My Fave Youtubers – 2018 Edition

My Fave Youtubers – 2018 Edition

My Fave Youtubers - 2018 Edition cover

So around this time last year, I did a post about my fave people to watch on Youtube. I’m still just as obsessed with getting on YouTube, but I definitely find I’m watching different videos now compared to what I watched back then. With the impending arrival of my bundle of joy, I must say I’ve got a bit addicted to baby essential vids, as well as baby name ideas. Plus of course I still can’t get enough of Primark hauls, I don’t think that’ll ever change! So I thought it was about time I did an update of who I can’t get enough of, to hopefully share with you some great people to watch if you don’t already. So here are my fave youtubers – 2018 edition.


Talk Becky Talk

My Fave Youtubers 2018 Edition talkbeckytalk

So Becky was on my list last year, and she’s still there! You might remember that she was a big reason in me starting this blog after we met back in 2016. I recently loved her hacks videos that she posted throughout January. I must say, hacks are one of my fave kinds of videos to watch, especially when I can discover ideas I had no clue about! Her chatty videos are also great to watch, I enjoy getting to know her a little bit more. I’ve met her twice in person now and hope to meet her again soon as we really get on.



My Fave Youtubers 2018 Edition brummymummyof2

Emma is a quite recent find of mine after being featured in Louise Pentland’s videos (you’ll find out more about her in a mo). She is absolutely hilarious and she’s a Brummie just like me! Her hauls and organisation videos are a real winner for me at the moment. She’s honest and shows things just the way they are which is refreshing. I’m hoping I might bump into her in the not too distant future considering we live pretty near, and have a little chat. She is an ex-teacher so I feel we have quite a lot in common.



My Fave Youtubers 2018 Edition sprinkle of glitter

And here’s Louise herself! I’ve enjoyed her vids for a few years now but am especially a fan at the moment as she’s been posting some baby related vids after recently having baby Pearl. This includes reviews of baby related products and hauls of lovely baby items which is totally what I’m after at the moment to inspire me. Just like Emma, she is honest and funny, and just seems like a lovely lady.


Emily Norris

My Fave Youtubers 2018 Edition emily norris

Emily is another lovely mummy! Again, I’ve only recently come across her, but can’t seem to get enough of her content at the moment. As a momma to 3 boys, she knows a lot about everything baby and child related, so feel I can really trust her opinion on things. Therefore I’ve been watching a lot of her baby essential videos during the last few months. Like the others, she also posts great fashion hauls which are fun to watch.


Holly Sheeran

My Fave Youtubers 2018 Edition holly sheeran

Holly is Becky’s sister. She posts some great videos including hauls, gift guides and routine videos, and I always look out for her uploads. I met her at the end of last year at an event hosted by Talk Becky Talk and Prezzybox, and it was really nice to finally meet her in person! She’s been quite on YouTube recently after not feeling so great, so I’m hoping to see a bit more of her as her health improves.


So these are the 5 ladies that I probably watch the most of at the moment. There are of course other people I watch from time to time, but these are the ones I tend to look out for the most.

Who do you enjoy watching on YouTube? Let me know in the comments! Plus, make sure you leave your YouTube channels if you have one, I would love to come and subscribe.

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

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14 thoughts on “My Fave Youtubers – 2018 Edition

  1. I adore YouTube! I love nothing more than a chilled Sunday watching new bloggers. I haven’t heard of a couple of these, I’m going to have a look at brummymummy!

    1. Absolutely! I could spend all day doing it. You should, I’m sure you’ll love her!

  2. Oh wow. I am new to this, as I only use YouTube to watch music videos and some independent films from new and budding film producers. I will search for these YouTube channels and find time to watch their videos. Looks really interesting!

  3. I love Brummy mummy of 2 too much, she is so true in her thoughts and sharing’s. Though I need to hear out other women you have mentioned, guess I’ll start with Talk Becky talk, sounds cool to me!

  4. What a great round-up. I didn’t realize Becky was one of the reasons you decided to start your blog. I bet that would make her smile because you never know who you’re inspiring when putting yourself out there. I let my daughter-in-law know about Louise and Emily’s channels. She’s a new mom and always on the hunt for inspiration! x

  5. Thank you for your suggestions! I love youtube and I am always on the hunt for hack videos ( I love them) so I will check out Talk Becky Talk!

  6. Looks like I’m just out of touch when it comes to YT, I haven’t checked out any of these YouTubers, and that makes me wonder why. I shall check these out now. 😀 Thanks for introducing these! 🙂

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