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So, I must admit, I’m kinda obsessed with watching videos on YouTube. I like to do it sometimes instead of watching TV and I find it’s a distraction if I’ve got something on my mind or if I’m stressing about something (which is me most of the time). I also find it great to learn about make-up because I’m totally clueless with that, and discovering products that other people rave about.  Plus, YouTube is great for finding out the answer or getting advice on really random things! So without further ado, and in no particular order, these are some of my favourite YouTubers…



So I’ve been a fan of Becky for a little while on YouTube and she has nearly 200,000 subscribers. She is a similar age to me so I find her totally relatable and I really enjoy her content – mainly beauty/make-up/hauls/hacks etc. I was even lucky enough to meet Becky last September through a competition I won and she was even lovelier in person! Plus she inspired me to finally get started with writing this blog, so I owe a lot to her. Her sister Holly and her mom Growing old disgracefully are also on YouTube and are worth checking out too.



So pretty much everyone has heard of Zoe (commonly known as Zoella) in the world of YouTube. She has been doing it for ages and has developed a massive following (11 and a half million YouTube subscribers). When someone is ridiculously big, it can kind of be off-putting as everyone is watching the same stuff. However I do really like her, she seems a lot of fun and I enjoy her content. She posts about lots of different things from fashion to room tours to monthly favourites, and I particularly enjoy her DIYs. I have also completely fallen in love with her lifestyle range, especially this bag.



So Sophie is probably the least known person on this list (with nearly 30,000 subscribers), but I totally love watching her videos! She seems like the loveliest person ever, and is really sweet! I could definitely imagine having her as a friend. I can definitely relate to her content and we seem to like the same things so I’m always interested in what she is posting. She enjoys Primark nearly as much as I do (check out my latest haul here) and is totally Disney obsessed which I love! Go follow her if you don’t already.

Fabulous Hannah


So Hannah is another of my faves and has around 200,000 followers. I really like her and she makes me giggle! She’s honest and upfront and I really respected her recently when she posted a months worth of videos with no make up on. Like the others, she posts a random mix of videos and has a varied content. She doesn’t try to be perfect (like her Christmas baking disaster video) and that is really refreshing in this day and age!



So Lucy and Lydia are twins if you hadn’t guessed it, and they have 270,000 subscribers on YouTube. These 2 definitely seem like a lot of fun, and bounce off each other. Again they have similar content to the others – hauls, make-up, chatty videos etc – and watching them cheers me up as they’re so happy and bubbly. They mostly post together but occasionally post separately such as recently when they spoke about what was on their phones and how they edit their Instagram photos – Lucy Lydia



I’ve been subscribed to Gabby’s channel for a while now and she has just over 900,000 subscribers. The thing I like most about her is her honesty. She talks frankly about her life and her feelings and what has happened in the past. As well as the ‘usual’ videos she also posts song covers which is something I think she is eager to pursue more. Gabby has a home range in Primark which is really cute and is full of lots of lovely products at really affordable prices.

So these are just a few of my favourite YouTubers. I am subscribed to quite a few channels but I seem to go back to these ones the most. Do you have any favourite YouTubers? Let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to check them out. And if you are on YouTube, leave your link and I’ll be sure to subscribe to your channel! (here is mine, I’ve barely posted but it is something I would love to develop in the future and think could be a lot of fun.)

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

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