Primark December Haul

So just before Christmas, I took a trip to Primark. I love a bit of Primark action, but don’t get chance to visit very often. So when I was in there I made sure I picked up some lovely bits and bobs! Here’s what I grabbed…

Set of 3 Quote Magnets, £2 reduced to Â£1

Ever the quote obsessive, I couldn’t help but pick up these. I need to follow what they say! Only a pound too and I’m always on the lookout for magnets to stick on the fridge. 

Chokers (silver), £2 

Chokers (gold), £3

I’m totally late to the party with this trend, but couldn’t resist all these gorge chokers! I went for some silver and gold ones to go with different outfits, and all these for a fiver I really can’t complain. Getting serous 90’s flashbacks!

Triple Set of Gold Necklaces, £3

I think these are the cutest! A set of 3 necklaces that can be worn together or separately, I just had to have them. I love how delicate and geometric they are. I can’t wait to wear these with a pretty top. 

Bauble Blending Sponges, £2.50 reduced to £1

These were sold in the bauble, and as quite a nice little Christmas gift, I was intrigued. But I wasn’t planning on giving them away, I wanted do try them for myself! I want to see if they give the beauty blender a run for it’s money at just a snip of the price. They were reduced to a pound at the till so for 50p each you can’t go wrong!

Faux Fur Pompom Keyring, £2

Again this is something I keep seeing everywhere! I liked the colour of this pompon and it’s size. I’m undecided whether to have it on my keys or on a matching bag. It will definitely be noticed!  

Pointed False Nails, £1 reduced to 50p

I haven’t bought any false nails from Primark in the past,  but couldn’t resist these for 50p! I might wear them for NYE. I’ve never had pointed nails before so I’ll either love them or hate them!

Unicorn Keyring, £2

Not entirely sure why, but I’m unicorn obsessed at the moment, along with mermaids! So I just needed this keyring in my life! I just think it’s really cute, and my keyrings could do with being updated. 

Silver Hoops, £1

So I keep seeing people in hoops at the moment and I’m willing to give this look a go. I’m sure I tried back in my teenage years and didn’t seem to be able to carry it off, but a pound for a pack of 5 means that if I look like a full on chav then it doesn’t really matter!

Sweet Vanilla & Coconut Reed Diffuser, £3

So if you read my Christmas Gift Guide 2016 you’ll know I’m a fan of the reed diffuser. I just had to pick this one up. My husband is a tad coconut obsessed which has in turn made me too, so this was the scent I had to go for. I don’t think I’ve tried a Primark reed diffuser in the past so it’ll be interesting to see how long it lasts and what the scent pay off is like.

Whitening Toothpaste, 60p

Who knew that Primark sold toothpaste? For 60p I was intrigued and wanted to give this ago. I’ve only just started using it so can’t comment on its whitening skills yet but it actually tastes quite nice! I just hope it looks after my teeth. 

Natural Glossy Tights (5 pack, 10 denier), £3

Really unexciting – I needed flesh coloured tights so I bought some! Hoping they last a few wears before laddering, that drives me insane! 

Black Weather Sensor Finish Opaque Tights (3 pairs, 80 denier), £3.50 

A tad more exciting than the other tights as these ones sound clever! Apparently, they keep you warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s too hot so it’ll be interesting if they actually do. You can never go wrong with black opaques in the winter. 

Chelsea Wedges, £10

I love boots in the winter, and fell in love with this colour. I don’t have any wedged boots so wanted to have these. For a tenner you can’t really go wrong! They seem comfy too which is most important to me.

Low Block Glitter Boot, £12

Yes another pair of boots, but I just couldn’t resist! Probably not everyone’s cup of tea but I love these! I think they would really jazz up an outfit and I think there’s something festive about them. I’m all for the chunky heel at the moment plus they’re not high at all which works for me. 

Santa Mug, £4

I just couldn’t resist this cute Santa mug! What better than sipping a cuppa out of Santa on Christmas Day? Although it’s £4 it’s a really decent size and seems  like good quality. Plus it keeps your cuppa hot for quite a long time. I have a cupboard full of mugs but I’ll make room for this cutie. 

Blue Zip Clutch, £5 reduced to £2

I couldn’t resist this bag for only £2. I want to update my going out bags and was just drawn to the colour of this one. I’m not sure how much I’ll fit in, but I just thought it was great for the price.

Metallic tee, reduced to £2

Not 100% convinced about this top but again I couldn’t resist for £2! It seems like a green-gold kinda shade and whilst I would like it more gold, I can’t really complain! It’s just a basic shaped tee, but I thought it looked a little bit festive. 

So that’s what I picked up! What do you like best? Have you picked up anything from Primark recently? 

Until next time…

Jean xoxo 

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