TreatBox August Reveal

TreatBox August Reveal

TreatBox August Reveal cover

So in July I was lucky enough to win* a giveaway with TreatBox over on Instagram. I was sent the August box and wanted to share it with you guys. So here, for you lovely lot, is my August TreatBox Reveal…

What is TreatBox?

So you might be wondering what on earth TreatBox is? Well simply, it’s a subscription box filled with lovely homeware goodies and stationery. As the name says, it’s really a treat to yourself each month. Each box has a different theme, often linking to the month it is released e.g. February had a ‘lovey’ theme. If you want to see past boxes, you can check them out here.

There are different subscription options and you can also give it as a treat to someone else. You can find out more about the subscription options and prices here. If you don’t fancy having a surprise box, you can even build your own TreatBox. This is also nice to do as a gift idea. As well as having the boxes available on the website, there are lots of lovely things available in the shop. These tend to be items from previous boxes that you may have missed out on, or one-off items.

And There’s More…

Another great aspect of TreatBox is if you sign up to receive emails from TreatBox, you get a free monthly inspirational print that is featured on the website. I have done so this month and I’m definitely going to print and frame it and stick it in my office. If you fancy having a nosey of what my office is currently looking like, you can find out here.

Something that I did discover whilst browsing the website is that there is a TreatBox Advent Calendar for December 2017. Included will be 24 surprise pouches, typically including items which you would see in TreatBoxes, a mixture of festive and everyday items. These will be new and nothing that has been included in previous boxes. How exciting that, a treat for every day in December leading up to Christmas!

Right then, let’s get on to the big reveal!

TreatBox Reveal

TreatBox August Reveal letterbox

So this was the TreatBox arriving at my place. I loved the fact that it fitted through my letterbox so no annoying trip to the sorting office to collect it was needed. Plus I loved the packaging! I couldn’t wait to find out what was inside.

TreatBox August Reveal open box

Once I had got inside, this was what I was greeted with. I tried not to read it too much as I prefer to open the package and see the items in real life first of all. Then I usually return to the information sheets. However I definitely got tea vibes from this!

TreatBox August Reveal sticker

This was how it looked once I had removed the sheet. I liked how neatly it was packaged and thought the sticker was cute. However it didn’t take me long to rip open the tissue paper to see my goodies!

TreatBox August Reveal contents

So this was what was inside! As you can see there was definitely a ‘tea break’ vibe to it which is totally up my street! I wanted to discover exactly what the items were.

TreatBox August Reveal closer

A cheeky close up of the items in all their glory. I’ll now share them all with you in a bit more detail.

TreatBox August Reveal quote

Quotes and Tea

So inside the box I discovered a lovely tea inspired quote. I love a good quote (have you seen this Pinterest board?), so I was chuffed with this lovely one. It was designed in-house at TreatBox. You can buy the print here. Also included were two tea bags from Clipper. A great brand, giving us lovely fair trade tea, what’s not to love? I couldn’t wait to get the kettle on!

TreatBox August Reveal tea break

Time for a Biscuit

So yeah, it clearly didn’t take me too long to get my hands on a brew! Here I have teamed it up with some other items from the box – a lovely biscuit, a cute tea towel and a fab coaster! I’ll now share them with you in a bit more detail to get a good look at them!

TreatBox August Reveal biscuit and tea

So here is the biscuit with the tea I got. It’s a vanilla flavoured iced cookie from Nila Holdens Biscuits. They came in a couple of different colours, but you can see that mine was a lovely pink shade!

TreatBox August Reveal biscuit close up

Here is a close up of the biscuit. I love the design and the hard work that has gone into making it. And of course it tasted so nice (especially with a cheeky cuppa!). You can buy the biscuit here. P.S. If you’re checking out my cute nails in this snap, make sure you read this post to find out more about them!

TreatBox August Reveal coaster

What a Coaster!

Oh. Em. Gee! How cute is this coaster? Inspired by one of my all time faves, the party ring, I just love it! Sweet in design as well as practical (nobody wants marks on their table), it’s such a great item. You can buy the biscuit coaster here. It’s from the ever so amazing brand Sass and Belle.

TreatBox August Reveal august planner

Getting Organised

Also included in the box was a handy planner for August. Because the subscription box comes out monthly, it makes sense to have a planner just a month at a time.

TreatBox August Reveal magnets


How cute are these animal magnets? I’m obsessed with sticking magnets on my fridge door, mainly to keep all the photo booth snaps I have from years gone by attached. Therefore, I was so happy to see these in my box. And the fact that they’re the cutest thing I’ve ever seen is a bonus. Just look at that elephant!

TreatBox August Reveal tea towel front

Tea Towel Time!

This is the tea towel I got in the box. I’m all out of tea towels at the moment actually so it was a bit of a god send receiving this in the box. They are available in pastel pink, mint and blue and as you can see I got the mint one which I love!

TreatBox August Reveal tea towel back

You can see that the tea towel says ‘Everything Stops for Tea’, which is totally my mantra! It is from the brand ‘Loft’ and is 100% cotton. It seems like great quality.

TreatBox August Reveal carrot cake recipe

Carrot Cake Time

There was a recipe for carrot cake included in the box. It is an original recipe from the owner of TreatBox – Zoe – and she wanted to share it as carrot cake is her fave! I’m definitely going to make it next time I’m baking and I’ll be sure to post it and talk about it with you lovely lot!

TreatBox August Reveal weekly planner

Plan for Success

The last item in the box is this incredibly useful daily planner. I’m all for lists and getting myself organised so this is going to have pride of place in my office. I love the design and the fact that I can tear the sheets off when the week is over and prepare for the next week.

TreatBox August Reveal info sheet

The sheet that comes on the top of the box actually folds out and is full of info about the contents of the box. As I’ve mentioned earlier in the post, I tend to ignore this until I’ve checked out the contents for myself, but it’s definitely useful to have to find out more about the items.

TreatBox August Reveal cat in box

Looks like I wasn’t the only one loving my TreatBox – my cat Jasper couldn’t wait to check it out!

My overall opinion

So you can probably guess, I really liked this box. It was absolutely a treat (ha, like what I did there?!), and I was really lucky to be given it as my competition prize. All of the items inside were practical/useful/not annoying rubbish bits some subscription boxes include to fill it out. If I was to buy it as it is, it would have cost me £12.95 which I think is a fair price if you were to add up how much the items cost individually. A subscription with TreatBox is definitely something I’m going to be hinting at to friends and family for Christmas!

So what do you think? Have you ever had a TreatBox? Do you like the items inside? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

*I won this TreatBox meaning that I didn’t need to pay for it. It was my choice to post this reveal. All opinions are my own, and I would never share anything that I didn’t love myself! I will receive no form of payment if you go on to buy anything from TreatBox, I just wanted to share it with you!

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  1. What a fun box of goodies. My dad would LOVE that tea. I think the idea of a box of goodies coming in the mail every month sounds fun.

  2. It’s such a nice box, perfect for tea lovers as well. I love the tea and the cookie! It’s really nice to take a break and enjoy those. It’s also cool to have a good recipe for carrot cake, that’s one of my fave cakes!

  3. This is adorable!! I love all things tea so this box is right up my alley! I really need to look into whether we can get something like this in Australia!

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