Summit to Eat Review

Summit to Eat Review

Summit to Eat Review cover

A little while ago, Summit to Eat got in touch to see if I would like to try* their products. Being really intrigued, I absolutely jumped at the chance! I chose a selection of items from their shop and eagerly anticipated their arrival. However, at the time, I was struggling a bit with my pregnancy symptoms and being pretty fussy about food. So it has taken a bit longer than I hoped for me to write this blog post, thankfully now I am feeling much better! So let’s get on to the Summit to Eat review…

What is the idea of Summit to Eat?

So Summit to Eat is basically a selection of freeze-dried foods. They are nutritionally balanced and made using only natural ingredients.  The meals are lightweight, convenient and great on the go. Basically all you have to do is add water and leave them to do their thing for an allocated amount of time. This is because they have already been cooked. You can choose from a wide selection breakfasts, mains and desserts. The meals are priced between £4.50-£5.50. As well as individual meals to purchase, Summit to Eat also offer a range of different kits at a set price. This includes a festival 2 day kit and a fruit selection kit. So that is enough about the concept, let’s get onto the review!

Items I Received

Summit to Eat Review all

So this was the selection of products I received. I went for a range of breakfasts, mains and puddings. Here they all are individually:

Pasta Bolognaise

Summit to Eat Review pasta bolognaise

Scrambled Egg with Cheese

Summit to Eat Review scrambled egg

Chicken Tikka with Rice

Summit to Eat Review chicken tikka

Chicken Fried Rice

Summit to Eat Review fried rice

Morning Oats with Raspberry

Summit to Eat Review morning oats

Rice Pudding with Strawberry

rice pudding

The Review

So I wanted to share with you the process of these little meal packets, just so you can see what they are like. I have just chosen a couple of the meals to highlight, as the process is the same for them all.

Summit to Eat Review front

So one of the first meals I had was the morning oats with raspberry. As you can see from the packaging it serves one person and is less than 500 calories. You can also see how exactly this is made up in terms of fibre, protein, fat etc.

Summit to Eat Review back

This is the back of the packaging. As you can see it is made up of lots of information, including the instructions in various languages. There is also a picture process at the top of the packaging for those really in a rush!

Summit to Eat Review instructions

A little zoom in shows that there are very few ingredients within this meal. It also highlights the preparation instructions which are as follows:

Open the pouch

Summit to Eat Review inside

Remove the oxygen absorber

Summit to Eat Review oxygen absorber

Add boiling water to the designated line, stir the contents, leave for the allocated amount of time and enjoy!

Summit to Eat Review ready to eat

So this was one of the breakfasts I chose to have and I really enjoyed it. It was quick and easy to do and I liked the taste. I did find it a struggle to get through though as my appetite isn’t huge, especially in the mornings.

Let’s move onto one of the other meals…

So one of the next meals I tried was the chicken fried rice. As you can see the packaging is exactly the same, with the relevant information for this meal included.

Again, the ingredients are all listed, with allergens highlighted too. This one contains a greater variety of ingredients, as you would imagine for a main meal. Whilst the preparation instructions are pretty much the same, there are some variations in terms of how much boiling water is needed, and how long the contents need to be left for before eating.

Here, you can see I have added the water and am just about to seal the pouch so it can work its magic!

And this is the finished product! I wasn’t quite sure how this one would turn out, but it was just as good as any other fried rice I’ve had! Again, I did struggle a bit with the portion size and couldn’t get through the whole meal. That being said, my Hubster decided to try one of the other meals himself and finished it all, so I guess it just depends on your appetite.

My Thoughts

So on the whole, I was really impressed with these products! I wasn’t entirely sure how I would get on with them, and how they would taste, but was so intrigued with the concept. They tasted pretty much how any other ‘ready meal’ would taste, which is pretty amazing really considering they have been freeze-dried. I can imagine that they could be really useful to have in a range of circumstances, such as when you go camping, or to a festival. They would also be really handy to have when you don’t have access to a full kitchen. Plus, the use by date is so far off (2024!) that they could also sit in your cupboard for years as a back up for when you really need them!

So this is what I thought of Summit to Eat. Would you like to try these meals? Do you think they’d be useful for your family? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

*I was sent this selection of products to try free of charge in exchange for a blog post. However, all opinions are my own and I would never share something I didn’t love myself!

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  2. Oh yeah, would definitely want to try them, if only for curiosity. I wonder how they taste. Sadly, I don’t think it will ever be available where I am . 🙁

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