My SheIn Wishlist

My SheIn Wishlist

My SheIn Wishlist cover


Over the past few months, SheIn has definitely been on my radar. It has popped up across my social media, as well as some of my fave YouTubers doing SheIn hauls. So, I thought I would have a cheeky look across the website and create myself a little wishlist. And from the word go, I totally wanted everything! Especially when I was looking in the ‘buy 1, get 50% off’ section. And whilst I have shown constraint so far, I might even treat myself to a few of these goodies. My current shopping stance is buying comfy clothes that work well with my growing bump – I want to look stylish items that also make my little bump look cute…and of course I want to feel good. Plus, I’m hoping some of the clothes I buy over the coming months will also look great on me post pregnancy once the bubba has arrived. Right, now enough rambling, let’s get onto my SheIn wishlist…

Fringe Detail Tweed Overall Dress, £10.56

My SheIn Wishlist overall dress

This was the first item I came across and thought it was super lovely! I get the impression there’s room for a growing tummy in that dress, and it looks perfect for this time of year. I would probably also throw on a pair of black tights and chunky boots to complete this look.

Colour Block Marled Knit Jumper, £18.86

My SheIn Wishlist colour block jumper

I’ve lived in cosy jumpers this winter, and totally want to add this one to my collection! I love the colour combo and the slouchy style. Plus, it looks beyond comfy! It looks like it probably comes up a bit big, but that totally works for me.

Faux Flap Pocket Back Cord Peg Pants, £12.07

My SheIn Wishlist cord peg pants

What drew me to these trousers were the colour and the stretchy waistband. I’m all about the stretchy waistband at the moment! Whilst cord isn’t a material I would normally go for, these look super comfy and something I would definitely like to try. They look perfect for the Spring.

Tropical Print Raglan Sleeve Textured Sweatshirt, £11.32

My SheIn Wishlist tropical sweatshirt

I really like the print on the sleeves of this sweatshirt, and although it’s hard to see in this picture, the texture of the white body part is quite cool too. Again with the comfy jumper I know, but I just can’t resist it! In other news, has anyone ever heard of raglan sleeves before?! Whatever they may be, they look nice enough to me.

Slogan Print Tee, £6.79

My SheIn Wishlist slogan tee

I thought this tee was very apt for how I’m feeling now, and I’m sure how I’m going to be feeling in the coming months and years to come! I loves a slogan tee, so one just had to make my wishlist.

Elbow Patch Striped T-Shirt, £7.54

My SheIn Wishlist elbow patch tee

I really liked the look of this long-sleeved tee, with its elbow patches and interesting length. It comes in a range of other colours too, but I think this colour combo would have to be my fave. It looks great to wear going into Spring.

Contrast Frill Neck and Hem Sweater, £15.84

My SheIn Wishlist contrast frill sweater

I have a jumper very similar to this that I picked up from Primark a few years back and I love it. However, this is a little longer and has a different collar. I love that this design can be worn with jeans, but also with smarter trousers for work. It’s totally versatile and I’m digging items like that at the moment.

Short Sleeve Heart Print T-shirt, £7.54

My SheIn Wishlist heart print tee

How super cute is this tee? I love how it has been styled up for this photo, but would also look great with a pair of skinny jeans and a comfy cardi. Considering I’ve got a little one of my own with its tiny little heart beat inside of me, I was just drawn to this top.

Raglan Sleeve Ombre Hoodie, £15.84

My SheIn Wishlist ombre hoodie

I love ombre and I love hoodies, so this is a winner for me. I really like the colour it blends into, plus it looks so comfy. Still have no idea what raglan sleeves are, but happy to roll with it!

Slogan Print Unicorn Ear Hoodie With Kangaroo Pocket, £12.07

My SheIn Wishlist unicorn hoodie

I must have still been in the hoodie section when I came across this bad boy. I literally have no words! Its pink, and it has a unicorn hood! Therefore, I’m totally sold! I’m totally down with the kids with this unicorn obsession I have some how developed…

Drop Shoulder Marled Knit Tee Dress, £10.56

My SheIn Wishlist knit tee dress

I’m all about this dress – the length, the colour, the style, the sleeves…plus I think it would look cute with a little bump! It looks really comfy and think it would go pretty well with a pair tights and some nice boots. Plus, it would be great for the Spring too. The only thing I would probably add to this would be a cute little vest, to avoid ‘popping out’ too much!

Contrast Whipstitch Detail Jumper, £14.33

My SheIn Wishlist whipstitch jumper

Yes, another jumper! This is the last one I promise! I really like the shade of pink of this and just look at those sleeves! Plus, it looks so snuggly and warm. I think this would look great with a pair of comfy jeans.

Two Tone Cleansing Instrument With Brush, £6.04

My SheIn Wishlist cleansing instrument

Ok so a step away from the clothing for a moment… I really want to try this! My skin is in a bit of a state at the moment, and I feel like my skin care routine needs a bit of a shake up. So something like this would be a big help in making my face look a bit better I’m sure! I know that there are some really expensive alternatives on the market, but I would definitely like to give this a try.

Contrast Binding Textured Peplum Top, £9.81

My SheIn Wishlist peplum top

Peplum has always been a style I’ve liked and think it could work well with my little bump. I really like the style of this top, especially because it is monochrome too. I think it looks pretty smart and would look nice on a date night or for meeting up with friends.

Drop Crotch Unicorn Onesie, £18.11

My SheIn Wishlist unicorn onesie

Yes, more unicorn-ness! But how epic is this onesie? I definitely need this for lounging around the house in and for chilling on the sofa. Not entirely sure what my other half would think, but there you go, he knows I’m a bit crazy by now after 12 years together!

Contrast Lining Drop Shoulder Hooded Coat, £13.58

My SheIn Wishlist contrast coat

And last but not least is this very lovely coat. Yellow and grey is my absolute favourite colour combination (it was my wedding colour scheme don’t you know!), so this coat just had to make my wishlist. I like the fit and style and think it would be great going into Spring. Plus the fact that it has a hood is just a lifesaver in the lovely British weather we have to live with!


I’m super impressed with the items I found, and just can’t get over the prices! Plus, with most being in the ‘buy 1, get 50% off’ section, they’d be even cheaper! I know that delivery would be a little longer than normal as SheIn isn’t based in the UK, but I would be totally happy with that knowing I am getting the items for such a good price.

So these would be on my SheIn wishlist. Would any of them be on yours? Have you bought anything from SheIn before? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

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