Shared Beauty Secrets – The Treatment Rooms Review

Shared Beauty Secrets – The Treatment Rooms Review

Shared Beauty Secrets The Treatment Rooms Review cover

In July, I was very kindly invited to enjoy a complementary* treatment and the newly opened SBS Treatment Rooms. Being someone who loves a good pamper every now and again, I jumped at the chance.

Background Info

SBS The Treatment Rooms is a luxury spa based at the exclusive Audley St. George’s Place in Edgbaston. It is the flagship spa of Shared Beauty Secrets, and they are the UK distributors of the popular Lava Shell and Molten Lava Stone massage treatments. They are also the creators of Kokolokahi a luxury bath and body oil brand. This brand is often enjoyed by celebrities across the country and on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island, so I wanted in on this too!

I was given the choice between the Lava Shell body massage, the Lava Shell face and body massage, the Lava Shell Illuminator facial or a Molten Lava Stone body massage. I opted for the Lava Shell face and body massage for total relaxation.

Audley St. George’s Place

Shared Beauty Secrets The Treatment Rooms Review building

This was the front of Audley St George’s place. It is a luxury retirement village situated in Edgbaston. I actually drive past it every day on my commute to and from work but never really gave it too much attention until now.

Shared Beauty Secrets The Treatment Rooms Review decor

This was the decor once I entered the building. I was really impressed with the style and hope by the time I’m old enough, I can live somewhere this swish! None of the retirement homes I’ve seen in the past have looked so lovely.

Shared Beauty Secrets The Treatment Rooms Review reception

I went to reception and was taken to where the spa is within the village. I then waited until the therapist was ready for me.

Shared Beauty Secrets The Treatment Rooms Review notices

The Treatment

My treatment was with Veronica, who is the Senior Therapist at SBS The Treatment rooms. I entered the treatment room and this was what I was greeted with:

Shared Beauty Secrets The Treatment Rooms Review the room

The bed looked so comfy, I couldn’t wait to be pampered! I was impressed with how clean and modern the room was, it was completely to my taste.

Shared Beauty Secrets The Treatment Rooms Review oils

Before my pampering could begin, I was told I would get to choose which oil would be used on me. I was encouraged to smell the different scents and see which I was most drawn too. Veronica also told me what their properties were and this helped me to decide. I decided on ‘Harmony’.

Shared Beauty Secrets The Treatment Rooms Review window sill

Here, you can see the range of oils by the window. If I’m honest, I liked the smell of all of them, so it was quite tricky to decide! We also went through a health questionnaire that I had to fill in so Veronica was aware of any issues I had. She also double checked if there was any areas that I would like her to give more attention to, and any places I wanted her to avoid during the massage.

Shared Beauty Secrets The Treatment Rooms Review bed

Veronica then left whilst I got myself changed. She told me just to leave my knickers on before getting on the bed. I covered myself up in all of the appropriate places and waited for her to return.

Shared Beauty Secrets The Treatment Rooms Review harmony

Once she returned, Veronica started on my body massage. This consisted of a neck and back massage, as well as massaging my arms and legs. It was really relaxing, with the scent of the oils as well as just the right pressure. It was quiet and peaceful, with relaxing music playing in the background. My only issue was getting my head comfy on the bed. For some reason my face just doesn’t fit in the hole properly on these spa beds, haha! Other than that though all was good!

Shared Beauty Secrets The Treatment Rooms Review shells

Time for a Facial!

Veronica then moved onto my facial. I was happy to turn round in the bed, and she allowed me to do so whilst still protecting my modesty! The facial was really lovely and just what I needed to give my face the boost it desperately needed.

Shared Beauty Secrets The Treatment Rooms Review harmony and shell

The sensation of the shells felt nice on my skin. I’d had a hot stone back massage in the past and it was quite similar to that, however I would say the shells were softer. Veronica heated up the shells regularly whilst she worked on the different parts of my body. The texture of the shells just really seemed to work with this treatment, alongside the oils that were used.

If you want to know a bit more, you can learn more about lava shells here. If you want to give this treatment a go but aren’t local to Birmingham, you can find a Lava Shells practitioner here.

Other Facilities

As well as the spa there are also other great facilities at Audley St George’s Place that are open to the public. These include a swimming pool and gym.

Shared Beauty Secrets The Treatment Rooms Review pool   Shared Beauty Secrets The Treatment Rooms Review gym balls

Shared Beauty Secrets The Treatment Rooms Review gym equipment

Shared Beauty Secrets The Treatment Rooms Review more gym

The Goodie Bag

Shared Beauty Secrets The Treatment Rooms Review goodie bag

At the end of my treatment I was given a goodie bag. If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I love a goodie bag (check out this post and this one for evidence!) so was excited to be given one! It was filled with leaflets and some lovely samples. Veronica also talked to me about aftercare such as making sure I stay well hydrated and how often she would recommend treatment.

Shared Beauty Secrets The Treatment Rooms Review samples

So overall I was really impressed with my treatment. Veronica was lovely as well as being professional and really looked after me. I loved the feel of the spa and the range of treatments offered all sounded amazing. Self care is really important to me and I know I need to indulge in it a little more regularly. As SBS The Treatment Rooms is local to me, I would definitely love to visit again. Perhaps next time, I might treat my lovely momma too!

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So do you often have a massage or a facial? Or do you prefer another form of self-care? Let me know in the comments! Until next time…

Jean xoxo

*I was given this treatment for free in return for a blog post, however all opinions are my own. I would never share an experience with you that I didn’t love myself!

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  1. Oh how I love spa days. This spa sounds really nice and I am so happy that you had a good experience there.

  2. That swimming pool is calling my name right now. I love spa days, especially when it’s raining outside like it is here today in Montreal.

  3. There’s nothing I love more than a spa day! Massages and facials are always my go-to and I’m lucky that my partner likes being pampered too so we usually make a day out of it every couple of months! This place sounds amazing

  4. The pool area is so beautiful. I love getting pampered. It was so great that you had the opportunity for a massage and a facial. SBS Treatment Rooms seems very nice and relaxing.

  5. That is so nice you got pampered! Such a great review also. I love getting facials. The entire process is so relaxing. I’m not crazy about the extraction part but I love the way my skin looks afterwards.

  6. Sounds like the perfect place to spend your me-time especially with the school starting and after all that shopping for supplies and clothes for the kids! It’s tiring and a mom needs her time to rejuvenate! This is definitely a great place for that!

  7. This looks like a beautiful spa and it sounds like they offer great treatments. I never used to visit a spa, then I started working with spas and their staff and I now love getting treatments!

  8. I love a great spa, and try to get myself a treatment every four months. I can’t imagine not getting these treatments this often to reduce some of the stress in my life. This looks like a great spot. Glad you enjoyed it.

  9. That swimming pool … Would have my attention. This whole place looks really wonderful and so relaxing!

  10. This looks like such an amazing place. There is nothing better than getting a treatment and being relaxed.

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