The Skinny Bakery Review

The Skinny Bakery Review

So not so long ago, I was very kindly sent some goodies from The Skinny Bakery. I was very lucky to win one of their recent competitions, and whilst I had heard of the brand, I had never got round to trying their products…until now!

If you’ve not heard of The Skinny Bakery, the concept of their products is quite simple – cakes and cookies but with less calories, fat and sugar. For me, this is totally perfect. I have a sweet tooth, but at the same time want to eat relatively healthily. Sometimes I just need a little bit of a sugar hit, but don’t want that to be affecting my waist line too much!

The Skinny Bakery were very generous in the selection they sent me after I won a competition with them. I’ll share with you the products I received, a bit of info about them and my thoughts.

Without further ado..

Skinny Choc and Orange Cookies, £2.99 (181 calories per pack) and Skinny Choc Chip Cookies, £2.99 (187 calories per pack)

So I receieved a pack of  chocolate chip biscuits and a pack of chocolate chip and orange biscuits, and as you can see they were in a cute heart shape! The biscuits were dairy-free and had a great, soft texture. They were only 36 or 37 calories each which amazed me! They were very yummy, and I’m obsessed with chocolate and orange together so that was my fave flavour out of the two.  They came in simple bags, cellophane with the brand sticker on. I would have shared a picture, but if I’m honest I couldn’t wait to have a munch on the biscuits so didn’t get chance!

Skinny Carrot Cake Pearls, £2.99 (194 calories per pack)

I also received a pack of carrot cake sponges. They are less calories that normal carrot cake because they are piped with a quark based low fat cream cheese frosting. I’m a big fan of carrot cake and was pleasantly suprised with these little bite sized bundles of yummyness! Same carrot cake taste but less calories.

Skinny Coconut Bites, £2.99 (212 calories per pack)

I aslo got my hands on this pack of five vegan coconut balls which contained only five ingredients. They had no added sugar and were wheat free. My husband is a bit coconut obsessed so couldn’t wait to try these. However, I think they were healthier than he was expecting so wasn’t the biggest fan! However, I really enjoyed them. Being full of ingredients that are good for you, but tasting great was a winner for me. I know people make similar balls to these but it was really handy to be able to have them pre-made rather then me fluff up a recipe.

Skinny Chocolate Pearls, £2.99 (208 calories per pack)

I also got a pack of these chocolate sponges piped with a tofu-chocolate frosting. These chocolate pearls were low fat and the company states that they are a good source of protein. I’m the biggest chocoholic you’ll probably ever meet and these pearls were spot on. Probably my fave product of the selection.

Skinny Double Chocolate Meringue Cookies, £2.99 (141 calories per pack)

Lastly I had this pack of chocolate cookies made with egg whites and dairy-free chocolate. They were crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. I love chocolate and I love meringue so these didn’t disappoint! They were light and yummy and a great little treat.

So these are the products I receieved. It was fab to be able to try such a range of goodies from The Skinny Bakery. I was impressed with how they tasted for the few calories they did contain. Of course, they weren’t as rich as the cookies and cakes I usually eat, but they obviously contain far more calories. I was also impressed with how the products cater for a wide range of people, such as those who are dairy free, wheat free or vegan to name a few. The packaging the items came in was great too, I particulalry liked that of the meringues, pearls and the coconut bites.

I was also impressed with The Skinny Bakery website and how informative it is. It includes more info on ingredients of the products and also outlines how many syns they have if you are doing Slimming World! The bakery offer a rewards schemes where you can collect ‘Skinny Points’ and a subscription service meaning you can get your hands on some goodies each week if your heart so desires.

I would definitely order from The Skinny Bakery again in the future. What do you think of the products I had. Which would you like to try the most? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time…

Jean xoxo


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