The Natural Skinn Company Facial Review

The Natural Skinn Company Facial Review

The Natural Skinn Company Facial Review cover

A little while ago, I was invited* by Valeria, the founder of Natural Skinn Company, for a facial. I am a firm believer that self-care is really important, and I love a little pamper every now and again. This is even more so the case now that I am a momma. So of course I jumped at the chance!

The Natural Skinn Company was founded to help people to improve their  skin health and well-being to achieve their goals with the best results. To do so, they use innovative skin care technology, a scientific based approach, vitamin rich skin solutions, as well as advanced nutrition and weight loss programs. Basically, they want people to feel fabulous from the inside out. Their advanced Skin Health Centre Birmingham branch is located in Harborne. Not far from where I work, I had never visited before. I parked a little way down the road and walked up to the branch. I was so excited for a pamper!

Having a Look Around

So when I first arrived, I was greeted by Valeria who allowed me to have a little look round. As you can see, they stock a whole range of products from make up, to skin care and everything in between.

As you can see, the feel from the clinic is clean, bright and professional. I immediately felt at ease.

Then it was time to fill in a form with regards to my health, skin care regime etc. It was important to Valeria to know things like if I was breast-feeding at the time as this would impact on the best treatment for me to receive. Being a skin specialist, she then went on to explain all about how the skin on your face is made up, much of it information I never knew. Next, Valeria talked about the various products she used in her skin health centre. After a discussion together and using her expert knowledge, she advised the best treatment for me – a microdermabrasion treatment.

Treatment Area

Valeria then took me over to the treatment area. Continuing with the rest of the feel of the clinic, I was starting to feel very relaxed already.

As you can see, all of the products and equipment were within easy reach. Now it was time to get on with the facial!

Time for the Facial

So first of all, it was time for a ‘before’ picture. I was eager to see the difference that would be made to my skin so wanted to check out the comparison.

Now it was time to get an ever so attractive hair net on! It was important my hair didn’t get in the way during the treatment.

First of all, Valeria cleansed my skin and removed any make up I had on. Next, it was time for some microdermabrasion. This was done through scrubbing away at my skin initially, and then plumping it. I had never had microdermabrasion before so was a little unsure if it would hurt. But it was totally fine!

Now it was time for Valeria to put a specialist mask on. It felt quite cold on application and a little tingly at times. However, it wasn’t at all painful. In a way, you kind of want it to feel a bit different to know it is working its magic! Valeria applied it carefully, avoiding getting any in my eyes or mouth. We waited for the mask to set and this allowed me a bit of chill out time. Once it had gone hard, it was time for the mask to come off. Valeria simply peeled it off. She then went on to cleanse my face to get rid of any residue left by the mask.

Once the treatment was complete, Valeria advised some aftercare. It was then time to check out the result!

The Result

So here are a few comparison shots. My skin felt so much better after the treatment, really fresh and rejuvenated.

Here is a little video of my whole experience…

Overall Opinion

I had a great experience at The Natural Skinn Company. Valeria was lovely and very helpful – she ensured that I had the right treatment for my needs, and told me what she was doing every step of the way. It was really nice just to have some me time and I hope to return again very soon in the future!

So this was my experience having a facial at the Natural Skinn Company. Do you believe its important to practice good self-care? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

*This facial was gifted in exchange for a blog review. However all opinions are my own and I would never share something I wouldn’t recommend myself!

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