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Ten of the Best Places to Shop Online

So I seriously love online shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I still love going shopping in a store, trying things on or picking them up and instantly having them, but there’s just something so satisfying about shopping in your PJs and the postie rocking up with a parcel ir two a few days later. So I wanted to share with you lovely lot some of my most favourite places to shop online! Theres a mix of fashion, homeware, gifts and food, so enjoy!



ASOS – I couldn’t start this list with any other website. You’ll know if you regularly read my blog that I’m a tad ASOS obsessed, in fact the name of this blog was inspired by them. They have an incredible range of women’s and men’s fashion, with over 850 brands on the site. They also have an outlet section for when you’re looking to make a saving, and lots of fun gifts too (as featured in my Valentines gift guides – see here and here). They have premier next day delivery too for only a tenner for the whole year!

Missguided – I feel like I’ve been a fan of Missguided for what feels like forever. It’s a fab website filled with women’s fashion. The clothes seem really good value and they often have sales on. They also seem to have lots of discount codes for money off, free delivery etc which totally works for me! You can also shop their Instagram feed which is pretty cool if you see a lovely lady rocking a good look!

Iwantoneofthose – Seriously cool website alert! I love this website for the amazing gifts it offers! It’s my go to place when I’m shopping for presents or fancy something myself. I love how the pieces are a bit quirky and different. I’m always taking advantage of the offers they have, especially when they have selected gifts 3 for £20 where you can usually make quite a good saving.

Aspire Style – OK so I’m sure you knew it was coming. My absolute fave shop in the world. And whilst I really like going to the actual shop, if I’m not able to get there, I can just nip online. Plus they sometimes have offers and sales on there slightly different to the actual shop. I must say they’ve got some gorgeous pieces perfect for Mother’s Day on there at the mo.

Oh My Glow – So I’m quite new to finding this website, but I’ve kinda fallen in love with it. They’ve got a shop on there selling their products (lots of fab detox products/beauty superfoods), as well as a really great blog. The blog includes helpful articles as well as recipes for lots of things including detoxifying smoothies, so I love looking on there from time to time for inspiration. Plus I love the photography and the pictures on their Instagram. If you fancy trying anything from OMG they’ve given me a discount code to get 10% off, just type ‘Jean10’ at the checkout.

The Skinny Bakery – a great website if you’re looking to get your hands on some yummy goodies, but with fewer calories in them. I recently tried lots of bits from this great brand and I must say they were pretty darn good. They are available in some shops, but mainly in London, so the website is a great place to pick them up if you want to try them. They offer something called ‘skinny points’ which is like a loyalty scheme, and you can subscribe to them too, meaning you can get a fab delivery every week! Check them out if you have a bit of a sweet tooth.



Luck and Luck – a fab website if you’re having an event, celebration or getting married. This website is filled with gorgeous pieces to make sure you have the prettiest time, no matter what you’re doing! They’ve got such a massive range of items, and particularly in the wedding section they give you ideas for items you might not have even thought about! Plus the items are really good value too.

Amazon – So unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past however many years, you must have heard of Amazon. My absolute go to place for…well anything and everything! I’ll always look on Amazon first if there’s something in particular I’m after and I love downloading their Kindle e-books onto my phone for reading on the go.



NOTHS – Such a fab website full of great finds! NOTHS partners up with small creative business to offer gifts for any occasion, no matter who you are buying for. I could literally spend hours (and plenty of money!) scrolling through the beautiful items on this website. Again a great place to look if you’re looking for a special gift for Mother’s Day.



Etsy – Quite similar to NOTHS, I love using Etsy. It’s a marketplace with more than a million independent sellers offering a massive range of items. I found it really helpful when shopping for my wedding and it’s my go-to when I’m looking for fab gifts. They also allow you to open your own shop on Etsy if you’re a seller.

So these are just some of the online stores I like to shop on. I could literally make the longest list ever! Which are your favourite places to shop online? Have I introduced you to any new websites you’ve not heard of before? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

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