knew they were coming home with us. And yes, they were amazing! I could literally sit and work my way through packs and packs of these. Just love the crunch!

Beef Mince; Beef and Pepper Sausages

Mince £5; Sausages £3.20

These were both nice enough. We used the mince in a bolognaise and the sausages on sandwiches. The beef and pepper worked well together.

Dessert Menu – Profiterole Stack; Chocolate Peanut Tart

Profiteroles £3; Tarts £2.10 reduced price because of use-by date

These both took me to chocolate heaven! The tarts were pretty yummy, but I would have to say that the profiteroles were my fave.

Festive Mini Macaroons; Milk Chocolate Cinnamon Tortilla Rolls; Merry Percymas!; 6 All Butter Mince Pies

Macaroons £1.50 Tortilla Rolls £2; Percys £1.65; Mince Pies £1.80.

I couldn’t resist all of these festive sweet treats. I love a good old mince pie around Christmas, and these were pretty good. The mini macaroons were rather yummy, and loved their different flavourings. They look so pretty too! The festive Percy fruity gums were a nice twist on the originals and were tasty. But my favorite item from this selection was the tortilla rolls. For me, they were a really random concept – basically, crisps dipped in chocolate. But they just worked! My Hubster wasn’t a fan, but that was fine as it meant I got to eat most of them!

16 Chocolate and Orange Teacakes; Raspberry, Cranberry and Orange Dark Chocolate Buttons; Sweet and Salty Popcorn; Cappucino Bar; Peanut Butter Bar; Liquorice Catherine Wheels

Teacakes £1.50; Buttons £0.80; Popcorn £1.50; Bars £0.80 each; Liquorice £1.15

Yes, even more sweet treats! Some of these were for us both, and some we picked individually. The teacakes were nice, and I thought a really good price for so many. They weren’t huge but I enjoyed the chocolate orange flavour. The popcorn was pretty nice, and perfect for monching whilst watching a film. I just love the combo of sweet and salty. The buttons were for me and they were so tasty! I adored the fruit and chocolate combo. The bars were both for my Hubster, which he seemed to enjoy.

Raspberry and Coconut Cuppa Bakes


Remember me saying earlier in this post I was intrigued by the concept? Well I just had to give it a go! We went for this flavour as my Hubs is coconut obsessed. I must say, my attempt really didn’t look like it did on the box, but it was pretty tasty! A fun thing to do, and I would definitely like to try some of the other flavours too.

Fresh Fruit and Veg

£2 each

This fresh fruit and veg all tasted good and I feel was reasonably priced at £2 each. It was particularly handy having the 2 combination bags of vegetables rather than having to buy them separately. 

Rhubarb and Custard Ice Cream; 12 Mini Santa Hats

Ice cream £3; Hats £4

How cute are these mini santa hats?! I just couldn’t resist them! They were a combo of meringue, cream and raspberry jelly and were delish. They were bite size and would be fab for a party. The ice cream was for my other half. I tried a bit, but wasn’t the biggest fan as I don’t like rhubarb. He seemed to like it though.

Sparkling Drinks

£0.64 each

I had tried these drinks before so knew they were making it into the trolley! I love their flavourings, especially the cherry one. They’re a really good price too in my opinion.


£2.50 each or 2 for £4

These soups were for my husband. They seemed really substantial and were full of lovely ingredients. He seemed to enjoy them.


Snowy Road Mini Bites; Snowy Mini Yule Log Bites

£2.60 each or 2 for £4

I couldn’t resist this pairing, especially because they were on offer. And they didn’t disappoint. Both were nice, but my fave was the snowy road mini bites – I just loved the flavour combo! They were super moreish and I could literally eat a tub full in one sitting!


Pornstar Martini; Mojito; Pina Colada

£2 each (some available on 4 for 3, but not all varieties)

I’d heard about these cocktails being in store even before my visit, so knew I needed to get my hands on them! I love a good cocktail, especially a pornstar martini (if you remember a previous post, I had one on my recent visit to The Victoria), so that was absolutely going in the trolley! The other cocktails are faves of mine too. I must say, I really enjoyed these cocktails. They were a handy size for drinking, and a fair price. I definitely want to get some more for over the festive season.


Cornish Cloudy Farmhouse Cider with Sicilian Lemon; Devon Farmhouse Cider

£2 each or 4 for 3

These were for my Hubster and I didn’t get a look in! He’s a big fan of cider and seemed to enjoy these so they were a winner. They’re a great deal too.


Turkey and Pigs in Blankets Sandwich; Christmas Turkey Wrap

Sandwich £3; Wrap £3.30

The Hubster and I were peckish when we visited and it was a round dinnertime, so we picked up some food. The sandwich was for me, and the wrap for him. I really enjoyed the festive taste of the sandwich, and he liked his wrap. Might as well make the most of these limited editions whilst we can!


Gastropub – Shepherd’s Pie, Beef Hash; Slow Cooked Beef

£4 each

We picked up these meals obviously for the convenience, but also because they looked so good too. And yes, they were really nice! My Hubster seemed to get in there before me in eating them, but he did let me have a try of each one and they were really tasty. Plus, much cheaper than eating out in a pub, and you don’t even need to leave home to enjoy them!


Party Food – 12 Cheese and Bacon Potato Skins; 12 Mini Steak and Chicken Pie Selection; 12 Cheese and Bacon Rosti Towers

£5 each, 3 for the price of 2

So we weren’t having a party, but couldn’t resist this party food. We thought it would be good as snacks or as part of a meal. I’m a bit obsessed with potato skins so knew I wanted to try them. And the Hubster chose the other 2. It was great that they were 3 for the price of 2, so we essentially got them all for a tenner. They were pretty yummy too! And in perfect bite size portions. I can imagine them going down really well at a party, alongside some other options from the range.


Chicken Tagliatelle; Bacon and Parmesan Pasta Bake; Chicken Arrabiata

£3 each or 3 for £7

Some more  convenience food was thrown in the trolley! This time is was these Italian dishes. Again, just handy to have to put in the oven when cooking a meal from scratch is too much like hard work! Again we shared these and enjoyed them. I wouldn’t say they were as nice as the Gastropub range, but they were cheaper and were still pretty good!


Mixed Roses

£5 – reduced price

I really love flowers around the house, so couldn’t resist picking some up. These were reduced as they were coming towards their “use by” date. However, they lasted quite well once I got them home and so I was pretty impressed.


Overall Opinion

My husband and I were both impressed with the new store and had a great time checking out the different ranges. The store was clean and tidy and all of the staff we encountered were lovely and helpful. There were various offers in store on the day we visited which I feel we made the most of, and we were pleased with the range of products we picked up. The food and drink we chose definitely went down well in our house, I don’t think there was a single thing we didn’t enjoy. I’m sure we will be returning to the store very soon!

So this was what the new store looked like and what we thought of the food. What would you have of wanted to try? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

*We were very kindly gifted a gift card in order to try some of the new ranges at M&S. However, all opinions are my own, and I would never share something that I didn’t love myself!

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  1. I love the wide variety of products they sell at M&S. It is one of my favorite stores to visit. Maybe this weekend I will drop by in one of their local branches. I am sure there is something there that I haven’t tried yet!

  2. It looks like there are a lot of cool things to try at M&S. It looks like a really neat store, that offers an experience, rather than making grocery shopping feel like the chore that it is 🙂

  3. Wow, what an amazing store! Everything looks so nicely arranged and organized. Very aesthetically pleasing! The shortbread in the deer tin jumped out at me – my hubby would probably love it, just because he’s a hunter!

  4. I am so envious. Our M&S store here is too small. Despite the size, it’s still one of my favorites. 🙂

    Such a wide array of choices and love the Christmas edition stuff. Which reminds me to visit and check if they the holiday stuff on sale now.

    Thank you for sharing about these. I enjoyed it. 🙂

  5. M&S has such a grand entrance! And I love the fact that you can buy foods for all occasions just under one roof. That really makes it easy since it saves much time.

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