Vegan Afternoon Tea at Laura Ashley Tearooms

Vegan Afternoon Tea at Laura Ashley Tearooms

Vegan Afternoon Tea at Laura Ashley Tearooms cover

A little while back, I was invited* for vegan afternoon tea at my local Laura Ashley – The Tearoom. Now, I am a fully fledged meat eater, and whilst it would be great to be able to give up meat, I just don’t like vegetables enough (kinda helps doesn’t it?!). However, I realise that veganism has really come to the forefront recently and it is something a lot of people are keen to do (as well as needing to do it for their health). It is definitely something that intrigues me, especially ways in which restaurants and eateries find ways to still make food taste good without using the obvious items that come from animals. Plus, I’m such a big fan of afternoon tea, and food in general! (just check out my food section). So of course I jumped at the offer, and took 2 of my fave ladies along with me (my lovely momma and baby girl of course!). Let me share with you vegan afternoon tea at Laura Ashley tearooms.

First Impressions

My local tea room is also Laura Ashley’s very first Tea Room, which is located within Solihull’s The Regency Hotel, not too far from Birmingham. It opened in July 2017, and I have actually visited the tea room with friends a couple of times since, most recently last year for a joint 30th birthday celebration.

There is a car park just outside the tea rooms which is very convenient. Here is the building in which the tea room is located. You enter from a slope at the side of the building which I was grateful for with a pushchair!

Vegan Afternoon Tea at Laura Ashley Tearooms outside

This was then how you got in from the hotel entrance to the tearooms. A little trickier with steps, but with 2 of us, we managed to get the pushchair up. There may well have been another way in with a slope, but we didn’t spot it.

The Decor

So the tea room was obviously decorated within the “Laura Ashley style” using items from their shops.

As you can see, so lovely and neat, I was especially a fan of the wallpaper!

It was clean and tidy and very welcoming.

A little shot of the bar, as you can see there were some yummy cakes to choose from as well as plenty of drink options.

And here was our table – we were looking forward to getting started!

Vegan Afternoon Tea at Laura Ashley – The Tearoom

First of all it was time for a cuppa! I thought the china was very pretty and loved the fact that the tea pot was see through – I hadn’t had a glass teapot before. Oh, it’s the little things isn’t it?! (plus I’m very easily pleased!)

Then it was time to order our vegan afternoon tea. We were pretty peckish and eager to see what it would be like.

Vegan Afternoon Tea at Laura Ashley Tearooms the food

And here it was! As you can see, my lovely momma was just as eager as me to get started.

The Menu

This was the menu advertised on the website:

Vegan sandwiches

  • Hummus and roasted vegetable
  • Tomato and shallot chutney
  • Cucumber, apple and dill
  • Avocado and lime crostini

Vegan scones with jam and coconut cream

Vegan cakes

  • Coffee and date
  • Banana cake
  • Double chocolate cake
  • Fruit skewer

Here are some closer shots of the food. Just looking at them is making me so hungry!

You may have spotted I didn’t include a close up of the scones – sorry about that! I was too eager to eat them it appears. They looked pretty much how any scone does, in all honesty!

So we started eating, with lots of anticipation. I wasn’t quite sure what I would think because every previous afternoon tea I’ve eaten has always contained meat (or at least lots of cheese!).  But we were both very pleasantly surprised! The sandwiches were great and tasted really good. Although the cakes were different to those advertised, we really didn’t mind. I guess they change what they serve from time to time, and it is nice to have a bit of variety. None of the food tasted dry or lacking in taste, which I was a little worried they may be. The clever chefs have obviously found effective alternatives to those that would be normally used.

And guess what, we had to take a goodie bag home with us! As yummy as the food was, we just couldn’t manage it all. Plus it’s nice to have a little treat again later on in the day.

Other Options

As well as vegan afternoon tea, they obviously serve a traditional afternoon tea, as well as those with alcohol options. They cater for those who are unable to eat gluten as well as vegetarians too. Perfect when out for a group of friends or family with a variety of different dietary needs. They also have summer themed afternoon tea menus at the moment, including Pimms and iced tea! Check out more info here. Plus, they also have a children’s menu if you fancy taking little ones along.

There are quite a few hot beverages to choose from also, as well as many other drinks from the bar. Definitely something for everyone.

Overall Opinion

So considering neither my lovely momma nor I are vegans, we really enjoyed this afternoon tea! It was refreshing to try something new and a bit different for us. I think its important for places to cater for everyone’s dietary needs, and feel that the Laura Ashley tea rooms do this successfully. We can’t wait to return again in the future!

If you’d like to visit a Laura Ashley – The Tea Room, they have plenty across the country. Find your local one here.

So what do you think to vegan afternoon tea at Laura Ashley tearooms? Have you ever tried vegan afternoon tea? I would love to know in the comments!

Until next time…

Jean xoxo

*This was a complementary afternoon tea for 2 for the purposes of a blog review. However, all opinions are my own and I would never share anything I didn’t love myself!

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