Homeware Faves from Around My House

Homeware Faves from Around My House

So I recently asked on my Facebook page for any requests for a blog post and one suggestion was something homeware inspired. So I thought I would have a look round my house and show you some of my fave pieces! I’ll try to link the products where I can, however some are a few years old or were given as gifts so I may have to link something similar. So here are some of my lovely things…

I totally love this Sass and belle fox cushion – a cosy cushion from one of my fave brands Sass and Belle. It currently lives in our lounge. A very similar one is available on their website for £17.

A cute little duck from DCUK. I got this as a gift from my lovely momma as she knows I’m a bit duck obsessed. It’s made from wood and is beautifully done. I’ve linked a similar one from DCUK with cute little wellies on! It’s £14.95.

I think this home sweet home plaque was from B&M purchased a good few years ago. These can be picked up in lots of different places. Plus there’s so many goodies that can be picked up from B&M for amazing prices.

I really love this poster, ‘Love is all you need (chocolate, wine and new shoes don’t hurt though)’ – how completely spot on is this?! It’s a really decent size and I love it in its Ikea frame. Annoyingly I can’t remember where it’s from but there’s many available online, such as on NOTHS and Etsy.

I got this lovely ‘and they lived happily ever after’ from a friend as an engagement present. I have no idea where it was from but found this very lovely sign on NOTHS. I won this heart garland on Facebook a few years back. I found some similar here on Party Delights. I think they look really cute together.

I totally love this piece. I got it from By Laura Ann. I had to send them a picture of the front of my house and a colour scheme I wanted to use and this was the final piece. It makes me happy knowing that this is a personal piece to me and was so pleased with how it turned out. It’s so pretty!

This live laugh love flag is so pretty, I really love the Cath Kidston fabric. It comes on a little string so can be hung anywhere. I got it from Facebook a little while ago. East of India have a similar bunting, the same quote but repeated on several triangles.

I’ve got a couple of ampersands (the technical term for the ‘&’ sign if you didn’t know), and this is a gorge one. It says ‘you and me always and forever’ which is something I say to my husband, and was also the lyrics to one of our wedding songs (You and Me Song by The Wannadies). I got this from Facebook a few years back.

I got this as a wedding present and it’s really lovely! There’s definitely some great tips on there.  I think it was from Tesco but I can’t see it on there at the moment. There’s quite a few on eBay you can get your hands on.

These bricks are pretty fab. I love how you can change them throughout the year depending on the season, or just leave them on live love laugh. I got them off Facebook a few years ago.

I got this sign from the wonderful House of Wonderland. It was a personalised piece and I think this quote is so important. It’s in a central place in my house and I see it all the time which really helps me. I’ve also got lots of heart bits nearby, including these heart-shaped ‘biscuits’ from Fake a Cake which are just to cute!

I totally love this personalised plaque from Isabella and Louise – full of my absolute favourite things! Its great knowing nobody will have the same as me.

So these are just a few of the little things I have in my house! Which do you like best? Any recommendations for new things I should get? I would love to hear in the comments!

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

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26 thoughts on “Homeware Faves from Around My House

  1. These are some great pieces. When you started off with the fox, my heart melted a little bit. I would have to say it is my favorite. However, I also really like the print in the Ikea frame. I hope to start gathering prints from etsy and putting them in frames like this!

  2. This reminds me of the Shabby Chic look that is so popular. I love all of the signs in your home. I need that “&” sign for my own home! Super cute.

  3. Isn’t a good feeling to look around and love everything in your house? I am on that mission now. If I don’t love it, and brings me great joy, I’m selling it off to the highest bidder!

  4. My house is pretty empty of pretty things right now. My house has been baby and toddler proofed for the last couple of year.

  5. I really love the fox cushion too! It has a really rustic vibe to it and I also love that it is a unique piece that you wouldn’t find anywhere.

  6. What I like about your post is that you’ve put your heart into choosing different mantle pieces and showcases that show your taste in decor and style! My favorite is the cushion 🙂

  7. I love them all. Super cute. I need more decor like this around my house. I find having so many kids I haven’t really wanted to decorate much or put out anything super adorable in fear. LOL

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