Poundworld Haul

Poundworld Haul

Poundworld Haul cover

So if you follow me across my social media, you might remember I popped to Nottingham a few weeks ago with my lovely momma. It was for a blogger event in association with Prezzybox, The Perfume Studio and Talk Becky Talk. We decided to make a bit of a thing of it so booked into a hotel overnight. And as luck should have it, our hotel was surrounded by shops!

One of the shops, pretty much opposite, was Poundworld. Whilst I’ve heard of this shop, I’ve never actually been in one before. The only pound type shop I tend to shop in is Poundland. Being one of those shops that is obviously going to be cheap and cheerful, I couldn’t resist popping in. And here are some of the lovely goodies I picked up that I want to share with you guys. Obviously everything was a pound unless I state differently. So let’s get onto the Poundworld Haul!

Poundworld Haul close up

So here is a close up of everything I purchased. It’s a complete mish mash of things, with no kind of order to them. Basically, it’s just things I spotted and liked the look of. I probably could have bought a whole load more, but was conscious of the fact I had to get them all back on the train so couldn’t go too mad (especially because there was plenty more shopping to be done elsewhere too!)

30” Number Balloon

Poundworld Haul balloon front

Poundworld Haul balloon back

So at the end of last month, my blog turned one. I had the idea of getting a helium balloon blown up, and wanted to pose with it for a few cute pics to post on my Instagram. However, I wasn’t organised enough to sort this out! So when I spotted this number ‘1’ balloon, I took the chance to grab it. Whilst I’m sure the shop would have blown it up, again it wasn’t something I wanted on the train with me. I’m hoping to get it blown up pretty soon to have a ‘belated blog birthday’, I just better do it before the blog turns 2!

Mermaid Drinks Bottle

Poundworld Haul mermaid bottle

Poundworld Haul mermaid bottle quote

For some reason, I’m all about mermaids and unicorns at the moment. I guess you could say I’m still a child at heart, and seem to love all the things they do! So when I spotted this water bottle, I just couldn’t resist. Written on it is the quote: ‘ Always be yourself unless you can be a mermaid, then always be a mermaid!’ I’m trying my best to drink lots of water at the moment, so I’m hoping this bottle will help me to achieve this, as well as looking super cute!

Mechanical Pen and Pencil

Poundworld Haul pen and pencil

How gorgeous is this mechanical pen and pencil set? I love the packaging as much as the actual pen and pencil themselves, and am yet to take them out of the box. The design is really lovely and I think they’ll look great in my office. If you’ve not checked out my office before, you can see it in this post. I’m a tad obsessed with stationary and would have loved to have found a matching notebook in store, but that just wasn’t meant to be. I’m looking forward to using this pair.

Coiled Hair Loop 6 Pack

Poundworld Haul bobbles

I must have been in the kids section when I spotted these bobbles, but they totally reminded me of the Invisibobble. Clearly these are coloured, and the original Invisibobble is clear (hence the name). But I fell in love with these cute shades and if they’re anything like the Invisibobble, I knew I would love them. Plus, 6 for a pound I was absolutely willing to take the risk. I’m intrigued to try them and will let you know how I get on.

3 Flower Halo

Poundworld Haul 3 flower halo

I spotted this cute ‘halo’, and again like with the bobbles I just couldn’t resist. I guess it is just the boho chic in me, trying to get out. It will probably have to be saved for next Spring/Summer now. I also thought I might be able to use it in some way for blog photos. Will just have to see if that works being the shape it is. Again for a pound, I really couldn’t grumble.

XXX Strong Mints 5 Pack

Poundworld Haul strong mints

Probably the least exciting of all my purchases, but these mints were something the Hubster had asked for. Personally, they are waaaay to strong for me, but he seems to like them. Plus, as a pack of 5, each pack only works out to be 20p. Total bargain!

Swizzels Trick or Sweet

Poundworld Haul sweets

Clearly the reason I got these was because it was coming up to Halloween. However, in the end we never had any trick or treaters, so I’m sure the Hubs and I will work our way through these! There’s a good mix of sweeties in there. and this bag was actually only 75p so we really can’t complain.

Argan Oil Deep Moisturising Foot Pack

Poundworld Haul foot pack

I’ve seen a lot of these foot packs around and have been thinking about trying them. However, many that seem good, seem to be quite pricey. So when I spotted this bad boy I couldn’t leave it in the shop! I thought at the time it was one of those ‘peal loads of dead skin off your feet’ type ones, but not I’m not so sure?! However, anything that makes my feet super soft and allows me to indulge in a bit of self-care is a winner in my eyes.

Handcrafted 3D Christmas Cards

Poundworld Haul christmas cards

Poundworld Haul merry and bright

Poundworld Haul fa la la la la

Whilst it was still October when I was in store, I couldn’t resist a cheeky look at the Christmas cards. I spotted these 2 in particular and thought they looked like they could cost a lot more than a pound each. Rather than send them out to people, I’m thinking I might get simple frames for this pair and display them as part of my Christmas decor. I really like the colour combo and gold detailing.

Large Woven Chevron Bag

Poundworld Haul chevron baf

Clearly I didn’t pack my re-usable shopping bags for my trip to Nottingham, so thought I would pick one up in store. I liked the look of this chevron one, loving the mint and grey combo. For a pound it is a pretty sturdy bag, and one I know I will continue to use in the future.

Overall I was really pleased with what I picked up. I ended up spending £10.75 which I think is pretty good for all this!

So this was my Poundworld Haul. Do you like what I picked up? Do you have a Poundworld near you? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

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  1. You guys definitely got a lot of awesome items! I love those Christmas cards! They’re adorable and perfect for the upcoming holidays! The water bottle is really cute as well.

  2. That sounds like a great little shop you found! You got some really cute stuff there. I love that water bottle.

  3. This looks like a lot of fun. I really like the idea you had for celebrating your blog turning 1 years old on instagram. I hope you do the belated blog birthday posts!

  4. So many cute items and for such a great deal. I love the pen set and cards. The colors are so fun and bright. Can’t wait to hear how the foot mask worked out. I’ve been curious to give one a try.

  5. Wonderful stuff! I’m in the mood for a haul right now because of you. *getting jealous here*

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