Summer Holiday Packing List

Summer Holiday Packing List

So I’ve recently got back from an amazing summer holiday, and I’ll be sharing the fab hotel we stayed at in a post soon. However, before going away I knew I needed to pack and just didn’t know where to start. I was worried I would forget something vital so thought I would make myself a list to remember absolutely everything! So I wanted to share my list with you guys to help you for when you’re packing for your next summer holiday. My holiday was primarily a beach and pool break so feel free to adapt if your holiday is a little different. Remember to combine this with my post about packing light for the perfect combination!

Daytime Outfits –

  • shorts
  • vests/tops
  • skirts
  • beach throw overs
  • swimwear
  • trip specific outfits – will you be doing on any trips which mean you have to wear specific clothing such as covering up for visits to religious places?
  • outfit for journey home – make sure it works for both your holiday destination, plane journey and home destination. Think about what times in the day/night that you will be at the various places.
  • beach bag/daytime bags

TOP TIP: Try and only pack enough outfits for the length of your holiday and perhaps a few spare items just incase. Think about items that can be worn more than once such as a pair of shorts that can be worn with different tops.

Summer holiday packing list beach bag
Don’t forget your beach bag! (cat not included!)

Evening Outfits –

  • dresses
  • light trousers
  • tops
  • skirts
  • play suits/jump suits
  • underwear – that will match with a variety of outfits e.g. flesh coloured bra
  • evening bags
  • sleepwear

TOP TIP: Again, try to only pack enough items for the length of your holiday. You might also want to take travel wash if you intend on wearing something twice.

Summer holiday packing list play suit
A pretty playsuit to wear in the evening.

Footwear –

  • flip-flops
  • sandals
  • shoes suitable for walking longer distances (if appropriate)
  • smarter evening shoes

TOP TIP: Think about shoes/sandals that you can wear during the day as well as in the evening too so you don’t need to take so many pairs.

Summer holiday packing list sandals
Sandals suitable for the daytime and evening too.

Accessories –

  • jewellery
  • hair accessories
  • sunglasses

TOP TIP: Try to only take a small selection of jewellery that will match multiple outfits.

Summer holiday packing list sun glasses
Don’t forget your sunglasses!

Electronics –

  • phone
  • mp3 player
  • tablet
  • chargers
  • headphones
  • plug converters suitable for country travelling to
  • camera
  • hair straighteners/curlers

TOP TIP: Try to take items that are multi-purpose, for example can you use your phone to play music?

Summer holiday packing list plug
A European plug converter is a must for travel in Europe.

Toiletries and Skincare –

  • shower gel
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • moisturiser
  • razor
  • shaving cream
  • facial wash
  • toner
  • face scrub
  • make up remover
  • cotton pads and sticks
  • hair spray
  • dry shampoo
  • heat protection spray
  • hair brush/comb/tangle teezer
  • sun screen
  • after sun lotion
  • deodorant
  • first aid kit including plasters
  • tooth-brush and tooth paste
  • paracetamol and selection of appropriate tablets
  • medication and vitamins

TOP TIP: Try and take miniatures if your holiday isn’t for very long. Also, find out what your hotel provides so you don’t need to take things that will already be there.

Summer holiday packing list tangle teezer
A tangle teezer for sorting out your hair after swimming.

Make-up –

  • make-up suitable for the day and evening
  • waterproof mascara if you are going to go swimming

TOP TIP: Try and limit the amount you take away with you. You are unlikely to want to wear a lot of make up if it is going to be hot.

Summer holiday packing list make up
A pretty selection of colours perfect for a summer holiday.

Travel Essentials –

  • passports
  • travel money
  • money to use at the airport
  • tickets
  • travel documents
  • insurance details
  • European health card if travelling to Europe
  • flight bag – full of things you will need on the plane such as books, magazines, neck pillow, ear plugs, puzzle books etc.

TOP TIP: You can buy pretty travel wallets that combine all of your important items in one place.

Summer holiday packing list travel wallet
This travel wallet is perfect for keeping all of your travel essentials together.

Extra Items for Beach/Pool –

  • towels
  • books
  • magazines
  • electronics

TOP TIP: Check to see if your hotel provides towels for the pool to save you having to take your own.

Summer holiday packing list towel and book
A great read and a towel are vital for pool side relaxation.

So these are all the things I recommend packing for your summer holiday! Plus, I hope the top tips are helpful. Is there anything else you would pack? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

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22 thoughts on “Summer Holiday Packing List

  1. I always feel overwhelmed when packing for a holiday so this list is really helpful – especially because we are heading to Fiji in a few weeks time!

  2. I like all your ideas and trying to pack lighter by wearing something twice and sandals for day and evening makes so much sense. I live on dry shampoo so I see that in there.

  3. That’s one awesome packing list for a summer holiday! We just got home from spending the entire summer in FL and my list is pretty much the same as yours. Love that cute wallet too!

  4. This is a good list, but when it comes to outlet converters I would do a little research online before you take up valuable suitcase space. My husband and I have been pleasantly surprised that we rarely need one when traveling anymore.

  5. I always love having a go to listen when packing. I always manage to forget a ton of stuff and now I’m dependent on my lists!

  6. Such a good guide because I always seem to forget at least one essential. I hate having to buy things I already have when on vacation!

  7. You sure got everything pretty much covered in your list. I also take with me an emergency medical kit, like medication for pain, allergies, fever, diarrhea, etc.

  8. Getting real excited for a holiday ends up with me forgetting a thing or two. It’s a good thing to have a list like this to make sure you get to enjoy your holiday to the fullest without worries.

  9. I love your main image and how it looks like a magazine cover. As your list, such a help as we take one last trip before the end of the month.

  10. this was seriously a great packing list! I tend to bring so much makeup but end up wearing very little when it’s hot, agree with you on that!

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